Just what I was looking for ... but ...5/19/2020 11:44:16 AM

Pros: For my work, ports and their placement are an important consideration. I prefer a mouse to touchpad, whenever possible. The E7470 has a touchpad and a "ThinkPad-like" pointing stick for navigation. The positives for me are many: • Three USB 3.0 type-A ports, two of which are located on the back, preventing the need for a wide horizontal footprint (most of my archives are on USB 3.0 external drives, so this is a big plus for maintaining sync between copies of archives); • The keyboard was one of the last to retain an embedded NumPad (which I used frequently to type characters like the bullet points and em-dashes in this review; • It has a full-sized SD card slot into which the card can be fully inserted. It easily accommodates cards from my Nikon for photo transfer, and more often houses a 256GB card for convenient incremental backups of files. • The memory and the internal Li-Poly battery are both accessible for customer replacement — no memory modules soldered to the motherboard; [I've had several RAM modules fail, so regardless of "advertised" MilSpec benefits, I don't want the risk of a soldered down RAM module!] • WiFi connected quickly and had no problems. • Good customer support from both Newegg and the seller.

Cons: Unfortunately, a few days after I had downloaded all the Dell hardware updates and Win10 OS updates, and had installed my work software on the machine, the display began to have issues: horizontal and vertical lines that, at first, would appear, then disappear. It looked like RF interference from a close broadcasting source. Eventually, even with the WiFi switched off, the issue with the display persisted and the machine had to be returned.

Overall Review: I was disappointed, because the E7470 appears to be a well thought out and nicely designed Ultrabook. It's light and had a very good keyboard. I've used ThinkPads for most of my three decades of laptop/notebook keyboarding, and as a translator I'm using the keyboard all day long. The Dell E7470 is a very close second in that category, and it has a more practical placement of ports than my T580. Whether the failure was in the main processor's graphic processor or elsewhere I don't know, but components do fail. I've rated the product 4 stars because it would have been 5 had I been able to keep it, and I'm not sure this type of failure could have been predicted or prevented. Returning a product during COVID-19 has become a litmus test of customer support. Will you get assistance or excuses? Both Newegg and the seller took prompt action; I had labels for return of the product the next day from both Newegg and the seller! I would buy from both again IF the same product (within the same price range) were available.

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Good Product5/15/2006 9:14:55 AM

Pros: - No errors in formatting any of the discs - Good 4X performance - Surface is branded and inscribed with lines for titles, descriptions, etc.

Cons: Shiny top surface, rather than matte or white

Overall Review: Good price (before shipping) at this site for this 25 pack Cake Box!

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