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ASUS Support is bad.7/15/2009 6:23:05 AM

Pros: ASUS responds directly to the reviews. This is a good thing because it gives the feeling of transparency

Cons: They lie in their responses! Please see my last review in which I started that the specifications were incorrect as it will not work with my Athlon X2 6000+ AM2 proc. Their response states that it will absolutely work and that I simply need a BIOS update. They provided me a link to get more information (since the software they included to update the BIOS doesn't work AT ALL). This is the response I got: ~~~~~~~~~~ Hello, I suspect you have the 125w version of the 6000+ (AMD makes a couple of varieties of the Athlon 64 x2 6000 - an 89w and a 125w) - the 125w CPU is NOT supported on the board at all: ~~~~~ Good thing I bought this board, to find out later that there are missing/incomplete specs for the product. Saying "We support the 6000+, your review is wrong", then in private saying "Well, actually, we sort of, uh, support that proc, kinda, but only if you have one of 2 models." is a lie and a snowjob

Overall Review: ASUS = Lying liars.

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Incorrect Specifications7/9/2009 9:53:32 PM

Pros: Seems to have quite a few features and seems to be pretty speedy, all for a very low price.

Cons: The specifications for this board are incorrect. It is not Neweggs fault, the manufacturer website and virtually every other online retailer has it incorrect too. The issue is that this board WILL NOT SUPPORT Athlon X2 6000+ proc with an AM2 socket. Although every site has the Athlon X2 AM2 Socket listed, this is NOT TRUE. You will receive a message at the end of POST informing you that the CPU is not supported. It will eventually allow you to boot, but it tells you EVERY TIME you reboot that it is not supported and will force you to press F1 to continue. The machine I've built is used as a VMWare server and occasionally I need to reboot the whole machine remotely. I cannot do this now because someone has to be in the data center to press F1.

Overall Review: ASUS PC Probe software that comes bundled doesn't work at all. I am running the 64-bit Windows 7 RC and none of the drivers are signed (won't work on Vista 64-bit either because all 64 bit Windows installations require signed drivers). The ASUSUpdate utility doesn't work when trying to update the BIOS (or anything else for that matter) because the servers referenced are hard-coded and no longer exist (thanks for the support ASUS!)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, This motherboard does support the Athlon X2 6000+ CPU. Please update your bios version to fully support the cpu. If further assistance is needed, please contact our Technical Support Department at and reference case number "NE418106" so that we may get more details about your system configuration and assist you in resolving these issues you are experiencing. Best Regards, ASUS Support Team
Piece of Garbage10/31/2005 7:17:28 PM

Comments: The cheap price of this case is exceeded only by it's cheap craftsmanship. This is by far the worst case I have ever laid eyes on, and that isn't even taking into account it's horride look. The picture you see above doesn't even begin to describe it. The plastic on the top was broken, the edges warped, and the buttons caved in and broke off upon press. Please, avoid this at all costs.

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