A nice LG product9/26/2018 5:45:20 PM

Pros: Works. Comes with required cable, dependable LG quality. I picked this up so I could avoid putting optical drives into my new Ryzen PC build. Works like a charm, I just plug it in when I need it. Price is nice too.

Cons: The opening mechanism is somewhat compromised by the units crazy slim profile. This thing is super thin, like squashed McDonald's cheeseburger thin. Like moths flying out of my empty wallet thin. Like smaller, and thinner, then the case for the DVD I am putting into it thin. Like wrap the cord around it and stick it in your coat pocket thin. While the compact size has many benefits, one of those is deffinatly not the luxury of having a nice disc eject system. You push a tiny slim button, it makes a whirring noise and the internal disc tray sort of springs part way out so you can get a hold of it to pull out the rest of the way. it works, but feels flimsy. I would have preffered an antique clamshell type design, or a thicker unit. Either way, it has pros and cons with it's ultra skinny design, to each their own.

Overall Review: I would recommend this, it works great and the price is nice. Again the size would be really handy in some situations, like shelf storage, if you work IT and need to carry it around, etc. I only docked an egg because my giant man hands make the disc eject system feel wimpy or maybe "overly delicate" is a more apt description and this also makes pushing the little almost recessed eject button a bit tedious. But that is just my personal situation, your mileage may vary.

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Why not AMD?9/26/2018 5:31:26 PM

Pros: Awesome card. Quality is evident. Fan/cooler design is brilliant. The LED design and control is great. Multiple HDMI outs, if you want to VR you can do so without messing around with cables. The quality of AMD's graphics display is underrated. Benchmark geeks love to do color coded bar graphs showing results of super intensive testing. Real world use: the Vega 64 is at least a match if not outright superior to the nvidea 1080, and nips at the heels of a 1080TI at worst.

Cons: Not a super big deal, but this card is MASSIVE. it is very heavy. i put this into my Ryzen/ ASRock Taichi build, my Taichi mobo has reinforced slots specifically for the purpose of dealing with these modern gigantic heavy GPU cards. If you do not have "steel slots" then make sure you get the screws in nice and snug! Also a "sort of" con, word is you need to tweek the voltage(in provided software so no biggie) to achieve advertised clock speeds. I mean if you are intent on benchmarking this card and insist on maximum performance, you will need to do this. See other reviews for relevant comments. Out of the box it is more then capable, so don't read to much into that.

Overall Review: At a price(still cringe worthy, but they all are) 2/3 if not less compared to nvidea's 1080 series cards, this card performs on par if not better. I was skeptical at first, but the proof is in the pudding, this card is performing brilliantly for me. Don't get sucked into the OC'ing benchmarker's hype charts. The Vega 64 is a great GPU.

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Brilliant9/26/2018 5:14:05 PM

Pros: Superb quality. Classy, understated, impressive visual appeal with subtle LED effects you can use to make it pop or just be ambient. Sound chip quality is no lie. You can find youtube reviews showing decible levels for mic input etc if you search, this mobo completely eliminates any need for a stand alone sound card. Layout of the mobo is very good, some redundant items are very nice and well thought out to allow for some variation in build layout/case design. The "steel slot" reinforced slots are perfect to offset the extrodinary weight of modern GPU. i put an ASUS Vega 64 ROG Strix card in which is the biggest, heaviest card i have ever seen and this mobo takes it in stride with the heavy duty slots. M.2 heatsink both works as advertised, and doubles as a clever way to hide the otherwise "ugly" m.2 SSD sticks. LED is subtle if you want it to be and ASRock's software works as intended to control it. Could use a tad more options, but I was pleased with the looks. This card has onboard graphics chipset. And not some 5 year old bargain barebones thing, it is AMD's Vega chipset. If you are a gamer, this won't matter. If you are not, this chipset is good enough you won't be forced to buy a GPU(and avoid the current, rediculous prices) as the onboard is capable, according to the literature, of displaying at 4k resolution and has adequate memory built in for most non gaming or otherwise super GPU memory intensive tasks. USB 3.0 built in, plus plugs for case/front header Built in wifi, no need for a seperate wifi card.

Cons: None really, maybe a little better format for the "quick install" book, had to search through it a few times and infer some info from diagrams that had little text, but that is very minor. BIOS is a little clunky, and the ASRock Shop little software bit could be nice but has a little to much (100%optional) bloatware loaded on the front tab. Again, super minor hardly noteworthy as it is an optional item.

Overall Review: ASRock hit a home run here. This mobo exceeded my expectations, even after being impressed by the amount of features while I was still shopping for my mobo. The quality is evident, the features are well thought out and where they decided to go for it, they went all in and put top notch bits in, like the onboard sound. This board will suit gamers(streamers should love the sound quality), but will also be a good fit for people wanting a home entertainment media hub rig, and is certainly capable of hard work. 5 eggs, all day. This is the board you are looking for.

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AMD is back9/26/2018 4:51:45 PM

Pros: FAST. Don't let the benchmark hardcore geeks fool you, this chip from AMD put them back into the game big time. If you are a hardcore custom building OC'ing ultra computer nerd, then you are likely going to find more hobby potential somewhere else. If you are everyone else, gamer, graphics design, whatever, then this is the chip for you. AMD's own fancy little algorithm does an amazing job of optimizing power use and boost clock performance without having to touch anything. It's plug and play speed.

Cons: None? I have heard these chips run hot, but i built my rig with a liquid cool set up from the get go so i couldn't say. The included air cooler is huge and fancy and looks like a part from a space shuttle or something, so odds are even if it runs hot AMD has you covered with that thing. I went liquid because I have in the past and IMO more stable temps also means more life and less fan noise. Especially the fan noise part.

Overall Review: Now is the time to give AMD a shot. This chip is bonkers. I picked up a Vega 64 GPU to go with it, a lot because of price but also because the (hard to find) unbiased reviews gave it very high marks on par if not exceeding the 1080's. I hope AMD can design a GPU to put Nvidea on it's heels like they did to Intel with chip. I put this into a new rig using ASRock's Taichi mobo. What a brilliant combo it has been so far.

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Bling9/26/2018 4:37:49 PM

Pros: Worked on first try. Put these in my AMD Ryzen/ ASRock Taichi build. Set the profile in BIOS, worked right out the box. The LED stuff, while I was at first dismissive, turned out to be really, really cool looking on these. Very eye catching design once you power them up.

Cons: None I can think of

Overall Review: Price was fair, these worked as advertised no muss no fuss and look cool as all get out, the picture does not do the little "light bar" across the top of the sticks justice. I will likely pick up another set to populate the other two slots on my MoBo soon.

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Very nice fully optioned PSU9/26/2018 4:33:46 PM

Pros: Excellent build quality in both the unit and the cables. Modular design, has some nifty extras like a connection for PSU monitoring software etc. The "smart" fan speed control is noticeable, this unit is basically silent unless under load. Arrived in a velvet bag, just like my 750 Corsair I bought 9 years ago haha. The bag makes a nice water cooler topic for a few days as people like to joke about the "fancy PSU in the velvet bag" . There is also a very nice, and handy, storage bag for the cables. Little inexpensive to include things like that are just a really nice touch that makes the unit feel premium.

Cons: I bought this for my AMD Ryzen/ ASRock Taichi build. I put it into the highly rated Phanteks Enthoo Pro tower case. My only gripe is, as nice as the cables are(super nice quality) for this particular build, I wish a few of the cables were about 4 inches longer. Now, don't get me wrong I think in many builds they would be more than adequate. For my particular layout though, the PSU goes on the bottom of the case, and my 8 pin MoBo power plug was way up at the top rear. The included cable did reach, but I had to route it straight across up the back to make it. If it had been an inch shorter, likely would not have been able to route the cable through the back of the case(as the case is designed to). I would never dock an egg for this, as I think this is an extreme scenario but a few inches on the main mobo power cables would be nice for future reference.

Overall Review: Excellent unit of good quality, fully optioned model. the 750 Corsair unit I purchased in 2009 is still in perfect working order in my old I7 X58 rig, and I hope this unit gives me brilliant long life service also.

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M.2, the future is now9/26/2018 4:18:41 PM

Pros: Worked. I mean M.2 is the future, this "stick" of memory is a freegin TB and it is barely longer then a USB thumb drive and thinner then my MoBo. To install, you just slide the contactors into place in the socket on the MoBo and put in a tiny retaining screw. Yes, if you are unfamiliar with these they plug into the mobo like a ram stick(sort of) there is no cables etc. They are also stupid fast. Seriously, like instantaneous data fast. What SSD speed did vs old school "spinning disc" HDD, these M.2 do to "old school" SSD. Data transfer is so fast, the rest of the hardware is still catching up(feels that way anyway) If your MoBo/rig supports this, you should be buying one, you will never look back.

Cons: Uh, I wish the pro's were priced at Evo price point? I dunno whats not to love here? if you showed this to a computer geek in the 90's and told them what it was and how much memory it held, they would put you in the loony bin. Pretty sure some time traveler brought these back from the year 2350 or something.

Overall Review: Do you have an M.2 socket? No? You bought the wrong MoBo! Yes you do? Why are you still reading this, just add it to your cart. or the pro version if you need it to be even faster because your time machine broke down.

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Its Windows9/26/2018 4:07:04 PM

Pros: Windows 10. I mean, it's Windows- but make sure you google search how to deal with all the settings as this version does a lot of "automatic" things that you may or may not actually want. The jury is still out if I like this as much as Windows 7. I need to get used to the subtle changes yet I think in the user end of things, and I am still digging through all the background settings etc. As for the actual physical product, its a box, with a USB stick in it that has Windows on it.

Cons: Not much to review about the physical product, other then I found the quality of the USB stick MS chose to be of the cheapest, most abysmal quality I have ever seen. it is literally a rectangular bent up piece of tin made as small as possible to still physically contain the memory bit that holds the software. So poor is it's construction and design it took me 3 attempts just to get it seated in my USB slot and then 5 more attempts at removal and reseating to get my rig to be able to find it. Seriously MS, thumb drive USB sticks are sooooooo inexpensive, maybe pony up the extra dollar to include one that isn't so poor? Seriously I think you guys spent more on the box then the USB stick. I docked an egg because of the needless frustration.

Overall Review: Yay Windows? I mean it works like you think. Despite my difficulty with the crudeness of the actual physical USB stick, install went flawless and I was up and running in short order.

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A nice quality liquid cooler9/26/2018 3:56:42 PM

Pros: This radiator is built like a tank. Quality feel on all parts, has a hand signed QA testing sheet in the box from assembly. Hoses are plenty long enough. Fans are quiet, and have a nice color glow to them. The cooling plate is a nice piece of copper and also has LED on it. You can dye the coolant with included dye.(it is white from the factory, which is how I left mine)

Cons: Enormous, even for a 360. I put this into the highly rated Phanteks Enthoo Pro case for my AMD Ryzen ASRock Taichi build and while I had plenty of room above the motherboard for the actual radiator and hoses etc, the pump unit(in the picture, the part with the little window where the hoses attach to the radiator) sticks down quite a bit. I had to shift the unit forward in order for the pump unit to clear my RAM slots. If I had opted for the two fan unit instead of the triple, I am pretty sure I would have been unable to mount the radiator on the top mounting as the pump would have been in the way. As it is, the pump now resides in the area of the case designed for optical drives- fortunatly I planned on using a portable USB DVD burner with this rig anyway. Mounting the radiator= massive headache. There are no provisions to allow you to screw the radiator into place without first unscrewing the fans. That's right, you have to try to hold all 3 loose fans and the radiator into place to put the screws back in to mount it. This was a two person job. Using fans with additional holes to allow for mounting to the case would go a long way for installation. The instructions included are abysmal. It's basically a photocopy paper with a bunch of hard to see black and white pictures on it and no written instructions or explainations, or even labels in most instances. For the quality of the unit, the QA testing, even the packaging, having someone spend one afternoon writing out and designing adequate instructions to put in the box seems intuitive.

Overall Review: Overall, a very well built unit. Most of the cons have to do with installation. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LOT OF ROOM if you pick this cooler, the pump unit could be a problem for space. The radiator and hoses etc are all heavy built, and hoses are nice and long and the unit is quiet and looks nice in operation. Seriously though the installation took almost as long as the entire rest of the build. I crossed all my fingers and toes it would work when I turned it on because the thought of having to remove it all and put a different one in filled me with dread. Now that it is in, and everything works great, I am pleased with the end result. I am very confident based on it's build quality that it will last and perform well.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear David, Thank you for your feed-back. Regarding the installation guide, we are looking into this now to see how we can improve it. Regarding your difficulties hanging the radiator, user experience is important to us, and we will review alternative mounting methods.
Awesome Case9/26/2018 3:32:24 PM

Pros: Very roomy. Multiple options to mount liquid cooling radiators, SSD brackets, etc. Nice cover for the PSU. EXCELLENT cable managing- pop the cables through a hole in the framing to the back side, route it, then pop it back through near where it has to plug in means very little of the cable will actually show inside the case when you are done. Glass door is very nice, and thick. Shows off the "pretty lights" very nicely. I got the black with white interior and glass door model to display my black/grey/white (with colored LED) themed Ryzen/ASRock Taichi build. Overall, very well built, very well thought out case. Lots of room and has almost a "modular" feel to it's design allowing for a large variety of layouts.

Cons: One of my front LED cooling fans has a small spot that refuses to be any color but greenish-yellow. The thin cables for the chassis itself(power/reset buttons, etc) could have been a little longer and maybe had a little better routing buily into the case. Not really an issue worth docking an egg, but as well thought out as the rest of the case is, I was surprised at how the wires for the front panel for instance sort of seemed "tucked" in. If they were a little longer I could have routed them diffferently, as it is a large percentage of the cables in my build had to run in the center of the case(still in the back out of sight) so some of the vast array of options went unused due to cable length limits. Some of that falls on the PSU manufacturer though. Nothing in the cons worth docking an egg, all super minor things.

Overall Review: This case is above and beyond anything I have worked on previously. Everything is super solid built, metal, glass etc. This does make it on the heavy side, but I prefer that to having plastic bits all over prone to flex and breakage. This case fits everything nice and tidy, has options for everything, breathes well and displays my bling well too. There is a reason it has the most 5 egg reviews by a landslide on newegg. This is the one, stop hesitating. This case will not dissapoint.

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