Doesn't hold G759/21/2012 4:04:35 PM

Pros: Good Quality Can hold a lot

Cons: Doesn't Fit my Asus G75

Overall Review: It was free

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Asus G759/17/2012 3:21:00 PM

Pros: Brought this laptop 2 weeks ago and it's running great. Has a sleek design and the cooling system is amazing. The 670m gpu is enough to run most games on high/ultra settings. Keyboard and back lit keyboard feels great. The sound maybe not be the best but playing around with it you can still make decent. All around great laptop well worth the money. Great build quality and easy to upgrade.

Cons: The battery life may not be the best. The position of the ports. Sound.. the 500gb 7200 rpm hardrive is slow and not enough memory but can easily switched out Bad wireless adapter and can't be switched out without voiding warranty.

Overall Review: Worth every penny. i brought it when it was $1,350 with a free backpack. I was deciding on this or the msi g70 202 and i ended up getting the Asus because i heard it was more reliable. Although msi carries the 675m and Asus only uses 670m i believed that the design was way better than msi. I ended up buying a 128gb m4 ssd and making it the boot drive and moving the 500 gb as a secondary storage drive. Made the laptop a lot faster. I also brought a linksys Ae3000 duel band usb wireless adapter and it works great. Well worth the money. i would suggest this laptop to anyone. At this price its unbeatable. The only competition is Msi which has questionable build quality and it's kiddish design. 5 stars. The bag it came with was great and even if it wasn't no eggs should be deducted for it.

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