Fabulous12/28/2007 8:37:10 AM

Pros: Ridiculously quiet and excellent gfx for the money paid. There is no need to upgrade your power supply as I have a 300W PSU on my Dell Dimension E510. Once this baby was put in there, I thought I got better overall system performance. Of course, in regards to the games...wow! Seriously for the price of this thing one would think that the quality would be less. I played COD4 with everything except the resolution maxed and it is gorgeous. Crysis was played, dare I say, with relative ease and it looks beautiful. Installation was super easy and provided no trouble. Get this card...if your on a budget and want above average performance for the price.

Cons: See 'other thoughts'.

Overall Review: There is one caveat to my positive review. For whatever reason, my DVD encoder (Cyberlink v. 5.something) on my PC does not communicate well with this card. I experience loss of video when playing a DVD unless I have the Nvidia control panel open. This gets a little annoying but seriously guys, in the 2 years I have had my PC I watched a full length DVD on there once so this is a non-issue. I bought this thing to better my gaming experience and for the money it does that in spades.

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The Best12/7/2007 1:56:23 PM

Pros: The installation was a snap (literally). This kit kicked my overall system RAM to 2.5 gigs. It's fast and it works great.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: Buy Crucial all time, every time. You will not be disappointed.

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