Great laptop - no screen issue4/11/2021 9:30:52 PM

Pros: It works perfectly for my needs, namely, Art, games and Work. My last laptop was a 10 year old ASUS so this is certainly an upgrade. So far it's able to run one of the games my old laptop kept freezing and crashing when I tried to play it. It's light and moveable... maybe too light, I almost flung it across my desk opening it because my old laptop is heavier and I just have to shove the screen up to open it, with this one I need to make sure I have a finger on the base so I don't accidently yeet it. I do hope it lasts me as long as my last one.

Cons: People mention the screen issue a lot, and admittedly it's not great out of the box, but that's nothing a quick screen calibration can't fix. just type calibrate Screen Display into the search bar on the bottom left then click on the option. It takes you though all the options. All I needed to do was lower the gamma a couple clicks. You could also mess with the contrast and stuff too you just need graphics software and toy with it, at least that's how it works with the AMD Radeon software on my computer.

Overall Review: It's a great laptop and I would recommend it if you're like me and just need something cheap and decent but don't much like tiny little laptops or low storage or low ram.

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