Good for gaming, good for Linux.2/24/2012 6:48:25 PM

Pros: Very good graphics performance. Starcraft 2 to my surprise runs on high ~33 fps. I was expecting to need to run it on low to keep it from lagging in big battles, but it is a fairly consistent framerate. Minimal bloatware Quite a sharp looking notebook. I really like the keyboard as well. It's fairly natural to type on and the keys don't feel flimsy like on older laptops I've had. Also, I installed Arch Linux which pretty much worked out of the box with the latest kernel. No issues getting wireless, sound or even 3D accelerated graphics working.

Cons: The CPU performance is a bit low, but I expected that buying the machine. It's definitely not bad but if you do a ton of CPU intensive apps, you may want to look at a higher tier processor. For me personally the processor is plenty fast, but this is the performance bottleneck with this notebook.

Overall Review: For the price, it's hard to find another notebook with the graphics performance. Just a quick note to anyone who might be installing linux on this notebook. Make sure any installation has the latest kernel or you might need to boot using the nomodeset kernel parameter to prevent the screen from blacking mid-boot. If your installation media uses an older kernel this might be necessary then too. In my case, i needed to use nomodeset to boot the installation media, but used a netinstall to install the latest kernel right from the repos and it booted without issue.

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