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The hardware is Great. The software is most definately NOT

MSI MEG X570 ACE Gaming Motherboard AMD AM4 SATA 6Gb/s M.2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Wi-Fi 6 ATX
MSI MEG X570 ACE Gaming Motherboard AMD AM4 SATA 6Gb/s M.2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Wi-Fi 6 ATX

Pros: TONS of M.2! Works on Windows and Linux (at least on Ubuntu 20.04) PCIe 4 WiFi 6 Temperature/error code readout onboard Sexy Lighting (HUGE caveat: see cons)

Cons: The Temperature readout could be better placed; it gets covered if you have a long GPU In order to use the sexy lighting, you are forced into the most un-sexy example of lazy, careless programming I've ever seen

Overall Review: TL;DNR: The hardware is Great! Tons of storage options, tons of throughput, Works on Windows and Linux, great lighting. The software that controls that lighting, however, is the most flaming, trashy, dumpster fire of lazy asf coding I’ve ever seen in my life; oh and you HAVE to use it. The Longer version: The Hardware, is great. It’s got a TON of M.2 ports, which is by far the greatest selling point. Even moreso (in my opinion), than the PCIe 4.0 capability; the latter may come in handy in the future, but considering that modern GPUs don’t quite max out the throughput of PCIe 3 yet, I’m not gushing over it. The board has a power button and a reset button which I thought I’d love, but it really is only useful, before the case is closed up. After that, they’re just an extra set of red LEDs that glow even when the computer is off. Not really a problem unless you’re like me, and have this thing in your bed room. Not worth losing any eggs on it though. I love the Temperature read as well (even though my GPU covers it). A nice additional perk, is that it works on Linux. I dual-boot Windows 10 for heavy gaming, and Ubuntu 20.04 for work and Lighter gaming. Both operating systems run just fine on this board. Just don’t try to use a third-party RGB program. (see below). But what lost this board all its eggs, is in software. While it’s tempting to wonder why that should matter to a purchaser of hardware, hear me out. This board has really nice lighting effects. However, the ONLY way to control those lights, are with MSI’s profoundly botched Dragon Center program. It used to be that you could get MSI’s mystic light program by itself to control your lights. It’s a good enough program (albeit limited). but with this board (more specifically this chipset), they have forced you to use Dragon Center which forces you to download a ton of the bloatiest of bloated bloatware ever. That’s not a typo. It’s hella bloated. Everything from a driver scanner, to a Packet-Shaping program (why?), to a USB voltage modifier, and “system speed boost”. All of which are required to make dragon center work, but ALSO require you to download them individually the first time you run it. On top of that, they just didn’t even try to translate properly; I swear they just dumped their intended outputs into G00gl3 Translate and copy/pasted it into their code (for example it legit says “please wait for all modules to be loading” every time you start it.). All this bloatware gets dumped on there your system to do who knows what, and left for you to disable if you don’t want it. So after you’ve gone through all this work, just to set your color and effect profiles, THEN you can use this thing’s sexy lights. The Mystic Light “module” has no option for program-based profiles, and will let you set a meager 3 manual lighting profiles. But don’t get too attached to your very specifically created color profiles ‘cause guess what? Every time you update Dragon Center (which is FREQUENT, and gives you no choice in the matter – see below), those profiles get DELETED, and you have to re-create them. While we’re on the topic of updating Dragon Center, bear in mind that It’s just thrust upon you. It’ll just randomly make you restart it manually with admin, about once a week and then make you wait for about 10-15 minutes (I have 100 Mbps service. Ymmv), as it updates, and re-enables all the “Modules” (saying “please wait while modules are being updating”) that you’ve painstakingly disabled, and then as I said above, removes your profiles. Combine this forced use of a garbage program, with the additional software required to make the lights on my Waterblock (Corsair’s iCUE. An actually great program), and Graphics card (Sapphire’s Trixx. It’s okay), Having the lights in my computer, is almost not worth it. If you’re looking for great hardware, this is a good motherboard. Just bear in mind, that you’re also signing up for a flaming dumpster fire of a piece of software.

Most Critical Review

possibly dying after less than a year


Pros: - Silent. The only sounds I hear from it are ones that I don't want to hear see cons below - Moves plenty of air - The lack of LEDs is a nice option for those of us who don't want our cases lit up like a Christmas tree - Drops in perfectly to my Cooler Master Evo for a quieter replacement of the stock fan

Cons: - Sounds like the bearing may be going out already. - About once a week, I hear it struggling and squealing as if it needs oil. Lasts a few minutes, then either quits or gets going - Always squeaks while spinning down after power off

Overall Review: TL;DNR: this fan was GREAT when it ran. after about 5 mos. It's showing symptoms of failure, BUT It could just as easily be caused by my Mobo. I will update this review upon MB replacement I got this to tone down my system that had a case which was all mesh, and had a lot of noise. It Ran perfectly for about a month, then the power-down squealing started. But I didn't really mind, as quite frankly, it was a nice confirmation that all my hardware was off (I don't have a lot of lights in my case). in the last two months however, it's began struggling during normal operation. earlier today, it was squealing, and when I looked in there, it wasn't spinning at full speed. A quick flick of the fins got it back where it needed to be, but it's not the first time, it's happened either. THAT SAID, THERE'S ONE MORE VARIABLE: My Motherboard is ALSO having problems, and needs to be replaced. It's possible, that this is a power distribution problem, and I will update my review when I get my new system built

Weak solder points nullify durable casing

CORSAIR Voyager 8GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model CMFVY3S-8GB
CORSAIR Voyager 8GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model CMFVY3S-8GB

Pros: -Water proof. -Trusted brand

Cons: As others have reported, the termination is VERY weak. I've had two of these, and both of them suffered the same fate: ultimately, the solder points on the board break under constant upward/downward pressure. This would be fine, if you could just take it apart and re-solder it, but the casing doesn't allow for that; You have to cut off the (very durable) rubber housing to get to the circuit board, thus ruining its' durability and water resistance.

Overall Review: It is note-worthy, that I used these devices, primarily on laptops. If you are only going to use it on a desktop with no risk of bending the plug, you may have no problem whatsoever. As for me, I have a two strike policy. If any of my hardware breaks and is replaced by another that suffers the same failure, it's got to go. My first one bent and the end completely broke off, and the second one, exhibited symptoms of broken pins within months, and completely stopped mounting shortly thereafter. I hate to write bad reviews. Especially for one of my favorite companies. Corsair, has always proven itself to me as a company that puts out great products. Unfortunately, they came up short with this one.

Almost what you'd expect from LucasArts

Star Wars Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition PC Game
Star Wars Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition PC Game

Pros: *STAR WARS!!!!!! *ChallengingGameplay *ingrossing Gameplay *Good Story *shipped a day early! IDK if this was Newegg's doing or UPS's; either way, I was plased

Cons: Not ported to PC well at all! LA didn't even bother to change control images, so on things like finisher cinematics, the game still shows Xbox360 controls; so you have to remember what that button is on the 360, and THEN you have to remember where that button is on your KB. this constant "translating" REALLY takes away from the amazing game CONTROLS ARE TERRIBLE! They seem sluggish, and on KB/Mouse, they didn't seem to be, the least bit intuitively laid out. that said, see other comments

Overall Review: If you want to play this game on PC, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN XBOX360/PS3 controller for your PC! If it weren't for the sluggish, horribly laid out controls for KB/mouse this game would get 5 eggs from me. I have played PC games all my life; and in that time, i'd be hard pressed to find a game ported as badly. THAT SAID, after I borrowed on Xbox360 controller from my friend, the game took on a whole new life!

none better for the price

ViewSonic X Series VX1940w Black&Silver 19" 2ms(GTG)  Super High Resolution 1680x1050 DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 static (typ), 3000:1 dynamic (typ)
ViewSonic X Series VX1940w Black&Silver 19" 2ms(GTG) Super High Resolution 1680x1050 DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 static (typ), 3000:1 dynamic (typ)

Pros: Great for gaming, SUPER bright. (almost too bright at times) amazing contrast ratio, For the price, you'd be hard pressed to find a monitor with similar stats

Cons: NOT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE! may cause a big problem for some users, but as for me, that's all the phone book is good for anymore As mentioned in pros, it's almost too bright. you may want to turn DOWN the stock brightness and/or the dynamic contrast The 1680x1050 resolution (16:10) is hard to find desktop wallpapers for. Maybe not a problem for some

Overall Review: I've had this monitor for a bit over a year on my gaming rig. for the price, I couldn't find a better 19" monitor with such a high resolution. I've never had a SINGLE problem from the start. The brand is amoung the best, the price is absolutly the best .


Doesn't Work on Vista

Rosewill RCR-102 52-in-1 USB 2.0 3.5" Internal Card Reader w/ USB port
Rosewill RCR-102 52-in-1 USB 2.0 3.5" Internal Card Reader w/ USB port

Pros: Rosewill. never had a problem with them... till now

Cons: Sad story. My case is kinda funky so basically it was a huge pain to get it in my case.. much rearanging and such. spen about an hour of frustration and swearing. finally got everything set only to find out... NO VISTA DRIVERS! in Rosewill's defense... I didn't take the time to check.

Overall Review: No problems with newegg as usual. i don't like to give just one star to a product that didn't work... I don't think it's fair... so i figured i'd give it a nwutral rating. I went through too much to mess with taking the thing out... so for now I'll let it sit in there... and hope Raosewill puts out a Vista Driver for it