Think Twice!4/26/2013 9:11:18 PM

Pros: Pros: Small, light weight, and reasonably priced for what you get.

Cons: Now for the negative stuff....I purchased this device in hopes of increasing my wireless signal coverage at home. I also wanted to utilize it to boost my connection at work as it is an open source. However, upon receiving the device there were MAJOR problems with it right out of the box. For starters, the configuration is SO buggy that you have to log in, re-log in, and LOG in again to the repeater's configuration settings. After you finally get the ability to configure the device (You will spend 10-20mins just trying to log into it), you will notice that the wireless signal reception is very poor. I compared the device with my cell phone's wireless adapter and my cellular phone picks up twice the signal this device does. I tested it with the cell phone further away from my wireless access point and placed the Asus repeater closest to the WAP with the same results. I contacted Asus customer support to resolve the login/settings issue and had to wait 30mins on hold before I was able to get a tech representative. He and I confirmed that the device had the latest firmware (It did), made several adjustments and finally got it to work. However, after I spent almost 2 hours on the phone I did not even mention the poor wireless signal reception issue. I have used this device for two days now and it still has issues with login and settings management. The wireless signal reception has also not improved. I recommend that you STEER CLEAR of this device and purchase another brand, but DO NOT purchase Asus WL-330N!!!! Their customer support is poor, and the quality of this product has defiantly pushed me towards other manufacturers. I will not purchase another Asus product.

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Need Extra Range? This is for You!2/9/2007 9:33:29 PM

Pros: Install was a breeze along with the firmware update that was available on the NETGEAR website. Range of this thing combined with a Range Max router is outstanding. Even with a regular router b/g it's distance is much better than your standard wireless adapter.

Cons: It is a very high priced piece of equipment.

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Anti-Virus Software2/5/2007 12:12:04 PM

Pros: Just to give some of y'all the heads up on the Anti-virus software problem. Avast Professional Edition Version 4.7 works GREAT with VISTA 32 & 64 bit. It also has PUSH updating available. Do a Google search for AVAST and you should be able to find it. Hope this helps!! Great OS! NEWEGG ROCKS!!!

Cons: None.

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To The Guy Below2/2/2007 6:24:01 PM

Pros: Finally someone who understands how the EULA works with the OEM. Just a phone call to Microsoft is all that needs to be done. Oh and of course a new motherboard!!! HAHAHA just a joke.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: 64 bit or 32? Well it is a question of personal preference. You will see people type reviews on both of them and talk pure trash about the 64 bit version and some will praise it. Then you will see people praising the 32 bit version and saying the 64 is not work the packaging it comes in. My personal preference is the 64 bit version for many reasons but just a few include.... More RAM capabilities, Full usage of a 64 bit processor (which a lot of the dual's are), and in some ways better security. The only con I would warn is the lack of programs and drivers that are available at this time. Don't sweat it though the drivers and apps will catch up.

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OEM1/29/2007 2:54:30 PM

Pros: Lets clear this up about the OEM shall we? OEM will be able to be activated on 1 computer for the duration of the system. However, if the motherboard were to fail, be replaced, or just stated to be replaced then the OS can be reinstalled on that machine. Sometimes you have to call Microsoft and get a conformation number in order to complete the process.

Cons: You can only install it on one machine. However, motherboards like all of us at newegg know are replaced everyday!!! HAHA!

Overall Review: Great OS by the way!

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Coolant1/14/2007 6:41:57 AM

Pros: Well, it is the recommended coolant for the Nautilus 500, however, it is not non-conductive obviously due to the fact that you have to add distilled water with it. It does have anti-corrosive properties along with algae growth inhibitors. In my opinion Fluid XP from Danger Den is about the best coolant you can purchase.

Cons: The product is not non-conductive or UV reactive.

Overall Review: Good if you want to stay with the original coolant for the system (Nautilus 500), but Fluid XP would be a better type to use both for cooling and for the safety of the computer components.

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Great Card!!! Buggy Drivers.1/4/2007 9:59:22 PM

Pros: Pros get out of here this card can run any game you throw at it and then some. Playing Half-Life 2, Doom 3, F.E.A.R., Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, etc... all max settings and this thing doesn't even break a sweat.

Cons: Drivers supplied with the card are buggy. Need to get the latest drivers from the PNY website and even then it has had some driver issues. Other than that the only other thing that sticks out in my mind is that PNY could have sent a graphics sticker with this card but no big deal.

Overall Review: This card is big and you might have to rearrange some inside of your case to get it to fit. Also need to have a power supply that can run this juice sucker I would recommend at least a 550watt Power Supply.

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CORSAIR Finally Did It!!12/28/2006 7:43:26 AM

Pros: Great cooling product for a beginner in water cooling. Keeps my E6600 2.4GHz at 32 degrees idle and 38 under load. Using the thermal compound supplied with the product add 4 degrees to both of those figures. My suggestion would be to use Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound. I also would recommend a Koolance VLV-10BKT 10mm (3/8") ID Quick-Disconnect Shutoff Valve Pair w/ L-Bracket which makes it a lot easier if you are going to a LAN party or traveling with your unit.

Cons: Could have provided a better thermal compound.

Overall Review: Had absolutely no leaks out of this system and as I said before it is a great unit to begin your passive cooling experience (Also known as Water Cooling). Yes, there are better units out there but for the money you can't beat this one. CORSAIR Finally Did IT!!!!!

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Great Board!!12/27/2006 7:55:57 PM

Pros: To many to list but here are a few... Supports DDR 2 800,667,533 and the Intel Core 2 Duo along with the Extreme. Raid setup is a snap and the BIOS is pretty easy to understand. Flashing the BIOS is also a quick touch of a button. Overclocking can be a little bit confusing if you aren't experienced in the field, but still relatively simple. Up to 8GB of Ram is supported however, if you install 8GB of ram due to the physical limitation of the chipset it will only recognize about 7.56GB. Lots of SATA ports and USB's along with some neat installation materials that make it easier for a beginner builder.

Cons: Like most of the Reviews on this particular board the Onboard sound is not very good. You have to get the driver just right before it works worth anything and then it still fades in and out. Other than that nothing much except could be a litlle bit less expensive.

Overall Review: I have not tried the wireless on this board yet so you will have to read another review. However, I have noticed a lot of people getting DDR and DDR2 confused compatibility wise. Let me clear this up for y'all. This board takes DDR2 not DDR. It is not backwards compatible so if you have a Stick of DDR Ram DON"T INSTALL IT!!! It is not going to work. Also check your type of RAM to see if it is compatible with this particular board. Do a search on GOOGLE and you should find the list.

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Great OS!!12/12/2006 7:41:06 PM

Pros: Great operating system for gaming machine. Works great and I have had no driver or configuration problems out of it. Most websites have the x64 bit drivers for whatever you might need them for ie (printer, video card, sound driver etc...). Just have to do some looking but they are there.

Cons: None. Aside from I am only reading 3.12GB of Ram nothing. That is the motherboard by the way not the OS.

Overall Review: Be sure that you have a x64 Bit compatible processor. If you don't you have just wasted $xxx. Read the specs for the CPU and it will tell you if it is X64 bit compatible. Newegg ROCKS!!!!!

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Cool Fan!9/28/2006 7:59:34 AM

Pros: Fan is a bright blue and has great airflow for an LED Fan. Has an adjustment knob that can be placed in a PCI slot to control the RPM'S.

Cons: None.

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Great Airflow!9/28/2006 7:58:17 AM

Pros: Has great airflow and a double ball bearing which will allow it to last longer and it has an RPM connector if you are into the RPM monitoring.

Cons: The fan by itself is very loud if you have a case that has two slots for 80mm fans and put two of these in there like I did WOW!!!! Look out because it is going to be loud!!

Overall Review: Fans are great if you want to keep you system cool without having to go to Liquid.

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Great CPU!!9/14/2006 9:11:28 PM

Pros: Great CPU to build with if you can match it with a good heatsink and fan. Got it in 2 days NEWEGG baby!!! Artic Freezer 7 is a good heatsink and fan to use when buying this processor. Runs with stock HS at about 46-55 degress C and with the Artic Freezer 7 36-49 degress C.

Cons: Heatsink is no good! Get a new one.

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Exellent Card!!!9/14/2006 9:03:45 PM

Pros: Card is a great buy for what you are getting. Just because a video card has 512MB of RAM does not mean that it is a good video card. It may only be able to use 256MB of the RAM and in this case this card uses all of its 256MB!! Great cooling system also. Great Buy!!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Watch for the interface. Be sure to get the right type for the right interface. PCI Express 16, PCI Express, PCI, AGP. All are different interfaces so be sure to match them up correctly or you are wasting your time and money.

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Great Case!!9/14/2006 8:59:10 PM

Pros: Great looking case with plenty of space for all your building needs. Exellent air flow throughout the entire tower comes with 2 120mm fans and 1 80mm LED fan on the side of the glass. Power supply is pretty decent for a middle end build.

Cons: None apparent.

Overall Review: Pay close attention to the type of case you are buying from XION because they are not all the same color LEDS. Some are green, blue, red etc....

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