Great7/19/2014 8:24:41 AM

Pros: Fits dimension spec, easy to install, drivers are easily found

Cons: none i found

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Great capacity, have to babysit1/20/2014 7:09:34 AM

Pros: Capacity! Fantastic 2 amp charging rates! Included flashlight!

Cons: Something causes the unit to switch off during charging. Size is about that of a 2.5" external drive

Overall Review: I read the review about the user stating that they could not get the unit to charge past 50% and thought mine was similar. However, after unplugging the unit and reconnecting it, the unit would continue to charge. The unit seems to disconnect itself about every 25% mark. I'm not sure if that's a heat issue (seems room temperature when I notice it has stopped charging) or if it is some sort of firmware/software issue. Due to the sheer capacity of the unit, 25% is more than enough to charge my phone twice, and very quickly too.

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Good Balance of Value and Performance1/5/2012 9:17:22 AM

Pros: 990FX Chipset # of PCIe Slots Orientation of SATA ports USB 3.0 native AM3+ support Fixed AHCI on AMD's new 900 series SB Plays well with a junk PSU Instruction Manual wasn't in broken or incoherent English New-fangled BIOS with mouse support

Cons: Stigma that ASRock is a lower-end rebrand of ASUS boards. # of Power Phases

Overall Review: Using it to power a 720 BE. Cores unlocked just the same as my old board, a GA-MA790x-UD4P. Seems to be a bit more stable, but could just be psycological. ACHI is pretty nice, now that I can actually use it. Plays well with a somewhat underpowered PSU, as it allows for voltage monitoring/clock reduction. I'd rather have my CPU dip in voltage and clock ~500 MHz (down from the 3.5GHz OC), than freeze up entirely due to a shoddy PSU. Nice innovation I'm turning 75 this year and I hope this is my last build, apart from maybe throwing in an AM3+ CPU in the future. AMD has a nice system going to support so many chips on one board. I tried my old 6400+ BE in it and that worked too! Maybe throw in a 8150 FX or similar after prices drop, but I'd like to see if Piledriver will have a revision that will fit in this socket too!

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Legit!1!!5/3/2011 6:59:39 AM

Pros: Looks cool. Tool-less design is pretty good. Enough mounting hardware. Stock fans are decent, quiet, move a good amount of air. Fits a decent size cooler in there (using a Zalmann 9900). Good quality build, decent steel thickness. Dust filter on front intake fan :) Was a good buy at $39.99 3 years ago. Everything you'd expect from Thermaltake.

Cons: Door seems awkward, I mean I think it should open the other way. LED's are pretty bright when the door is open. My card reader didn't fit in the 3.5" slot w/o taking out the other 3.5" panel. Fingerprints show up everywhere. Cable management is non-exsistant (get some wire tubing). After 3 years, the side panel is a little bent and takes some effort to put it back in. That's all nit-picky stuff, but adds up. Lack of cable management and door operation is what makes it a 4 egg for me.

Overall Review: It sucks at making me sammiches. I mean, I left it alone with all the supplies and after an hour all it seemed to do is dry out the ham. Sweeet. Currently looking for a ham sammich-making case.

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Would Never Buy Again3/4/2010 3:10:01 PM

Pros: Comes with a powersupply Front Panel is attached by screws, not plastic push pins HDD activity and Power LEDs + and - are labeled 3 included fans (80mm front and side, 120mm back)

Cons: NOT ENOUGH MOTHERBOARD MOUNTS!! no manual, strange 5.25" drive mounts, non-square joints on the whole thing, OEM-style CD drive door jams occasionally, cheap and thin construction that inevitably bends during some point of the build, incomplete drilling of motherboard mount holes

Overall Review: Its totally understandable that newegg is packaging this with other components. I read the reviews for this after I had ordered the package and thought, "oh this shouldn't be THAT bad." Well, it was. Fortunately my friend doesn't really care about case quality, but for anyone that takes pride in computer building, this is painful to work with. However it's not all bad. The case still is functional, albeit you'll have to plan an extra half hour or so to come up with some innovative (read jimmy-rigged) solutions. If, by chance you get stuck with this, read these tips 1) push out the drive panels from the inside on either side. pry back one of the tabs lightly and push. it'll pop right out, but if you just push from the center you'll break off a tab 2) Mark the motherbard holes you're going to use first. You only get 6 mounts so get the corners first and then pick a few I guess 3) Get some washers for the 5.25" bays. I dont know how you're supposed to mount them with holes that big

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Decent for the money3/4/2010 2:55:32 PM

Pros: RPMs are low and so is noise. Mounting screw holes are big enough that you don't feel like you're drilling the hole bigger with the screw when you mount it, but tight enough to keep them from loosening and making noise.

Cons: CFMs are on the low side for a 120mm fan. From personal experience, not specs from the manufacturer, I can say that this fan says it pushes more air than it really does.

Overall Review: Nice overall. I didn't realize these were 3 pin plugs with no molex adapter, but that's ok since I can monitor the RPMs with SpeedFan. I would definately reccomend to anyone that doesn't need a vortex inside their case. Never heard of this manufacturer before this but will consider buying (at this price point) from them again.

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Suprising Performance for "Value Ram"11/2/2008 6:06:34 PM

Pros: Low price puts this memory in the "Value" category. Although 4-4-4-15 timings require 1.9V at least, 5-5-5-18 timings @ 1.9V allowed DDR2-900 overclocking. Tweaking could probably produce better results, but it's fairly easy to overclock out of the box. Infared probe put this memory around 38 degrees C at 1.95V, but my mobo couldn't apply the full 2.1V that Corsair even warantees. I'm fairly certain the heatsinks are aqeduate for a better OC. I agree the support is shotty, but there are countless forums dedicated to Corsair's RAM. A simple google search will get you all the answers you'd ever need to get the best out of this product.

Cons: I'm running my pair in single channel. Maybe someday I'll be able to get another 4GB set of this RAM to go 4GB dual.

Overall Review: For those with RMAs of this product, the actual defect rate is MUCH lower than the RMA rate. Please just read up on some forums before you decide this RAM is no good. You really can't go wrong, the RMA process is a breeze anyway. A few years ago I came across a bad Corsair SO-DIMM, and had a new one in a week. I'll definately be back to buy some more of this RAM for a few projects for my grandparents. The performance of this RAM allows me to choose a lower CPU and the costs are offset. Well done Corsair!

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