dat board9/14/2014 3:43:34 AM

Pros: very sexy looking board, if case is windowed you get to see the glory of msi, the board is sleek and stays a nasty chilly 30c at all times , have a 4770 oc to4.5 using the bios , which is hands down the easiest way to OC on this board

Cons: price :/

Overall Review: if this were a beautiful woman i would marry her, then divorce her just so i can tell everyone i was with her

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perfect for gaming12/10/2013 10:59:41 PM

Pros: purchased mainly for gaming and did as reported, read the reviews for months on it before biting the bullet, pleased beyond all recognition with this purchase

Cons: didnt come with a hot chick to help share my happiness :(

Overall Review: all joking aside,, this was my real first build from the ground up and had alot of reviews of this being the prime suspect in gaming cpu's

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win 7 64bit12/10/2013 10:54:04 PM

Pros: its windows not many computer i work around on have any other os, great and stable i recommend going into settings and just turning on the power settings and get rid of the flashy win 7 garbage then the os shines bright and strong

Cons: none yet

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dont kno what i do11/22/2009 12:47:31 PM

Pros: beautiful card very long...kinda heavy to be sitting sideways in a dell optiplex mid tower 745 series...thats the fat one not the skinny one... runnig on windows 7 on 8gigs o ram,, with this bad boy with all the back up vid card power on tap..plays call o duty modern warfare 2 on next to highest resolution...i think the card does my monitors native with ease,,which is a 42in vizio in rgb mode. hdmi is no laughing matter it coughs up some silly graphix for the price.. i am pleased 4eggs only

Cons: i have no spidf cord from my board to the vid card to get hdmi audio... i can run hdmi with out sound.. so at the moment i run rgb till i gets a new audio card...aint it one thing u cant buy something awesome till u replace all the other stuff around it...cant use this card to its full potential with out getn a sound card.... my prob really...

Overall Review: sucks that i got to get a new sound card just to use the hdmi to its fullest feature..... kinda wish it was in the description

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hitachi Wins11/12/2009 1:14:45 PM

Pros: very good speed..step up from a factory 120gig..hard drive to a 500gig is a very grown up move for my laptop... no probs with install...and tons of space for loading all sorts of useless trash on my laptop..well worth the money and the reviews alone on this website made me feel secure enuff to buy from here... fast shipping and great customer service

Cons: should have been here the second i clicked on the mouse.... i cant stand to live in these dire times of waitin for the postal service

Overall Review: only gave this drive a 4star for the fact that its not perfect nor is anything electronic....just to give some space for better drives and out there to contend with...but i honestly feel i got a really good deal if not a great deal on this hdd

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