2x Faster than a 8400 GS9/2/2015 7:52:43 PM

Pros: First off, this card IS THE SAME AS THE GT 610/705 which are available for now. Now for the card: "Good enough" perfect for Minecraft with 60 FPS on high (and normal LOD) at 1080p. It runs Windows Aero just as well as you can want it to be, just don't expect high FurMark scores. Small, but don't forget it is a dual slot cooler on a single slot bracket. If you want a GPU that will provide the same performance as Integrated graphics, look no further. This card is perfect for those who enjoy low end games and most Indie titles. However, Skyrim can't run well, Space Enginners is 100% unplayable, but Civ V is perfect. It depends on what you play that is modern if you do game on it.

Cons: Slow. If you expect to run anything post 20010 there are going to have to be MAJOR graphics downgrades, and resolutions to get that special 30 FPS.

Overall Review: Perfect for those who don't need the GPU but have not integrated graphics on the CPU. The GT 705, and GT 610 are rebrands of the older Fermi GT 520. All of them are exactly the same and capable of running passively like this card. I can't say much about performance outside of well ventilated conditions though as my ATX Antec 900 provides superb cooling for even my (current) GTX 660 SLI setup.

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A Cloud8/11/2015 4:34:15 PM

Pros: High quality audio Good mic Long and segmented cables perfect for running via rear analog splitter (that should be included!) Driverless Just a good set of Analog headphones Feels like a Cloud but does get a little warm. If you have big ears like me, don't worry. Just buy it.

Cons: No explanation manual for those "mystery buttons" on the volume control box

Overall Review: I hope it can last me longer than my i7 4790K PC...

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Meh8/3/2015 9:04:28 PM

Pros: Got if for $38 elswhere, so pretty cheap. Sounds fine, the bass was absolutely muddy. Now that I have a Premium FX Motherboard, I should have tried it again with onboard sound. replaced it with a better HyperX cloud headphone. Nice long cord.

Cons: Not comfortable, the sports cloth just scratches around your ears but it doesn't touch them fortunately. The Mic is bad, however I did have a single brief moment of utter clarity which I could never reproduce again. This may mean something to some of you.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for, You paid for that "gaming headset," look for something else not gaming in this price range.

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Dropped H5 Universal Temps 20 C7/24/2015 10:50:44 AM

Pros: Quiet even on 12V Uses 120mm mounts Molex adapter if needed Red, Black, and White stands included 140mm fan Big with great airflow.

Cons: Big, I had to cut off the side panel fan mounts on my Antec 900 case.

Overall Review: Did exactly what I wanted, Under Maximum PRIME Load I reduced temps from 83 with the Cryorig H5 to 63 with a dual fan setup.

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An Incredible PSU1/26/2014 2:47:16 PM

Pros: It has stood the test of time with near daily use (usually 6 hours +) for more than 5 years. rated at 650Watts it is enough for the GTX 660 SLI!

Cons: It's Non-Modular, can't dock an egg as it's just a common feature for most tech.

Overall Review: I'd highly recommend this PSU for anyone who needs a long-lasting computer. Please note that used tech will never be as good no matter how lightly used, if possible find a brand new model.

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Responsive, Fast, Blue.12/7/2013 8:39:59 PM

Pros: This Monitor has proved you can get alot of everything. Packing 144 Hz, 3D vision 2, and G-sync (kit required) This Monitor will definitely stay with me until it dies.

Cons: A slight con, the Hues are slightly blueish, this bug can easily be fixed by the Monitor's slightly confusing controls.

Overall Review: Definitely will acquire a G-Sync Kit for this Monitor. I would definitely recommend this for anyone ESPECIALLY those with a Nvidia card as it has compatibility with all of Nvidia's features to date.

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Perfect7/29/2013 11:13:55 AM

Pros: This card runs very cool, I did not need to give more power to my PC. This card can run World of Tanks at 20-80 fps (30-40 average) at the maximun settings and 1920x1080. The free game it comes with is really fun, and to clarify it comes with Splinter cell Blacklist AND Conviction, this confused me quite a bit. Runs civilization V on Max with 60 fps, UT3 at 62 fps LOCKED (I find this very odd) and the minecraft server screen at 1402 fps. If you are looking to play minecraft only I would suggest the GT 520, it handles the game quite nicely. This card Should easily last you 5 years for it's power, (Unless the card fails) Have yet to experience any big cons. I haven't heard the fans but the GPU tweak it comes with is nice, allowing for the ease of access to Overclocking. If you are looking to play Arma II or DayZ mod, I would not suggest only getting this card as the game is CPU intensive. As my first Graphics card the installation was very easy, But before you get the drivers on you PC green lines appear when playing a few games and crashes World of Tanks, However this issue disappears once you get the drivers. Overall, this is my dream card I would recommend it to anyone who wants to game with a budget.

Cons: Big, DO NOT BUY if you have a compact case. but if it does fit then there are no cons.

Overall Review: This is my first review, Not sure if it was helpful but thanks for reading it!

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