What a case!5/8/2013 11:48:18 AM

Pros: Great airflow from multiple 200mm fans, easy to work inside the roomy interior, and easy mounting of hard drives. Did I mention the great airflow? This is the quietest and it keeps everything cool. Near perfect.

Cons: Somewhat large, but that is why it goes under my desk.

Overall Review: I would buy this case again, and again.

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Great Monitor for Photography/Video7/5/2010 2:05:35 PM

Pros: This monitor supports $99 SpectraViewII Color Calibration tool from NEC. Very good calibration for cheap if you already own the color sensor. I have a Monaco OptixXR (X-Rite DTP 94), but it supports others as well. Monitor has a very consistent lighting across an enormous screen for Photoshop and Premiere. And the color quality of the calibrated monitor is fabulous.

Cons: Does not include SpectraViewII software. So plan on $99 to use this baby to it's best. After a year it developed one dead pixel. The dead pixel is only visible on a solid black screen at system boot. Otherwise I never see it with the images I shoot.

Overall Review: This is a great monitor, but like the others said it is huge. The image is clear up close, but you have to sit back to really see the entire 24" screen. But I love it!

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Great Memory10/5/2009 5:31:03 PM

Pros: Installed 2 4GB pairs in an Asus P7P55D EVO LGA 1156 motherboard. Will run at 1624 at higher voltage, but want some feedback on Lynnfield onboard memory controller tolerance for greater than 1.65v before I run full time. Works great at 1333, no issues.

Cons: None really. I am very pleased.

Overall Review: I bought the entire system parts from Newegg; case, MBO, memory, CPU, power supply. All at good prices and all works great. I am very happy with my i7 860 system.

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Great MBO for 1156 build9/22/2009 10:02:13 PM

Pros: Great flexibility in BIOS settings. Good layout, nothing interferes with anything else. Improvement from my 6 year old Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz is remarkable. System went together really easily after Bios update. Very happy. Entire build purchased from Newegg. Great service.

Cons: New board required some updating as I expected.

Overall Review: Zalman CNPS 10X Quiet CPU fan hangs over DIMM slot A1. Be sure the DIMM is in before the CPU cooler is installed. Required BIOS update and ASUS system files download to update MBO prior to Vista Home Premium 64 installation. But that is to be expected on any newly released board.

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Worth it?4/8/2008 6:25:43 PM

Pros: The Netgear Smart Wizard is a great tool. Easy to use and change settings. The card installed easily, but could not maintain a connnection to a Netgear G router. After hours of messing with it, I found a note on Netgear site that you should turn off the windows firewall, or the wireless firewall. The cured the keeping a connection problem.

Cons: Software updates require the card to be removed from the system. Inconvenient. The supposed benefits of extra range are marketing hype. My Dell 610 laptop is sitting 2 feet from the Netgear antenna and has a stronger connection.

Overall Review: As with all recently released products update the software frequently if ytou have any problems.

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WN311T 15 minute wonder11/4/2007 8:51:19 PM

Pros: External antenna helps establish connection regularly at 48 to 54 MBps. Setup was easy. Setup a profile in Wireless Assistant and at least reestablishing a connection is relatively fast and easy

Cons: WN311T loses internet connection to the switch every 5 to 15 minutes. I updated the SW to the latest on Netgear website. No improvement.

Overall Review: Until Netgear can make their products more reliable I will avoid the brand. I have been all Netgear for home wireless. No more.

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Fantastic7/13/2007 9:36:14 PM

Pros: LCD Monitor for photographers has very good specs and delivers on them. No dead/stuck pixels. My first wide-screen takes some getting used to with image filling my field of view. Tack sharp display of text and beautiful for Photoshop. I am thrilled.

Cons: Maybe a little too bright. Monitor has adjustment to reduce brightness 25%, but I intend to set max brightness to 90% and re-calibrate with Monaco 2.6 and OPTIXxr.

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