Perfect upgrade to those just getting into PC gaming4/24/2020 11:58:14 AM

Pros: Super fast It's an M.2, so perfect space saving It's also an SSD, so you get all the benefits of an SSD without the extra cables.

Cons: Only con, is if you can afford a much bigger capacity, then go for it.

Overall Review: Super easy to install, Heatsink is mounted in an orientation that it looks great instead of upside down. Super fast, and well. it's an SSD. Always try to go for the biggest you can afford. Mechanical HDDs are becoming less useful when SSD prices are getting better and better.

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Perfect upgrade to those just getting into PC gaming4/24/2020 11:53:18 AM

Pros: They look great Perfect for Ryzen systems

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Bought them since I wanted a red and black theme for my new Ryzen build. I also chose these since the RGB memory I wanted would have put me over budget. If they had RGB along with the same design, they would be perfect.

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Perfect upgrade to those just getting into PC gaming4/24/2020 11:48:43 AM

Pros: Fast, quiet, and for little cost, you have enough for just about any AAA title out there.

Cons: None right now.

Overall Review: Just got it, but it's making lunchmeat out of every game I own so far.

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What needs to be said? It's Windows4/24/2020 11:46:42 AM

Overall Review: It's a must buy to any new computer build or upgrade. Make sure to get the RETAIL version and NOT the OEM version. Retail version, you can move to a new computer, where as the OEM version is tied to the motherboard.

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One of the best CPUs I have ever owned.2/13/2016 7:58:47 PM

Pros: Simple CPU to just plug and play for beginner gamers to the advanced gamers. The little CPU that could can play any game out there right now, and not struggle as long as you keep it cool.

Cons: AMD needs to step up their game when it comes to stock coolers. At the very minimum, replace the stock coolers with a Hyper 212. These little beasts throw out more heat than the stock coolers can handle, so trash the stock coolers and get an aftermarket cooler.

Overall Review: Knowing that you will have to buy an aftermarket cooler, this FX-4100 (if you can still get it) can last you a lifetime of gaming and computer fun. Never had to overclock it, no do I have a need to. It still plays Fallout 4 on Ultra settings without a problem. Don't let the Intel fanboys scare you away, yes, it does run hotter, but it does just as good as any other CPU of comparison out there. It will still run with the bigger FX-6300 and 8100 series. Will it be just as good, no. But it has the little dog syndrome.

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Beautiful Case4/3/2015 2:48:37 PM

Pros: This case is sleek, clean, and it is all STEEL construction with VERY LITTLE plastics use. I tested the window with my nail and it doesn't scratch as easily as some people have said. They really had to scratch HARD for the scratches they showed. It is also VERY ROOMY. This case is also very inexpensive for those wanted a nice case for not a lot of moolah.

Cons: The matte black finish could be easily scratched if your not careful, but then again, I paint models so it's not a biggie for me to touch up. Most people who got their cases, their thumbscrews were captive, but mine unscrewed right out. But that is just nitpicking since I am so used to non-captive thumbscrews. Some people would also find that there is no reset button a deal breaker, but I practically never use it anyway.

Overall Review: Those that are thinking of buying this case, know this first: IT HAS NO 5.25" DRIVE BAYS.... If you absolutely must have a 5.25" drive bay, either buy an external, or keep looking. I bought this case knowing full well there is no optical drive bay. The small form factor is deceiving to the amount of room that is on the inside. My old Ikonik Optimus case has been a nightmare for cable management. The S340 case is a dream come true for those without a modular power supply.

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Don't buy unless you need a good MoBo2/22/2012 4:31:14 PM

Pros: I love the layout and looks good in my case.

Cons: First one I bought, the CPU LED stayed lit. RMA'd that one and got the replacement today (02/22/12). Come to find out after an hour installing everything, the CPU LED stayed lit yet again. Called ASUS and they said that 75% of these MoBos need the BIOS chip replaced. Granted, they are sending me a free replacement, but it should've been recalled due to the factory not fixing them from the start. If the chip won't work, I will get a refund and buy a different brand.

Overall Review: Trying to run with a: ASUS M5A99X EVO AMD FX-4100 AM3+ 8Gig DDR3 G. Skill Sniper series memory EVGA GeForce GTX 550Ti Corsair Enthusiast TX750w PSU Logisys Ikonik Optimus case

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2/9/2012 2:39:40 AM

Pros: Just got the PSU in yesterday and popped it in the case. At first I thought about getting the Apevia 750w Warlock, but seen that this PSU had better ratings so I thought I would give it a try. Enough connectors and cable length to cover every square inch of my case. Very quite, so far, and working perfect right from the start.

Cons: Enough cable length and connectors for upgrades till the end of the world. Actually, I think there are way, WAY, too many, but not really a complaint from me.

Overall Review: If you have enough cash, buy this PSU IMMEDIATELY!!!! The rebate is just icing on an already iced cake. Blew my expectations completely out of the water. Can't wait to fully test it out and see how it can handle a good game like Skyrim, or Crysis 2.

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Hope it works as they say2/2/2012 12:36:39 AM

Pros: Don't have much bad to say...My uncle got this card and I bought it off him for $50. It was still in the antistatic bag. Heard so much good about it. As soon as I get it in the MoBo, I'll find out more about it.

Cons: I didn't get the MiniHDMI converter or the drivers on the disk, but not taking an egg off yet. That's what I get for buying off my uncle and not NewEgg.

Overall Review: Planning on playing SW:TOR and a couple of other games with it. Will have to buy a miniHDMI converter after my MoBo gets in the mail. Will adjust the review after I play with the card for a while.

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