Long Term Results A++++10/6/2021 3:18:48 PM

Pros: This vendor is very concerned with your satisfaction, as evidenced by the care they take to make sure the product you purchase will be compatible to any devices you're planning on combining with that purchase, such as RAM, PSU, CPU, etc.. They make sure you're buying compatible hardware. The 142-SS-E178 I purchased was replacing an identical board, so of course, everything should work, but, they checked anyway. Nothing left to chance... I like that! Needless to say, everything is working great. Over a year now, no problems.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you're looking for a quality Vendor whom you can trust, look no further. The prices are quite good, the staff is both helpful and knowledgeable, and I place my trust in them.

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Simply The BEST9/29/2020 3:39:56 AM

Pros: The Arctic MX4 is the best, and I've used them all. I've used expensive phase transfer medium, diamond-based medium, silver, you name it. CPU is running at 23 deg C right now.

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: Very easy to use and extremely effective. Forget the liquid metal stuff, pads and diamond pastes. Nothing better that MX4.

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Excellent Memory8/25/2020 4:21:51 AM

Pros: Fast memory, what else is there to say.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I wasn't looking for RGB or anything extravagant, so this is perfect

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great except the Frame design makes it unusable8/23/2020 2:42:19 AM

Pros: Great pressure, low noise, everything I've come to expect and respect in an Arctic product. Sleeves wires look great, extra plug for daisy-chain.

Cons: The Frame has some 3-dimensional thing going on, makes it IMPOSSIBLE to seal around a gasket, decoupler, case, or filter. I was really, really counting on this fan, but now I'll be switching to an F14 PWM, solely and inexcusably due to this obtuse frame design. What were you thinking, Arctic? Just give me a simple, flat frame i can count on and build on. This has set me back, not only the dollar investment, but in time as well..

Overall Review: I'm an Arctic customer for many years, I always take out "included" case fans and replace them all with Arctic fans. My CPU cooler is an Arctic Freezer eSport 34, I also have a Liquid Freezer II 280, great products. This is the first time I've been at all dissatisfied with an Arctic product, however, this was a bad time to get caught in the middle of Arctic re-inventing the wheel. Fan frames are just not that hard to make PERFECT. I need flat, buildable designs, not something that looks like it's from a Transformer movie.

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Arctic "Fan" for Life!8/21/2020 9:48:08 PM

Pros: I'm a big "Fan" of Arctic Fans, have been for years. Best fans out there. Arctic doesn't overstate their claims, in fact, if Arctic quotes a spec, it will meet or exceed that claim every time. This fan is super-quiet, delivers a ton of air, looks great, and will outlast virtually every other component in the computer! I've also used their F12, F12 Silent, Bionix P140 and P120, all great fans. The pressure-optimized fans actually do produce a very high static pressure, perfect for rads and coolers. I'm currently using an eSport 34 cooler, and couldn't be more satisfied. I was thinking of going water, but ALL water systems have a major down side: all pumps WILL fail eventually. Arctic fans will practically never die.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Unlike many manufacturers, cooling is ALL Arctic does. They've raised the bar for all the others. I've tested literally hundreds of fans and coolers, Noctua, Noiseblocker, SilenX, Corsair, the list is quite extensive. Arctic beats them all every time. I use a 15V bench power supply, a dB meter, Davis Wind Meter, and my own ears. What noise their fans do make is overall at a lower frequency, and so is less noticeable and more tolerable than most others. No High-pitched, whiny sounds, just a nice, cool, quiet breeze.

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Great Keyboard! Metal Magnetic handrest, Characters Ledgible, Analog Volume3/13/2020 2:03:29 PM

Pros: Characters are from this planet, whereas many RGB keyboards are in Klingon, Zygon, or somewhere out there. Customizable to make each key a choice of about 10 colors. Analog Volume control is a must for me. The handrest is magnetic and super-easy to take off and put back, it even adjusts easily right or left. If you want a uniform color across all keys, you can make it just about any color known. I like the Kailh Brown keys, but if you're afraid your friends won't think you're geeky enough if the click isn't heard down the block, maybe get the red.

Cons: No Mute button. Media macro opens the default media player, which is a small problem since I don't use the default for music, and the only way to change that would be to change the default. The software is a little hard to understand: to the board's programmer, "customize" means key assignment, not color of the key. For example, you can make the "K" key type a "W" if you want (don't know too many users who would want to change the key assignments, but hey). The pre-programmed effects are also, to me at least, fairly useless. If you save a custom color scheme, after login youi must press "Fn + End" to make it appear again, otherwise all the keys stay black, but they are lit when entering your password, then go black at successful login, don't know why they decided to do that. The Lit characters are a bit small, most of the key is simply black, they could have made better use of the key surface space. But overall they are very readable. Some of the special characters are a bit strange, the "&" symbol is a bit abstract, for example.

Overall Review: It would be great if the board would go to "sleep" with a pre-programmed pattern, like waves, when the keys haven't been touched for a few mins,. and then return to the custom scheme when you touch it again, but if can do this, I haven't discovered how. Like most RGB boards, the methods of programming and so-forth are a bit out there. Seems to me a "Save" button would be logical, but, no. Great for the price, and sold by Newegg, which is a real plus, I wouldn't purchase from anyone else!

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Great memory3/19/2017 8:47:44 AM

Pros: Fast, fast, fast! This is some blazing fast memory for the price.

Cons: it's not free

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Works great2/8/2017 6:43:34 AM

Pros: The drive works fine. Fast, very stable. I was using an OCZ 256GB, but after exactly two years to the day it started to go. This Samsung arrived just in the nick of time, the OCZ failed the same day! Works so well I bought another for my new build.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The drive wants it's drive letter to be below "H", or thereabout. I inadvertently tried to install Windows while a chip reader was connected, which occupied all the low drive letters, and the installer could not find the SSD. Once I disco'd the chip reader, the SSD showed up no problem. This could be a mobo thing, however, so it might not be the drive.

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Better buy a Tap and Dye set12/24/2016 10:04:14 PM

Pros: Not much so far

Cons: Two of the Four screw holes misthreaded and stripped in a heartbeat, really cheez-y metal. I've installed hundreds of psu's, I've never seen a manufacturer that couldn't make a decent screw hole. I've always used Corsair myself, and have never had a problem. Since I'm using an EVGA mobo for this one, so I thought I'd try one of their psu's. NEVER AGAIN.

Overall Review: NEVER AGAIN, EVGA

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your EVGA 1000G2 power supply. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. If you haven't already done so, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: Newegg@EVGA.com so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Typically Superior Arctic Cooling! Cumbersome design, not for everyone12/4/2016 8:04:26 AM

Pros: Great price for one of the best coolers around with idle temps around 38 - 40 deg C, and 50 deg C while gaming. I've used the Arctic Accelero Xtreme on other cards, that's why I came back for this project. Absolutely the quietest coolers made. Following installation of this cooler, I saw an immediate 7 deg. drop in GPU temp compared to the GTX 570 HD stock cooler, and a 99% reduction in sound levels. And yes, it does fit the 570 HD nicely. The back plate definitely works well, you can feel the warmth of it. The included heat conductive pads give a nice amount of coverage, more than adequate. They include a card support brace to compensate for the added weight, which would cost at least $20 if purchased separately

Cons: A big con here is that the support brace doesn't seem to allow for an SLI cable. The back plate, although extremely effective in keeping the card cool, is heavy. The backplate is also visually obstructive making getting the card in the PCI-express slot a matter of blind luck, literally. On my rig, the fins on card 1 back plate would impinge on the north bridge heatsink, but I used a grinding wheel to grind them down, then painted with power-coat touch-up paint, and replaced the long knurled nuts with standard nuts. Important to note is that the BACKPLATE DOES NOT NEED TO BE INSTALLED, although Arctic doesn't include any ram sinks, so without the backplate you'll need to supply your own (try Enzotech BCC9 low profile copper vga heatsinks for the power transistors, and Enzotech BMR-C1 for the 10 memory chips, remove the adhesive pads, clean with methyl ethyl ketone, and permanently glue them on with Arctic alumina or copper thermal glue). Even if you don't install the backplate, the long knurled nuts stick out about an inch out from the back, which will no doubt cause problems with the north bridge. What do I mean by "long" knurled nuts? Think of a long motherboard standoff, and that'll be close. Fortunately, the studs these knurled nuts screw on to are short enough not to cause any problems and require no alteration, at least for a G1.Assassin v1 mobo. Combining the backplate with copper sinks directly on the chips gives amazing results.

Overall Review: Due to the backplate fins and long fastening nut obstructions, be prepared to either replace, or do some machining of, the knurled nuts (even if not using the backplate) with a hacksaw or band saw, or the nuts AND backplate fins if using the plate (you'll need a grinding wheel). I installed the backplate and added cooper heatsinks on the chips anyway. The results were, for me, worth the effort. The Twin Turbo is much less expensive then the Accelero Xtreme and gives idle temps in the 30's (centigrade) with as close to zero noise as is possible. Arctic fans are highly under-rated, they give great windspeed and are the most quiet fans on the market. They make excellent air-flow fans for case cooling! A general caution to prospective modders: PC boards become brittle with age. Installing an aftermarket cooler such as the Arctic Twin Turbo is stressful to the card, so be EXTRA careful when working with cards that have been installed and working for 6 months or more. I've modded a dozen cards with Arctic coolers, and only had 1 failure, but that's one more than I'd like. If possible, install aftermarket coolers on graphics cards while they are sill NEW.

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ABYSMAL11/24/2016 7:56:15 PM




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Abysmal11/19/2016 11:58:41 AM

Pros: None

Cons: Didn't work right out of the box. Tesoro tech support is non-existant

Overall Review: NEVER buy a tesoro product

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Samll but effective.11/18/2016 2:00:51 PM

Pros: All copper, they do the job.

Cons: They are small, so I try to use enzotech if i can fit them in, but if space is tight, these are great.

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Superior Thermal characteristics & holding power11/18/2016 1:57:54 PM

Pros: Holds tight, and keeps the heat moving. I use this on Enzotech copper VGA heatsinks in combo with Arctic Accellero coolers. Fairly inexpensive, at least when compared to anything else in video card land.

Cons: Don't know if it's a con, but it is permanent. If you ever want to remove the heat sink glued with this compound, don't plan on it. Sometimes you can pop a heat sink off the card ok, but sometimes it will take part of the chip with it! Too risky for me.

Overall Review: When this stuff has been sitting around for a few years, it gets hard. You can make it usable again by soaking the tubes in very hot tap water for 10 - 15 mins.

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Superior case cooling, dead silent!11/10/2016 2:49:12 PM

Pros: I've been an Arctic customer for around 12 years, and I've never had an Arctic product I didn't love. These fans are no exception, and are highly under-rated IMHO. They are rarely seen in the reviews, so I did some tests of my own. I purchased a Davis wind speed meter second-hand, I already have a dB meter (don't trust the sound you hear in most videos, cellies and cams have the wrong kind of mic for dB testing), and a laboratory grade bench power supply. I then acquired some of the "popular" fans. I can't measure CFM but I can measure wind speed, which allows a comparative analysis. The Arctic fans produced wind speeds equal to or greater than the same diameter so-called uber-fans in every test except two (read on), and at substantially lower dB than ANY of them. Looking at each fan's stats, it appears that Arctic is being modest. I only measured a 19 dB increase over ambient at full duty cycle. The only fan that came even close to Arctic dB levels was the Noiseblocker eLoop B12-1, at 20 dB, but it only produced about half the wind speed of the Arctic. The B12-4 came about even in wind speed, but at substantially increased noise levels, 26 dB, compared to Arctic's F12's 19 dB. The Noctua Industrial2000 was so noisy (30 dB) I wouldn't even consider putting them in my cases, although I admit they gave about 1/2 mph more wind speed.

Cons: They aren't free

Overall Review: Considering the cost of the uber-fans, and the lack-luster performance thereof, these are a slam-dunk.

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Beautiful11/8/2016 5:56:08 AM

Pros: Well made, very strong. Has holes enough for 8 LEDs.

Cons: A little expensive for what is basically a clear fan frame without the fan.

Overall Review: Great for decoupling fans from filters, rads & heat sinks. If you install UV LEDs, and use it with a UV fan. the fan will light up nicely

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Highly under-ratred11/5/2016 4:00:07 PM

Pros: Arctic fans are about as quiet as a fan can be and still move air, and move air they do! I've been using them for aver ten years and come back for more with every new build.

Cons: None

Overall Review: These are high air flow fans, not static pressure fans. As such they are ideally suited to general case cooling and CPU heat sinks, not as good on radiators.

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Great product11/2/2016 3:47:00 AM

Pros: Looks great under UV light. Works well at keeping everything cool. Not a peep from my Fluke voltmeter

Cons: No problems

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Great fan11/2/2016 3:43:19 AM

Pros: VERY quiet. I tested this next to the Noctua Industrial2000 140mm, and while there was slightly higher windspeed from the Noctua (Davis wind speed meter), This fan was acoustically imperceptible, the Noctua was quite audible and annoying. End result: These are going on my 2x140 Radiator, Noctuas are up for auction. Comes with 2 extension cables which can be used together to make a fairly long fan cable.

Cons: A tad expensive

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Outstanding10/27/2015 1:09:56 AM

Pros: Brightest, sharpest screen I've ever owned. The curve makes more of the screen usable, I don't have to "center" my work so much. A flat 27" wouldn't never work so great there. Very Light, easy to move. Fast response time of 4ms is faster than most flat 27" screens. A Gamer's Must-Have. This is my second purchase of these, this one is for my GF, just in time for Fallout 4.

Cons: It's Big! The speakers aren't such a much, but then I never expected on-board speaks to be worth much anyway.

Overall Review: No dead pixels after 8 or 9 months of ownership

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Awesome!11/25/2014 10:24:26 AM

Pros: Fast, no problems installing Windows. Windows Experience Index = 7.9

Cons: A bit pric-ee

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MEETS the NEED for SPEED!4/15/2014 4:53:10 PM

Pros: Fast, simple, superior connection strength and stability, innovative remote antennae, can utilize all the latest protocols, and the magnetic base on the antennae stand is helpful (and it's got a little bit of weight, so it's not some ounce-and-a-half piece of cheap plastic).

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: Remote antennae cable could be a skooch longer

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3 years of Solid Performance5/13/2013 6:17:29 PM

Pros: Great PSU, great bang-for-the-buck equipment. Although it's not modular, I use all the trees anyway, so I get to bankroll the difference. Small size, quiet fan, single 12v rail with more than enough headroom for my G1.Assassin, i7 930, dual GTX570's and Coolit Freezone Elite, plus fans, fans, and more fans.

Cons: none

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Stopped working6/25/2012 9:34:56 AM

Pros: Worked well for a while, full of features.

Cons: Touchy. When the internet went down, this thing started flashing it's orange WAN light. The internet was restored, but the danmed light keeps blinking. I tried resetting to factory defaults, still flashing. I replaced with another router, on-line in a heartbeat. I went back to the Level One router, bounced the modem, but the flashing wan returned. The router's release/renew doesn't do anything.

Overall Review: Seems like the IP stack in this piece of junk just can't deal with life.

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Manufacturer Response:
This problem can be easily solved by using the clone the MAC address feature in the WBR-6002. Please contact our U.S based technical support at 800-876-8889 between 8AM-5PM Pacific Time Mon-Fri for further assistance. Thank you LevelOne Technical Support
STAY AWAY FROM EVGA6/1/2012 4:36:09 PM

Pros: Good card, bad company

Cons: EVGA HAS CONSISTENTLY REFUSED TO RELEASE A BACKPLATE FOR 570 HD CARDS. WHY??????? At the prices they charge, these cards should all have backplates. It provides strength, cooling, upkeep, and looks way better than the PCB with solder points all over it

Overall Review: I am refusing to buy EVGA ANYTHING until they recognize people who have already purchased. EVGA seems to be concerned ONLY with getting you to buy. Once you buy, THEY DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU. The EVGA website's forums are filled with requests and inquiries regarding this item. Evidently, there is a huge demand for them. People are hiring engineers to have them made by outside vendors, for crying out loud! Does EVGA care? Apparently not. Maybe they will listen if it starts costing them $$$$$$$$.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with the card. We do not make backplates for every card nor do we make any promises to do so. Backplates can make a card look better, however they do not affect performance. You are more than welcome to make your own backplate if you want. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager Matth@evga.com