Cute from the outside BUT Monster from the inside.8/24/2020 4:53:07 AM

Pros: Processor; it's not the best out there when it comes to it, but it's more than enough for me. GPU; it has the full (RTX 2070 Mobile) version, not the max-q, I don't think that there are games that might require more than that in 2020 if you are playing at HD, or even full HD, well, for most games they will be able to run at 2K-4K quality without any FPS issues, but for the hard-core games, you might need to reduce the quality a little bit to HD or Full HD for a better FPS experience. Ram; I like that it's 16 GB ram, I never had issues with the ram so far, always enough for gaming & browsing at the same time. Design; so attractive LED lights that made the laptop standout to me, what's more, it's customizable, everything in it is customizable, I changed the color of certain keyboard keys by myself, I feel that the laptop is totally under my control. Also, the weight of the laptop, which is something I definetly looked at before buying it, as a medical student, I don't want to carry a gaming laptop that weighs 5 KG or 11 pound, this laptop is very light, it suits all my needs perfectly. Screen: Refresh rate; I'm totally getting use of the 144 Hz screen refresh rate, I limit the games FPS to 144 (no need for more) which provides an amazing experience by itself. Also the brightness is something else, this laptop is so bright!!!. Digital Numpad: Oh man, it's just so beautiful & useful. Note: I didn't try so many games, but I played Valorant at maximum graphics, FPS reached about 400 or more (before I limit it).

Cons: 1) Lacks camera 2) Poor battery 3) Needs lots of updates once you receive it. 4) The screen edges can be thinner

Overall Review: Quick Answer: Definitely. I'll be totally honest, I made a huge research before buying this laptop, I'd call it a gaming notebook. There're definitely cheaper and stronger laptops than it, but you should always consider the flagship, it's important, for me, other laptops were stronger and much better, but my country doesn't have a dealer for them; i.e. if anything happens to my laptop, I have to send it back to them (online) to be fixed, which will take months to be done, for me, this laptop is more than enough, their customer service agents might not be the best out there, but they are helpful, they reply even if after a while, I talked to them lots of times asking about different stuff. If you are someone who is looking for a fancy laptop that looks cute from the outside, but monster from the inside, this is the best option for you when its prce is considered.

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