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great refurb3/14/2018 7:08:44 PM

Pros: Identical to the power adapters that came with my pixel xl and xl 2 10 dollars is a steal and it even includes cable.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Tested with USB c current meters. Performs identical to chargers that shipped with my phones.

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Great product7/24/2017 5:02:49 PM

Pros: Is a great cooler.

Cons: Have to use "cam" software to change lighting settings. Software is bloated, prompts you to connect via social media, thankfully you don't have to.

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Not impressed7/30/2015 7:39:04 PM

Pros: Quiet, when it works.

Cons: When using fan controller, motor hums at anything but 5 or 12 volts. Bearing bad after 10 days at low speed use.

Overall Review: Failure after 10 days is a joke. This is supposed to be a nice product. I mean I paid 15 bucks for a dang case fan... And not a big one either... I understood paying the 30 bucks for my 200 mm Cooler Master fan ..

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Great Dedicated PhysX Card7/19/2015 11:14:47 AM

Pros: Great dedicated PhysX card. Never breaks a sweat. Fans, never turn on. This is my helper card to its bigger brother, a Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti. Can't really comment on how it performs as a card in regular use, but I'm sure it would be just fine. This card is probably total overkill for PhysX, but at least I am future proofed. Don't think GPU Z has shown this card going over 9 % usage in my most intense PhysX capable games. I do believe Alice: Madness Returns taxes this more than Hairworks in The Witcher 3.

Cons: None, great card for my use. Never breaks a sweat. Total overkill.

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A MONSTER!!!7/14/2015 6:24:20 PM

Pros: Titan X Performance for $300 dollars less. Overclocks like no card I have ever had before - Running 1500Mhz GPU and 1800 Mhz Memory, no voltage bumps ^_^ That is an incredible OC, with no voltage bump. Quiet, can't hear it above case fans at full load. Tom Raider gets the card the hottest so far at 63 C and Wolfenstein New Order runs cool as a cucumber at 59 tops - Take this with a grain of salt, as this is 1080p at 120 Hz. Not the most taxing display, but still. NO COIL WHINE - Guess I got lucky This card, as expected destroys everything you throw at it... As it should, for the money.

Cons: Low ASIC quality 69.2 % And I can't even say that is a con, really as it is just GPU lottery RNG.

Overall Review: Titan X is a joke. Technically it is more powerful... But really Nvidia just wanted to make the Ti look like a great deal when it came out. This card will run circles around a Titan X right now, with my one click, icy cool overclock. The gigabyte OC software really isn't terrible. Its not clunky like people say... It may not be the prettiest, but it works well, and very easy to use. May not be as feature filled as after burner, but this gets the job done just fine. Will post an updated review after owning the card for an extended period. Though, I don't suspect I will have any issues, as Gigabyte has never let me down yet. All of their products perform amazing, unlike Asus crud that I won't even buy any more.

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Second Review After Owning Longer7/12/2015 10:34:53 AM

Pros: Sound quality is absolutely superb, as I had stated in my initial review. I can't find a single flaw with these headphones, especially for the price tag. Seriously, the depth and sound quality delivered are on par with pairs of headphones several orders of magnitude, more expensive. In the ~$200 range. Awesome product. Mic quality is superb as well.

Cons: Ear cups get warm after prolonged use. Not a big issue by any means, just wish the cups were a little more breathable. But for 40 dollars I can't complain at all.

Overall Review: I'm a seriously lazy person, so I hardly ever write reviews. Yeah, I know... I'm a monster. But for a product to be good enough for me to follow up some time later and write a second review, should speak volumes... Seriously.

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Amazing2/12/2015 4:07:23 PM

Pros: Long life Rechargeable- duh

Cons: None

Overall Review: So my field test is a Logitech G602 Wireless mouse. I charged these batteries on 12-29-2014 (today is 2-12-15) 2x batteries used in mouse 2x batteries on hand as spare All batteries were between 1.38 ~ 1.40 volts freshly charged Batteries in Logitech mouse after 1080 hours runtime (endurance mode) - 1.31 and 1.32 volts 2x batteries in storage- both @ 1.37 volts All around amazing results

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Amazing for the money10/17/2014 12:27:20 PM

Pros: Price! Caught this on sale for $1249.99. The price/performance ratio is stellar. The GPU has handled every tough game I can throw at it, flawlessly, at maxed out settings! These include modern games Like Tomb Raider, and the such. CPU is absolutely amazing, the performance this delivers for a mobile chip is just insane. VERY UPGRADEABLE!!! Can either add a 2nd HDD/SSD or 3x mSATA drives with an available adapter. Plus you can expand up to 32 GB RAM. Will expand more on this, in the, "Other Thoughts" section. This laptop is quick, from the factory. But it could easily be better... which would lead me to the cons section... Matte screen, big plus for me... Less glare... Fan noise is less then expected given the hardware, especially after replacing thermal compound. Pretty quiet running my games at maxed out settings, even after extended periods. Now I'm not saying this is silent, but very acceptable. Noise can hardly be noticed if at all, when game volume is up at a reasonable level to be playing around other people. The LED keyboard is just awesome. I mean I am a nerd and all, but this thing is too dang cool. You can have the lights be up to 3 different colors at once... They can make a "wave"... They can "pulse"... The can do a lightshow to the sound coming from your speakers... Just an awesome, fun touch. Sound is plenty clear, and amazingly loud for a laptop. Pretty impressed.

Cons: 7200 RPM HDD is middle of the road. Its OK, not bad. Laptop felt like it should be much quicker, given the hardware. Screen quality is slightly above average, from what I am used to. But then again I have only ever had low end laptops compared to this unit. To be fair though given the price of the machine the display quality is pretty awesome. I will say the back-lighting on the unit is very even, even when the screen is all black, or very dark. Don't let this be a detractor for you, unless you are looking for absolute top of the line IPS and beyond display quality. In fact I wouldn't even really list the screen as a con per say... just the one weaker piece of hardware that could have been a tid bit better. Then again, this laptop is a bargain given the rest of the specs, so for the price this is a total NON issue. Also, CPU and GPU temps were slightly high... this was remedied by changing thermal paste. Also, shame on you MSI for the sloppy application of thermal compound. Dropped idle temps (21 C room temps) by 6 degrees, from 46 to 40 C. Load temps dropped substantially from 88 to 72 C with prime 95 running. (These are CPU temps) GPU temps dropped about 10 C across the board for almost every game. MUCH BETTER! For those interested I am using Prolimatech PK-1.

Overall Review: I tossed in an extra 4 GB DDR3L memory, which is nice, just to have the extra headroom. Do not forget to use DDR3L memory when upgrading!!! Though the real upgrade here was adding a SSD to this machine. I dropped in a faithful Samsung 830 Pro SSD, and the difference is indesribeable! What a difference!!! This laptop absolutely screams now! So incredibly, blazing fast... its not even funny! I am serious when I say this laptop is not lagging far behind my desktop in terms of speed. It "feels" absolutely every bit as fast as my desktop rig.... And for comparison, I am running: Core i7 4770K OC to 4.5 Ghz 16 GB DDR3 2400 MHZ RAM Samsung 840 Pro SSD 2x ATI HD 7950 Video Cards I can wholeheartedly recommend that any one purchase this laptop, as the performance is just amazing, once an SSD is added into the mix. The price is right, especially when on sale. Buy this guy up, seriously! Oh and one last thing. The laptop is every bit as red as you can see in the photos. But surprisingly, the embossed dragons are not highly noticeable unless you are close to the PC.

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Fantastic.6/24/2014 2:26:37 PM

Pros: Works great, especially for an entry level piece of equipment. Unit is silent, have to hold the tubing to feel the pump working. (Unit made noise for all of 15 seconds when I first plugged it in, but this would probably be due to cavitation of the pump, and once the pump ran for a bit t he air pocket worked its way to the top of the radiator.) Long-ish power cord for the pump. (Longer than the thermaltake at least... Approx 6-7 inches) Radiator came in great shape, no bent fins to speak of. Price to performance ratio is fantastic. Only used this on my video card, but I can tell you that it made a huge difference. Straight from an ATI tech via email, I was told that the 7900 series cards are meant to be able to operate continuously at the 100 celsius mark. My temps or now in the 60s under load, as opposed to the 90s when I had the stock cooler.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Have this unit on my Sapphire HD 7950. I was an early adopter of closed loop coolers fitted on video cards. Ordered a bracket from some guy on the interwebs long before he sold the idea to NZXT. Anyhow, going from a third gen asetek design (Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer) to the fourth gen asetek design (This H55 of course) ... The temps have dropped 8 degrees celsius on load. Went from 74 degrees to 66. IDles 1 degree cooler at 30 celsius. Would like to know which made more of a difference... the redesigned cold plate, or the new pump design.

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Incredible2/2/2014 12:07:22 AM

Pros: Incredibly Fast Memory controller STABLE at 2400 Mhz (2 DIMMS) One click OC to 4.3 Ghz (Haven't tried pushing farther) Overclocking is stupid easy. Performance is so good with initial 20% overclock, that I'm not even going to bother pushing any more until I need it for something.

Cons: Doesn't wake me up with freshly cooked bacon?

Overall Review: Everything on my computer is noticeably faster on my pc with this cpu vs my FX8350. Bought this CPU and a Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H motherboard for MUCH cheaper at a local brick and mortar. Clicked a setting in the BIOS and instantly and overclocked to 4.3 Ghz. Rock stable. Even went and dropped the voltage to 1.26 from 1.36 Volts. I can't believe the difference in performance between one of AMD's flagship CPU's and a top of the line Intel. What a difference! Intel Core i7 4770K @ 4.3 Ghz//Arctic Cooler Freezer 13 Pro Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H 16 GB G Skill Trident X @ 2400 Mhz Sapphire HD 7950 in X-fire with Gigabyte HD 7950 Samsung 840 Pro 120 GB SSD 3x Seagate 1 TB HDD Creative SoundBlaster Zx

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Awesome drive.11/16/2013 6:47:57 AM

Pros: FAST CHEAP RELIABLE I have owned two of these drives for over a year. They are insanely fast for a mechanical drive. Just purchased my third drive.

Cons: None

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Buyer Beware: B STOCK10/9/2013 7:13:44 AM

Pros: Good picture quality. Streams quickly.

Cons: B Stock. Sticker on the bottom of the unit says so. Unit came all scratched up. Does not look refurbished. WIFI is flaky and drops all the time. Seems to me this is a unit that was returned and resold. I don't think it's refurbished. And the b stock sticker confirms this.

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Fantastic7/29/2013 8:03:07 AM

Pros: Charges my Galaxy S4 several times 3-4 times on a single go. Compact Has some heft, not a bad thing, I feel like a battery of this capacity should be kind of hefty, and not feel like it will fail easily. Seems very solid. Though, the unit is not obtrusively heavy. For ts size it is just right.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Added cables and wall charger for the battery pack was a bonus. Have not tried charging via the 1 Amp port yet, though I am sure it will work just fine. 2 Amp port works beautifully for my Galaxy S4 which requires it. Got a great deal on this item when it was a shell shocker. Neither the charger or battery pack get hot when charging itself. Also the unit does not hot when charging another device. In fact it doesn't even get warm. Others stating that they had issues with heat may have had a bad unit. Works just beautifully on my end.

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Flawless3/31/2013 4:44:55 PM

Pros: Works perfectly to get my 3 monitor eyefinity setup going on my Gigabyte 7950. SEE OTHER THOUGHTS!!! Don't get burned like I did. Shame on ATI for releasing flawed tech. No excuse to have such an atrocious and annoying flaw in their high end video cards.


Overall Review: Through no fault of this adapter, but rather a hardware shortfall in the 6000/7000 series cards, you will always experience tearing on at least 1 of your monitors due to not being able to synchronize more than 2 monitors at a time. (If you are using an eyefinity setup, extended desktop display mode is not affected) This is due to the fact that these cards have only 2 mdts chips that can send a clock signal to your monitors on either a DVI or HDMI connection. Displayport connections use packets to transmit the data to the monitor rather than a clocked signal, so being that their is a difference in the way the signals are transmitted it is impossible for all of your monitors to be synced and have no tearing. The only way around this is to buy a Sapphire FLEX series card that has an extra, 3rd, mdts timing chip built into the card. This will allow you to have 3 DVI connections useable out to your monitors. Since all 3 displays have a clock signal the will all be synced properly, and none of your monitors will experience tearing. Had I known this to begin with when I was making my new videocard purchase, I would have b ought the flex right away instead of my gigabyte. Also, obviously, the fact that you can have 3 dvi connections on the flex eliminates the need for a costly active displayport adapter. Soooooooooo, now I am going to purchase a FLEX 7950 and crossfire it with the gigabyte. Use the FLEX as primary and have my displays connected to that, and have the gigabyte in X-fire. Can't wait to have two of these bad mamma jamma cards pushing my games at 6000x1080 resolution.

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Happy =]3/27/2013 6:13:02 PM

Pros: Vivid Colors. Great crisp picture.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Superb as are my other two Asus monitors. Now I have my Eyefinity display setup. Woot, three monitors!

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Awesome.3/24/2013 5:30:08 PM

Pros: Fits like a glove in my Lenovo Z575 Ideapad. Was even able to use the faceplate off of the Lenovo Optical Drive to make it look factory. No decrease in performance of the HDD installed in the bay. Have a Samsung 830 SSD installed in the laptops only HDD bay. Thing flies! (Especially with the upgraded APU and RAM I installed =D)

Cons: None.

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BLAZING FAST1/12/2013 10:20:34 AM

Pros: Samsung's Tri-core controller rocks. STABLE! FAST! Even better than my 60 GB 830 Series Drive. Loved that so much, I bought the 840 Pro 120, and am using the 60 for my Virtual machine.

Cons: Absolutely none. Don't even think about using a drive with a Sandforce controller. SANDFORCE IS GARBAGE.

Overall Review: My 830 series drive has been amazing since the day I bought it. And I expect no less from the 840. Samsung drives are the way to go for reliability. Never used an Intel drive, so I can't comment. All I know, is these Samsung drives will NOT let you down. Also, my 830 is almost 2 years old now, and is just as fast as the day I purchased it. Keep in mind that is WITHOUT EVER over-provisioning the drive.

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FANTASTIC12/9/2012 1:56:48 PM

Pros: Cables are of amazing build quality. No humanly possible way that these cables could be of any higher quality for their price. Purchase these cables for 4.92 a piece a year ago. Was so happy with them I ordered 5 more just as extras. Was even willing to pay more for them too, at their current price of 6.50! Excellent picture quality, VERY sturdy, nice heavy gauge. Gold plated connecters. WIN//WIN

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: If you need to run these cables around tight bends, just be aware that they are quite thick. A thinner gauge wire might be more suitable, but realistically, I could never even see this as being a problem.

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Pretty Good Deal11/28/2012 6:08:46 PM

Pros: True 240 Hz refresh rate, boosted to 480 Hz with SPS technology. Extremely clear, and vivid picture for an LCD. (LED lit) Colors are almost as vibrant as the Plasma it replaced, but in no way are the colors lacking, or sub par. 3D. Found the active 3D glasses for cheap at c o m p u s a. Seriously, the TV's have superb picture quality.

Cons: Packaging was pretty bad. Remotes were just laying in the bottom of the box. TV's had a fair amount of cosmetic blemishes. Nothing too noticeable, just scuffs. I blame it on the poor packaging. One remote came broken. Contacted Vizio, and they refused to honor the 90 day warranty. They said that the serial number I gave them for each TV was not listed as being sold by newegg, so my proof of purchase meant nothing to them. Shame on you Vizio, I clearly bought your product from a legitimate retailer.

Overall Review: Newegg, happily sent me two new remotes! Turn off the SMART dimming option in the menu! Picture looks like crud until you do so!

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Pros: For the price I payed at the time, I received a decent deal... or So I thought. Decent picture.

Cons: Light bleeding, at bottom and top edges, it is MINIMAL though. Ordered 2 of these monitors. Even with settings on them being exactly the same, one is darker than the toher, and a slightly different hue... One of the monitors started acting up about 2 months after purchase. Monitor would only turn on when it felt like it. (This was the monitor with darker image) Monitor died completely 2 months after... Leading to an RMA with Asus.

Overall Review: FORGET ASUS!!! I had to email 3 times to receive an RMA number. Took one week to receive the number.... Was told that Asus would pay to ship the monitor BOTH ways for RMA. Took Asus another 23 days to send me a shipping label to return the monitor for RMA... AND THIS WAS AFTER FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL TO GET THEM TO DO SO. I was told by a support tech that Asus doesn't pay to ship both ways, even though the initial email had clearly stated so. I only received the shipping label after several complaint emails to their so called "Escalation support email." I have never been treated like this by any company. The RMA process was a total nightmare... and it isn't even over yet. Just dropped off the package at Fedex, who knows how long until I get my monitor back, or if it works... I guess to sum everything up... AFTER THE WAY I WAS TREATED BY ASUS, AND THEIR COMPLETE LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ASUS PRODUCT. NEVER AGAIN!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I’m very sorry about your experience. If you specify us you want ASUS rapid replacement, instead of regular RMA, we would’ve covered the optional two-way cross shipment of your product during warranty service. This option is given to customers in the U.S. and Canada only and depending on stock availability. If you’d like to discuss this further please contact me at and include ref#1072-5356 in the subject line. You may also email me your RMA# so that I can check its status for you. Sincerely, Celeste ASUS Customer Loyalty
Should have known better9/27/2012 7:14:57 PM

Pros: True Dolby Digital Encoded output to my Pioneer receiver.

Cons: Horsesh*t, and i do mean HORSESH*T driver support. Drivers haven't been updated by Creative in over 2 years. Incompatible with Microsoft Silverlight (Netflix) in certain modes, throws error N8157-3412 (Also depending on mode N8157-3411 or N8517-3410) Windows didn't even recognize the sound card when I booted the PC after installing it. What the f*ck, Creative, this card was released a few years ago, no PLUG AND PLAY support??? This isn't 1998... Despite installing the Creative drivers either off the provided disc, or off their website, Device Manager still shows drivers published by Microsoft. -_-

Overall Review: Even at the low refurbished price of $45 dollars, I still feel cheated, thanks Creative. Never again, Next card will either be HT Omega or an Asus Xonar. 3 eggs only for the fact that the sound quality is a few notches better than my motherboards (Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3) on-board audio... sadly not that much better. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR PURCHASE TO ANY ONE

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AMAZING DEAL7/1/2012 5:14:20 PM

Pros: -Quad Core APU -Crossfire Graphics -500 GB HDD (Big for price range) -1 GB GDDR3 6650M DEDICATED Graphics -6 GB DDR3 -Plays Diablo 3 very well, and I'm sure it will play most other modern games well too, have not tried yet... I have a bit of an addiction to this game....

Cons: None, fore the price. My ONLY complaint about this laptop is the 5400 RPM HDD, but I knew this going in, and I have replaced it with a 7200 RPM model of equivalent size.

Overall Review: This laptop does everything I wanted it to do, and more. Has far exceeded my expectations. Very impressed with the APU in this machine. It obviously isn't as snappy as my 4.0 Ghz Phenom II x6, but has way more pep than i thought it would. I have also used K10Stat to undervolt this APU, very successfully. Stock voltages were WAY high for what speeds were set by cool and quiet. My APU now uses less voltage at full load then it did at idle before. Over all, on average, I have lowered the voltage for each P-state of this APU by .3 volts. That is huge. That is about 30% voltage reduction. This led me to gain about 1 hour on my battery life. I also managed to lower temps by 20 degrees celsius full load by undervolting. Full load I don't go over 65 celsius vs 85 before. Chip has great overclocking potential, but I didn't bother as I thought the undervolt would serve more useful than the overclock. I have a full blown gaming rig overclocked to high hell, so I opted for better battery life.

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Great!6/14/2012 7:47:29 PM

Pros: Works very well, just as accurate as some very expensive Fluke units that I have used, when operated properly. The emissivity is not adjustable on this unit, so when measuring something shiny, such as a copper line, or other metals, be sure to put a piece of electrical tape over it to ensure a proper reading. For 17.99 (shell shocker price) I'm sure not going to complain.

Cons: Nothing at all.

Overall Review: Not sure how durable this will be compared to a Fluke, but I can't complain for the price. Extremely handy for me at work. (HVAC Technician)

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Fantastic6/14/2012 7:41:40 PM

Pros: Incredible Range Chocked Full of features Fast! Locked in at 300/300 Mbps which is the max my wifi card is capable of. Full bars, obviously. My old router was not even capable of producing a signal through two walls and 25 feet away on my back porch. Now I have full bars half way down my block on my phone and laptop... Ridiculous I know but I had to put this thing to the test. And this is with WPA Encryption enabled. THE RANGE ON THIS ROUTER IS INCREDULOUS Router has been rock solid without ever having to power cycle.

Cons: Asus EZ Print Utility doesnt work worth a crud, but that's OK because this router is capable of sharing the printer via LPR, and their are easy to follow instructions on Asus website. Here is the link

Overall Review: Pricey, but well worth it. I finally have reliable and fast wifi. Unit runs warm, but not hot like my other routers have... Can't fry my eggs on this in the morning for my breakfast =/ My results on my 30 MBps connection went up from 32 to 36 MBps after using the Dark Knight.

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Great for the price.1/11/2012 8:06:05 AM

Pros: Absolutely amazing TV for the money. Got this exact model on sale at Worst Buy, a week before black friday. (199.99) Does everything a TV in this price range should. People writing horrible reviews on this tv, well. You get what you pay for.

Cons: None, does everything great for the price.

Overall Review: This is a great buy for a budget minded upgrade. However, if you are looking to be wowed, and have the money to spend... go with something more expensive.

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