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"Beta" release, at best.2/2/2009 9:51:46 PM

Pros: Best level editor I've used. Nice graphics. Potentially fun (and I stress POTENTIALLY)

Cons: Un-finished product. BADLY supported. REQUIRES connect to UBI-Soft host, which goes down constantly. Forget trying to host a game, unless you have your own internet portal, or BUY server time from a company.

Overall Review: This is the game that COULD have been. There are countless problems with multi-player issues, and despite the great level editor, one can't actually PLAY levels with their friends due to the incomplete and unsuported product. Darn shame. Thinking of buying this? Contact UBI-SOFT FIRST, ask them if they intend to repair multi-player problems, and base your purchase decision on their answer. Given the "beta" status of this game, I was generous with 3 stars, on the off-chance that they might yet complete programming and begin supporting their product.

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Bingo. You found it.1/22/2009 6:58:26 AM

Pros: Bottom Line: If you're looking at these, you're obviously not looking for "AudioPhile" gear, so my gut instinct is to tell you that you've hit the nail on the head. This set performance is a couple notches beyond my expectations. For the price, this is pretty much a perfect 5.1 system for the PC, as an all-around PC Gaming, Music, and Movie-watching platform. I spent more than this on my headphones, for Pete sake. The looks are pleasingly subdued in black / charcoal grey with sturdy grilles. The mounting system while simple, is sturdy and versatile as both wall and desk top options. The center-channel top monitor "clip" is a smart design, quick, sturdy, adjustable or just set it on the desk below the monitor, it works fine either in front of or behind the screen if you want it out of sight. The set is pre-wired for a small (typical PC desk) set-up, with sufficient wire length for that application. Everything is color-coded making proper set-up idiot proof. Sound is su

Cons: Cons: This is just nit-picking, really. The rear speaker wires may be short if you want to ceiling-mount them and be able to hide the wires effectively. They are standard RCA plugs. No big deal to add the length you need. The wired remote feels very sturdy, but is very light. It could have been weighted so it would more easily stay put. As others have stated, the sub driver is NOT protected in any way, so watch your fingers while you're handling the unit, or you'll put a finger right through the driver. If you're looking for bone-jarring, blow-the-windows-out performance, you better check your budget, and plan on spending about 3x this much.

Overall Review: Other Thoughts: As with any speaker system, regardless of budget, the performance will vary enormously depending on your installation. You will get the most out of this system if you read a little bit about proper 5.1 set-up, and take the time to get your speaker locations and sound adjustments really dialed-in. This set can perform well enough to be deserving of a carefully tuned installation, and you'll be rewarded for taking extra time to do so. Optimizing sound for sitting at a desk in front of a monitor is far different from standing 15 feet away. So what may sound perfect while playing a game, will NOT sound the same while you're say, listening go MP3's while working elsewhere in a large room. Small drivers are directional, bass is not, you need to keep that in mind while setting things up.

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How many opinions does one need?11/24/2008 9:17:35 PM

Pros: I have owned this venerable work-horse since they first came out. Logitech really nailed this one, on every mark. Weight, balance, materials, durability, accuracy, ergonomics, texture, even looks. Ba-da bing. I am HARD on input devices. It only recently dawned on me that I'm STILL using this same old mouse. Need to get a couple more before some MBA wizard at Logitech decides to retire the design. I have great contempt for many computer-related products, as they seldom seem to meet expectations, much less their advertising hype. Not so in this case. I've been a NewEgg shopper for a very long time, but this is the first time I've been motivated enough about a product to give it a public nod, via this testimonial.

Cons: Cons? There are no cons here. It's a superior product in every category at a terrifc price. Get TWO and stash one away for emergency.

Overall Review: Mousing is a very personal and subjective thing, so keep that in mind. For years, I never thought much about mice. Grab one, use it, throw it away, get another one. So what. Now, the thought of being WITHOUT this particular mouse actually has me nervous. Using a standard, commonly found big-name mouses (mice?) at work is a frustrating and annoying experience compared to the splendidly comfortable precision of my MX-518. One word of caution: If you take it apart for a good cleaning, I suggest you pay close attention. It's not difficult, but if you get lost in the process you'll be in for an interesting hour or so trying to re-orient the parts. Happy Mousing!

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No need to hesitate. Best features and quality for the $$.6/23/2004 2:46:52 PM

Comments: Got my A80 here at NewEgg some time ago. It is used commercially on a daily basis. Added a fish-eye lens for some special FX fun this week, just for kicks. Huge Plusses: Battery Life is OUTSTANDING! Two custom modes hold specialized setting. Big time saver. Size / Weight just fine, some say it's heavy. Controls very good. Image quality: better than expected. Macro-Mode: Fantastic! Results will astound you. Wish List: Remote. I need a remote. Not available for A80 Screen kind of small, that's the trade-off for swivel screen. Screen is dark for outside shooting, but I don't use the screen outside. Use it like any point-and-shoot through viewfinder. Over all, I am exceptionally pleased. You will be too. (and of course, NewEgg service is outstanding, as always.)

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