Very Solid Motherboard1/10/2021 2:15:53 PM

Pros: - Unlike Razer Mice and maybe some other peripherals, using Windows Update won't suddenly make Razer's bloatware appear if you have automatic driver installs added. I thought this was great and worried it would try to do this due to their partnership with Razer. - Killer LAN bloat doesn't seem to install as well, despite installing the driver? - I'm probably the only person on the planet that cares about this, but drivers are very simple / few for this board, coming from many different Intel motherboards. This makes for easy clean installs. In general, I've found this to be true for ASRock mobos. - Once again, probably the only one that cares about this, but I like that booting with this mobo won't show the brand's logo if you configure it. Some boards I've had, like an MSI one would show their logo on Windows boot which I didn't like, even if I turned off the corresponding BIOS setting. - Lots of USB ports are nice. - Had no issue using the curve optimizer / PBO with my 5950X. I've applied a -10 to all core but mayyybe could do -20ish stable? I had issues -25 and above, despite the fact Windows would boot and everything - I would just get random crashes. I'd probably do better doing per-core, I'm just lazy. - Three M.2 is very nice and fast! No issues with my 3 980's. I think there's also MSI / Gigabyte which will do this as well, but unfortunately these required some extra drivers for LAN and stuff which pushed me away. - I've seen complaints about other boards setting high wattages for the CPU by default, it doesn't seem to do that here for me.

Cons: - I did praise the default wattages, but it seems you can lower the auto VSOC / VDDP/ VDDG quite a bit - it was setting around >1V for me but even with tweaked XMP, I'm able to set those to 0.88 / 0.84 / 0.82 comfortably. Not sure if this is a common thing, not really a con since it runs stable still! - Seems to be a limitation of Ryzen in general, but I have 4x16GB 3600mhz GSkill 14-15-15-35 sticks which quantifies to 16 or 8 rank of RAM (can't remember which number) which the CPU or Mobo just can't handle. I can't just apply XMP and go. To get it to POST, I *have* to change tCL to at least 23 to be stable, but all other settings I can keep stock from XMP which is cool. I can even lower tRDRDSCL tWRWRSCL to 2, tRFC1 to ~200ish and it appears stable. Just using XMP might be fixed with a future BIOS update, I'm just not sure if this is a limitation of the mobo or not. - Chipset fan. At times, the chipset fan will ramp up randomly for like 1 second then stop? This thankfully appears to have been resolved by their most recent BIOS update 1.33 with the silent fan profile, but I'm on the lookout. It also could've been the fact I swapped out my CPU cooler with a different AIO, but I'm not sure - I'm pretty sure it was the chipset fan.

Overall Review: Absolutely recommend the board. Very solid, what few issues I have might be fixed with BIOS updates (one of them seems to have already).

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Does whatever I want, annoying pump noise3/27/2019 8:47:00 AM

Pros: - Plays and does whatever I want - Runs cool.

Cons: - I have an open air case, and the pump has a noise to it that is the only audible thing on my computer when I turn it on. It's a constant whir. It's a little annoying but the sound is washed out if there's any sound playing on my speakers.

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