Very good but not great4/11/2020 6:09:51 AM

Pros: + Cool LED patterns built in w/o need to install any software + Nice padded wrist rest - and I consider the 'detachment' from the keyboard a feature! + Compact size + Solid construction and robust cables

Cons: + Doesn't lay perfectly flat - shimmed it with pad of postit notes to prevent minor rocking + Space bar 'feel' isn't to my liking - Wish the top front edge edge of key was rounder as thumb tends to lay on the square edge - Bottom front edge of key is 'sharp' and raised well off the body, so thumb tends to rub it frequently. - Doesn't have same 'solid' feel as other keys (not unusual for space bars)

Overall Review: Overall it's a very good keyboard, and I believe it's going to give me years of service. I've used Logitech mice and keyboards and for decades and always been happy with their designs and most importantly reliability of their products. I have mixed feelings on the Romer keys, but honestly don't have other keyboards to make a fair comparison. This is also my first 'linear' keyboard - wondering if I'd been happier with tactile. I love newegg and shopping online, but I do wish I'd gone to local stores so I could try out a number of mechanical keyboards before making the purchase - not sure in a side by side typing test, I would have chosen this keyboard or key style over some of the others on the market.

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Working great with my new 27" 1440 monitor2/5/2017 9:35:33 AM

Pros: - Works as advertised - the 1070 is good option for 1440 gaming - Purchased EVGA cards in past, so far all of them have worked well for me.

Cons: - Have to keep the box for returns otherwise they don't stand behind warranty - lame. - Would have preferred the standard clocked part, however, the factory overclock was cheaper. - Spent too long trying to understand the 10 different models of EVGA 1070 cards -- that's right 10 models for 1 chip!

Overall Review: Best way to understand all these models is the EVGA web site - they have a table that shows all the differences.

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Good value at current $350 price2/5/2017 9:18:06 AM

Pros: Good value at $350 for a 2560x1440 display, keep in mind it's a no-frills model - no USB, stand limited to tilt, no height or rotation options. Good looking display thanks to the IPS panel with matte finish. Loving the larger size and increased resolution over my previous 24 inch display. It does display 2560x1440 on all the inputs, DVI, HDMI, and DP. Confirmed works properly at full resolution on all 3 inputs with PC using new Nvidia 1070 Gfx and DP & HDMI on Macbook Pro 2015 Included DVI-D and DP cables in the box - which was cool because all the DVI cables I had previously were not dual link.

Cons: Wish it had additional 2nd Display Port input to make sharing between computers easier - making do with 1 system connected via DP and 2nd via HDMI, but for $ savings, I can live with this and the limited stand. Wasn't worth $100's to get a 2nd input. I don't care about the speaker, but it's got really small sound and was initially confused as to how the analog input is suppose to work. Expected I could plug in analog input (from my Phone) and playback music when monitor wasn't doing anything else -- well NO. The speaker is tied to the input; the analog in is ONLY used when using the DVI port. When connected to HDMI or DP input, the speaker ignores the analog input and plays sound that comes in from the DP/HDMI channel. If computer is off, speaker does nothing. Not a big deal, but wanted to share with others as I originally though the speaker was defective.

Overall Review: There was confusion from customers and even a note from acer customer service that the display did not work at full resolution on all inputs. I even took the time to D/L the Acer documentation for the monitor and it didn't cover this level of detail in the specifications. I don't like ordering a product where I"m having to 'guess' what the specifications are and was especially confused by an inaccurate statement from the company. But happy in the end and I'm happy with the product but having to endure this uncertainly and the confusion on the speaker is why it's 4 rather than 5 eggs. Better specs and docs would have gotten 5 eggs as the display itself for what I need is great!

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Not fully compatible with Win 75/14/2013 9:09:49 PM

Pros: Large capacity, USB 3.0 so it's fast, and inexpensive. NewEgg was reasonable about the return, although I had to call to eliminate the restocking charge that's added by default with the web based RMA request.

Cons: Worked great with windows 8, had no issues with general mounting and moving files around with windows 7 (or even XP). Problem came when trying to use it as a target for windows 7 system image backup. The backup fails with error 0x8007045D. After some searching and ruling out filesystem corruption, I found out that Windows image backup cannot tolerate the 4K sectors (See MS KB: From what I can tell this drive has native 4K physical and logical sectors and that isn't supported on Windows 7.

Overall Review: I didn't spend anytime playing with the seagate software, since I'm using this for windows image backup, that software isn't going to be there on the recovery CD, so it's just asking for trouble. However, I does appear seagate has a nice backup program (based on Acronis), but I wanted to stick with the standard Windows tools. For trouble free operation, I'm going to stick with HDDs < 2.2 TB and verify with the vendor that the drive doesn't have 4 K sectors.

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