FastAF Boy11/19/2020 2:38:02 PM

Pros: - Fast - Cool

Cons: - Not hitting 7000MB/s, only 6,500MB/s on my X570, 3950X

Overall Review: Great m.2, you'll definitely need a cooling shield or aftermarket heat dissipator to keep temps down so you can enjoy it for an extra week before it dies in 20 years.

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The Best. Well. One of the best CPUs11/19/2020 2:36:00 PM

Pros: - 16 cores - I can play Dota and AC Odyssey in the same time with only utilizing <=20% CPU usage - Easy to cool with CL or OL water coolers. - Can easily handle slow x264 preset in OBS. No need to record, just VOD it

Cons: - I bought it before Ryzen 5000 was announced and now its hard to sell because the 5600X is better at gaming. OMEGALUL Pepega me.

Overall Review: Great workstation, streaming and gaming CPU. Editing my 22yo wife's OnlyFans is now way easier. Production time less than 50%

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The one and only Zen2/Zen3 motherboard you'll ever need.11/19/2020 2:32:23 PM

Pros: - Amazing BIOS - Great feature such as ClearCMOS, BIOS-Flash, LN2 - The best VRM in the market. Can handle my 3950X easily. - Perfect for 5900X and 5950X to build 'PC2'

Cons: - Shares the same godlike VRM with the most affordable ASUS X570: TUF. - Actually no point in me getting this one but the RGB is nice. - Useless small screw for M.2; you're going to have someone hold M.2 down while youre screwing in the shield

Overall Review: Great motherboard. Will suggest for 3950X and 5000 series and up.

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Works with Zen211/19/2020 2:09:37 PM

Pros: - Can handle 24/7 1.45V at casL of 14-14-14-31 at 3600MHz OC - RAM profiles are easily accessible with Asus X570 motherboards

Cons: - Not a con. But a warning. If you do select OC daily presets on your ASUS X570 motherboard and wants to use XMP or revert back; make sure to clear CMOS.

Overall Review: Amazing product. Samsung B-DIE according to Typhoon. Can handle 1.45V daily nonstop without exceeding 45 Celsius. A must buy if you want that silver simple aesthetic.

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