DISCLAIMER: I don't overclock RAM9/4/2011 11:20:15 AM

Pros: Flawless, passed Windows Memory Diagnostics, even got rid of a problem I had (see other thoughts). Also, as expected, this RAM fits just fine with my Cooler Master Hyper212+ (important since the fourth slot is halfway underneath the fan, which is pushing air between the plates instead of pulling).

Cons: I can't comb my hair with these. :)

Overall Review: I don't know for sure why I had this problem, but with my older RAM kit I would randomly have a messed up boot splash that made the right half of the picture have an extremely slanted look. If I didn't reset the PC until the problem disappeared, then the video output will continue being distorted until the GPU starts drawing the image. No other problems have ever stemmed from whatever the cause had been. The old memory kit always passed tests, so I suspect my motherboard is the root of the problem. I have not had a single bad boot with this newer set (ordered two kits instead of one). The older RAM used the highest voltage that the mobo could safely put out anyway, so maybe that played a part in the former issue. Final Other Thoughts: You don't need the pretty looks, nor the lower voltage, but if you want something a little extra for your RAM and you have the extra money to surpass the XMS3 line, I see no reason to tell you why you shouldn't buy any of these kits. It's your mo

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Works Exactly as the Reviewers Said10/29/2010 5:10:16 PM

Pros: The title says it all. The display quality looks great and I have not seen any ghosting at all! This is expected if you've read a single review on this monitor.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: You should know this monitor doesn't have any height adjustment or tilt, and only one DVI input. Still, this monitor is absolutely perfect for what it is. If you want a 120Hz monitor, THEN YOU NEED THIS MONITOR! :D

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5/17/2010 6:37:50 PM

Pros: I don't know what to say, except this case is awesome!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: If you've never bought a case before, be sure you're not going bigger than what you would find necessary. I, however love having the room to work with and fit a large GPU (Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD5870 2GB), plus everything cools well. You could tell that this case is built to last and serve throughout your biggest PC building projects. This case might not be suitable for LAN partiers who would like to take their PC different places.

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Like they said, Perfect for i7!5/17/2010 6:26:14 PM

Pros: It works perfectly. I got my money's worth.

Cons: None whatsoever.

Overall Review: I don't know what they mean about the clock speeds being assigned the moment they were put in, unless they mean that the XMP profile for 1600MHz works flawlessly. Of course you have to select it in the BIOS menu, which is a no-brainer (and I'm a first time PC builder). If you have an i7 processor and would rather have fewer read/writes (less wear and tear) on your HDD than having a few extra MHz and the worry of whether or not you could fit the cooling fans with your other hardware, eight gigabytes isn't a bad trade off. Maybe there are RAM kits above 1600MHz that don't require special cooling for i7 CPUs, but I'm not the person to ask anyway.

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HX is Better than TX5/17/2010 6:09:29 PM

Pros: Works well.

Cons: A $40 difference between the TX and HX versions makes me want to do a facepalm. I have this PSU in a Corsair 800D case and the cabless I don't need make massive clutter.I worry about the back panel when I try to neatly set some of the cords in the back because they push against it and make it bulge slightly. I'm no pro at cable management, but I tried my best to make sure they were flat inside the back area. The rest of the cables lie in the bottom of the case below a fan.

Overall Review: Get an HX version of a Corsair PSU. You'll be happier.

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Should Have Included RAID5/17/2010 5:56:43 PM

Pros: It's quiet, loads fast. No problems so far.

Cons: I bought two of these only to find out it doesn't support RAID. Waste. Of. Money.

Overall Review: If you have a motherboard with a RAID controller and can afford two decent HDDs or SDDs, this is not the way to go. I only went as low as four eggs because I should have known better about selecting drives for RAID anyway, but this went into the first PC I ever built, and I wonder how many people automatically assumed it had RAID support inside. Still, it seems to do its job well as a non-RAID HDD. Do your research if you can, or learn the hard (cash) way.

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