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Not worth it7/1/2015 9:45:37 PM

Pros: The earphones come in a very nice packaging, everything looks really clean, they've completely nailed the aesthetics down.

Cons: Pioneer has made a few good earphones in the past. This isn't my first one by them, but its by far the worst one I've gotten. For starters, the backside of the earpiece is very bulky, normally this wouldn't be a problem but even when walking, each time you take a step, the weight of the earphone causes it to bounce in your ear, making it very uncomfortable and causing the sound to fluctuate in your ear. Secondly, the sound quality is also very poor. I've had $20 earphones that sound better than this. The bass is almost nonexistent and the music is not very clear. Lastly, the build in some parts of the earphones feels very weak, not as solid as I thought it would be. The earpiece is good but the mic area feels flimsy, as if it would break if thrown under a little bit of pressure.

Overall Review: The earphones look nice and don't feel too bad in the ear, took a little bit of getting used to tho. I'm a huge music listener. I listen to music everywhere I go, so having good quality is something i look for. The sound quality itself is decent, but it's most definitely not worth $75, you could probably find better from a different pair. Hope this helps!

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