New Eggs customer service rise above others2/19/2017 9:49:43 AM

Pros: The Price ....Perfect size for the mini atx boards. nice airflow and keeps the am1 cpu's really cool 12-16c

Cons: As others have said my case was also delivered in a box that had no visual damage on the outside but the case itself was bent pretty bad(smashed) in the back where the io shield is installed.. also the screws came out of the little plastic baggie they came in and were all over inside the case

Overall Review: I had bought this back in Nov of 2016. I did open and look at it and it seemed it was ok. I didn't get the chance to install the motherboard till Jan of 2017 this is when I found out it was smashed in the back as I went to install the io shield... I was kind of upset and called New Egg and the nice young lady that I talked to was awesome as she told me that it was still under warranty because I had purchased it during the holidays in which New Egg has a 90 day warranty instead of the 30 day... Because it was at such and awesome price I didn't need to ship the old one back and that they would ship me a new one at no cost to me ( the reason for the 5 stars)

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Nice board for an entertaianment center2/20/2016 11:26:13 AM

Pros: Runs super with 25w and cool in AZ abeyant temp 80f its running 15c-20c under a load. HDMI, mini pci slot. loaded with G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL7D-4GBXH of ram with timings set at 7-7-7-14. I went with the 5150 AM1 1.6 quad core cpu

Cons: not a con because almost all only have 2 sata ports

Overall Review: No problems with the 2 I have bought. just make sure when you get a case it fits most of the mini atx cases choke off the fan to the cpu or the ram is to tall. best to be on the safe side and get a reg case for it and it will stay awesomely cool

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Fast shipping @ a great price2/18/2016 11:59:36 AM

Pros: these AM1 CPU'S make an awesome entertainment box for movies and music still plays lots of older games haven tried it for the newer games. At 25w it runs super cool even here in the desert of AZ(abeyant temp of 75 they run around 15c-20c with stock cooler)

Cons: not any for what I am using it for :)

Overall Review: the comp that sold this came in on time with great packaging

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Not to bad12/9/2015 11:06:35 AM

Pros: smooth, super speed, LED, weighted. very nice mechanical feel on the buttons.. Software has everything you need then some and is easy to navigate and install.

Cons: Not really a con but it doesn't come with a driver disk or at least mine didn't. You need to go to the Rosewill website to get the drivers and software.

Overall Review: The software has a large selection of different colors for your LEDs and choices to turn them off or make them solid and not blink make them brighter or dimmer .Seems to be a well built mouse that will hopefully last. I will leave another review when and if it dies. Thank you Newegg for the fast shipping.

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Nice12/7/2015 1:01:43 PM

Pros: The Keyboard has a nice mechanical feel, reminds me of the old school dells. The Soft Blue LED adds a great touch. Its heavy much heavier then my G15 that died. The Mouse feels really nice in my hand the buttons on it have a great spring to them and the middle button has a smooth roll.

Cons: not so much of a con but the mouse seems a little light to me as I have always weighted mine down.

Overall Review: I haven't bought a keyboard in a few years and I am glad I went with this mechanical one you wont regret you did and on this purchase the price is more then fair!

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no problems9/11/2014 8:32:08 AM

Pros: works fine, no issues at all, super fast shipping. made a nice work station,

Cons: none

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just what I needed8/8/2014 10:02:45 PM

Pros: LONG, clips are easy to add and remove I ordered 6 and all work as stated thanks.

Cons: My be to long for a mini but I use a monster server case and they were perfect.

Overall Review: gigabyte 990FX UD7 8650 @ 4.5 sable 24/7 32GB running @1600 AMD 2GB 6950 with bios switch( but I never upgraded the other bios) Kingston v300, 3tb Seagate, 2seagate 1tb un Raid 900 ps 2dvd and with plenty of room inside a lain li Super server case

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I find something that isnt entry level thanks7/15/2014 8:11:37 AM

Pros: boots fast and holds win7 OS with updates and patches.

Cons: not impressed! first ssd not impressed at all!! reinstalled into wifes comp after testing and benching,but I'm not going to let this from trying others. but not at an entry level (never heard of such a thing) being an entry price I can understand but performance you lost me. That's like having a corvette with a 1L 3 cyl. engine, sure it looks fast and goes down the road but that's not what I bought!!!

Overall Review: I have been doing this for a long time. look at the all the responds and do a little more research before making a final purchase, Also if this an entry level It should be mentioned in your specs, details or somewhere not on a tech saying, SO THAT NON-ENTRY LEVEL BUYERS WILL NOT BE BUYING THEN TOLD AFTER THE FACT, or buy @ all.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support. We apologize for the misunderstanding of the V300 drive. The V300 is advertised as an economical upgrade from a HDD while our fastest SSD offering is our HyperX 3K SSD. We are here to help and can troubleshoot with you if the V300 is not performing to its specifications, fully detailed here: . For any further assistance, please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Thank you for choosing Kingston.
Great processor7/1/2014 4:35:28 AM

Pros: Run supper cool 6c-9c and only using 25w, Quad Core easy install

Cons: not really a con but the fan was a little tricky to install but works awesome for this CPU

Overall Review: keep up the good work AMD

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Aweful place for a PS6/16/2014 12:58:22 PM

Pros: Kinda works

Cons: AS Anonymous said "Generic Power supply - The power supply sits directly above the CPU fan. In my case I purchased the AMD A8 Black edition. The PSU sat directly on top (touching) the CPU fan, so the machine would get hot immediately and shut down. Have to RMA for a larger case" as he said I got this case with an ASRock and the A-10 3850 in a combo deal and temps went to 55c real fast before I got to even think about installing the OS(I always go to the bios in a first boot to check temps , loads, and voltage settings) I cooled off the mb and cpu with a big fan before shutting down. I recently bought and set up similar to this except the case was the TOPOWER TP-1687BB-300 Black SECC 0.8mm MicroATX Desktop Computer Case 300W SFX Power Supply and that case works like a charm cpu temps never went above 15c even when the OS was being loaded IDLES at 6c-9c Because its not being choked out by the power supply covering the cpu's I mean there is maybe 3-4cm if that and the power supply is pulling hot air out and the cpu fan is choked off and being pushed and pulled at the wrong place THE CPU. ALONG with the cheap metal used in its flimsy design I would not recommend this case for any build..

Overall Review: save your $$$$$$

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Find a better ONE PS is junk4/6/2014 12:20:21 PM

Pros: holds parts. the usb and headphone jacks are in a good place and easy to get to.. At the time I bought it the price was almost worth it.

Cons: Power supply is not for a mid to a high end comp.. so If you plan on this for a high end build don't waste your time or money.. PS died after a week( price to send it back was more then what I paid for it in the first place.) with an older Asus am2 board it went pooof.

Overall Review: This is by no way worth the price, I bought this for Twenty-four dollars with free shipping.. for 200 is just nuts even at 80+ Its not worth it... I would not recommend this to anyone for that price 80+(20-25) is all its really worth if that.

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Not 2 bad1/30/2014 3:34:28 PM

Pros: Great price super fast shipping Well built, the front plug ins and pw button are decent and work ok. Double boxed was a huge + . All the resets and screws that I needed were included. also has the pw cord:) PS works fine for an average biostar amd 3 set up with low power consumption.

Cons: NA

Overall Review: I have received many boxes from Newegg and they really come thru.

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very decent11/1/2013 7:23:19 PM

Pros: low price, fast cool.

Cons: NA

Overall Review: on a GIGABYTE 990fx was able to OC to 4.5 on air cool cheak it out with 990 review with out upping the voltage on the cpu and ram. smooth and stable. will upgrade in the next year to see if it going to make much of a diff;

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2 years and still going strong10/31/2013 10:48:53 AM

Pros: Bought 11/9/2011 North and south bridges run cool (even here in AZ). Lots of features and plug ins, BIOS with every fine tuning, voltage setting needed. Ran right out of the box no issues even until today still runs great. I will be upgrading my cpu here in a couple weeks to the 8350 or 9590

Cons: None that I can think of or have had. No issues with the 32 GB of Ram overclocked

Overall Review: GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD7 gigabyte web-sight chipset drivers AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) (OC to 4.5 on air :) I had to get this CPU because everytime the 8350 came in order was gone before I could buy LOL but still happy with this one It plays everthing I throw at it all battlefields, all cod's, (I used an older opteron socket HS because It has a copper heat plate & pipes) I also used a cpu fan from an older socket A( Thernaltake K7 Volcano 11+ CPU Cooler) with an adjustable manual fan speed control: up to 4800 rpm keeps cpu a cool 18c-24c idle 30c-34c under a load not OCed, OC=34c-38c 4.5GHZ is about all I can get whithout messing with the voltages and being stable under heavy load. My video card SAPPHIRE 100312-3L Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 has duel bios so 1 is the original but other is flashed to a 6970 (OCed) original heatsink and fans but one of the fans has gotten weak and squeals once and awile on 100% gaming(temps 43c-46c) if idle or just surfing I turn it down to 70% stays cool. 32GB of Ram: 2 kits of CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10. I had No problem Overclocking all 4 sticks to 1866 left voltages at 1.5v with the stock timings and 2T, Using Windows Vista 64 bit with Raid JBOD with 2 WD 300gb raptors and 1TB other raids also worked 0,1,5 fine. I have used gigabyte boards in all kinds of setups this one by far is one of my favs.

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First ATI or Sapphire card ever5/12/2012 9:18:53 AM

Pros: Runs cool and fast!! I bought this card back in Dec, This is my first ati or radeon card I have ever bought and I picked a great card to do so. The bios switch didnt work with mine but no biggie. What I was most impressed by this card was the customer support from sapphire. One of the fans was going out-would turn for a few sec then stop. I made out a support ticket showing that I did indeed buy and own this card and once that was done. This is where we seperate the men from the boys- instead of haveing to send the whole card back they asked me how comfortable I was in changing it out, I told them I would have no problem with that so they sent me the fan that I needed that same week. I repasted my gpu with artic silver 5 replaced the fan and off we went to BF3. It was one of the best support experiences I have ever had= easy and painless. 5 star service. Thank you Sapphire will buy from you again for sure..

Cons: I really cant come up with any other then my bios wouldnt switch over but that isnt a con I got what I paid for. As for being my first ATI ever I have been really happy with this card.

Overall Review: Thank you sapphire for your help. I hope we never have to speak again but atleast if we do I know that you stand behind your product and are willing to help.

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Nice for older boards also9/7/2011 4:42:27 PM

Pros: Booted right up with a evga 790i ultra tri 250 sli zeon e3110, auto timings run it like a a well oiled machine, The heatsinks are tall but maximizes cooling and I had no issues with the Scythe Ninja 3. its amazing how It does make a huge diff from 4 gigs I had before, even though I dont overclock anymore:) im sure these would go the distance..easy install, its ram:)

Cons: none

Overall Review: Its been awhile since I have bought Corsair ram but now I remember why I like it. Thanks newegg for the super fast shipping and great service.

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Ahhh so so1/9/2010 6:51:11 AM

Pros: works ok if you have a non-high end comp.

Cons: The 8 way plug in for the cpu power is aweful, they used to four way plugs to try and make 1 Oh my word what clown thought of that. line him up!!! As others have said its not that its loud it has an annouing pitch the dp level is like figernails on a blackboard!!!

Overall Review: I tossed it into my pile of junk and may use it to test with thats it personally would not buy again. But like the saying goes YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR is so true with this power supply

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Would buy again12/16/2009 11:10:30 AM

Pros: I bought 2 of these cases and both were shipped in great condition:) Item worked out well with 2 builds only 1 cut:) airflow is really nice with the 120mm fan just add a fan in the front and it keeps the temps down nicely.

Cons: the fan is hugh dont get me wrong it works great its just that you have to remove it to get your motherboard behind it and into the I/O plate no big deal thats why no eggs were taken off

Overall Review: all in all not that bad of a case

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Pretty good stuff12/16/2009 9:32:18 AM

Pros: Booted right up with a EVGA 790i ultra timings were all set auto running @1333mhz, I havent tried to overclock it yet but will leave another review after we see how good/bad things go :)

Cons: nothing thus far

Overall Review: have been useing GSKILL for awhile now and have had a pretty good track record with them, so why stop now lol. Try them out

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update for the update9/26/2009 8:25:12 PM

Pros: Item was sent by Rosewill as promised I really appeciate that.

Cons: this one is smashed up worse then the other. fronts all busted to heck box has a dent on the top all the doors brooken and laying inside. parts of the basel the clips that hold it in are broken aweful. just wasnt ment to be:(

Overall Review: not sure whos loading these boxes but this is just sad....

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Works pretty good9/23/2009 1:35:53 PM

Pros: keeps laptop nice and cool without a hugh power impact. well worth the price of keeping your laptop cool

Cons: none that i have found

Overall Review: bought 1 for my wife almost a year ago and it worked great now my niece uses it @ college and Its still going strong. So Im back to buy another 1 for my wife LOL.

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Update9/23/2009 12:19:07 PM

Pros: This is an update to my previous review. Rosewill not only stands behind their products but also their word. Thats hard to find today. I have bought many products from Rosewill from laptop coolers,cases,wireless adapters and much more that I have never had any problems with in the past. My product came as Newegg always delivers:) but it was broken in the front where the cd/dvd players install.I didnt have the time to wait for another case, so I customized the front. Rosewill was very prompt and went that extra step to make sure me as the customer was satisfied with the product. Rosewill sent me an e-mail telling me that they would be more then happy to fix the problem and send me replacement part as soon as possible and they did. But much to my surprize they sent me the whole case!!! WOW thats just speechless. I wish other companies worked things out this easy and I would like to thank all at Rosewill for this. Thats one of the reasons its great to shop here @ NEWEGG ;)

Cons: none

Overall Review: Not only are the products that Rosewill sell are of great Quality at Super prices but they treat customers like how they themselfs would like to be treated and beyond...thats AWESOME!!!

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Very nice9/11/2009 12:51:05 PM

Pros: No dead pix. trusty Asus brand came with both vga and dvi cables:)

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Love it thanks Newegg

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Not up to par9/11/2009 12:42:31 PM

Pros: good price. It holds the parts.

Cons: Both the CD/DVD drive bay doors were both broken and laying inside the case(could not find the tiny springs that hold them in place) a very cheap set-up.

Overall Review: I have bought a few rosewill cases that I never had a problem with the only reason I didnt send it back was it was for a customer. So I just customized the bays without the swinging hinges. all worked out fine but still I shouldnt have had to do anything!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We try to provide the most reliable products to our customers. The problem you are having might have been caused during shipping. We would be more than happy to replace this unit for you or ship out a new front panel to you. Please email us at for your replacement. We look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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Cools better then stock9/11/2009 12:30:29 PM

Pros: Easy install.

Cons: None

Overall Review: keeps my wifes 4800+ dual core @ around 32c-35c in Arizona(100+F)

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