Epic mouse, will never buy razer again thanks to support8/5/2011 8:15:31 PM

Pros: Responsive! More responsive than I need so I turn down the tracking but still excellent. Very responsive wireless or wired. Comfortable!! Whether you are a "claw" or "palm" mouse user this mouse is very comfortable. I love the high arch for my palm. By far the most comfortable mouse I own, much more comfortable than my R.A.T. 7. Good battery life! 10-20 hours of serious gaming I would estimate I get even after several months of use. Attractive appearance! I love the matte/gloss look and blue glowing dock for charging. However as others have said the matte finish has begun to ware even after just a few months of use. Its looking more slick/smooth where my fingers click at 400 cpm...

Cons: HORRIBLE SUPPORT!!! Contacted their support after less than 2 months of ownership b/c I had a short in my base or mount(still don't know which). They asked me to ship the product at my expense and wouldn't cross ship. After two weeks of waiting for shipping both ways I open my box to find nothing but the base. A week later I open box #2 to find my original mouse that was having the issue without the battery, battery cover and usb cable. Now, I have my original mouse which may or may not be functional and the dock. No usb cable, no battery or cover. Lets see what is in box #3. Horrible support! 1. They don't cross ship. 2. They don't provide a RMA shipping label 3. They don't check what you ship them. 4. The phone techs can't do anything other than submit a ticket to the real techs who respond back to you within 24-48 hours(this you can do yourself on their site) 5. They don't listen or read when you contact support 6. SLOOOOW!

Overall Review: Love the mouse. Hate the support. The support is so horrible that I will never, EVER purchase another razer product unless I get a 3rd party warranty.

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Works Like It Should5/30/2009 12:26:11 PM

Pros: Modular, 730w, cables are plenty long stable... understands my feelings

Cons: I don't consider it a con but like others have said its not a traditional modular psu. Instead of clipping the optional cables into the psu itself you plug it into the little 4 inch cables that come out of the psu. I actually like it. It makes it easier to add cables once its in the case.

Overall Review: AMD Athlon X2 Kuma @ 3.4Ghz G*Skill 2x2gb DDR2 800Mhz (OCd to 1066Mhz) ASRock 790GX MoBo AC Freezer Pro 64 EVGA GTX 280 ABS El Diablo Case

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EVGA GTX 280 WIN!5/23/2009 12:01:14 PM

Pros: Awesome! Currently clocked at 697/1267/1451 (G/M/S) using R-Tuner and 185.85 drivers. 90FPS avg everything MAX in CoD 4 at 1680x1050 60FPS inside and out in Fallout 3 everything MAX(locked at 60 due to vsync) Running windows 7 64bit with all the visual styles on and never have any performance issues when going from window to window or opening new programs.

Cons: Rebate is a joke. The unbranded box that the recerts are sent in only have one UPC on them. The rebate asks for that but then when they get it say its invalid. Dumb. Its too good for my system but I thought I would rather face a bottleneck now since I am upgrading to an i7 build soon and am going to be using this card with it. Not friendly with AMD boards but still ok.

Overall Review: ABS El Diablo Full Tower 730W Modular PSU AMD 7750 Kuma X2 OC'd at 3.4mhz G*Skill DDR2 800 2x2GB OC'd to 1066Mhz EVGA GTX 280 OC'd to awesomeness Arctic Freezer 64 Pro 2x250gb SATA 2 Hdds in RAID 0 I think my system might be severely restricting my gpu. 3D Mark scored 11586 for gpu. 13,359 complete score.

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DOA5/12/2009 9:32:00 AM

Pros: Onboard VGA with dedicated 128mb side port ddr3. SB750(good for unlocking 3rd and 4th cores. 2 PCIe slots. 6 sata + rear esata. AM3 cpu ready

Cons: DOA. Case fans and cpu heat sink fan powered on but no video, no post beeps, nothing. All of the I/O ports seem flimsy. Only 1 case fan connector. NB heatsink is tall and prevents you from using a full length PCIe x1 card. You only have about 1 inch past the PCIe connector before the tall NB heatsink gets in the way. The PCIe slots don't auto arrange when two cards are used, there is the card you have to turn around between the two slots. Not a big deal but I just thought I would throw that in there while I was complaining.

Overall Review: Hard to rate a board that was DOA. Every company has a few bad ones here and there. Mine however was open box and one that newegg "thoroughly tested before shipping to me" but still managed to end up DOA when it arrived.

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Does what it should5/8/2009 9:58:37 AM

Pros: Has been functioning perfectly for almost 6 months. No errors and relatively quiet.

Cons: It hasn't had any 80gb SATA hdd babies.... ...maybe it just needs a partner in RAID! XD

Overall Review: This was used in a build for an office application that replaced their 5 year old PC. The hard drive was about to go bad. It was loud and hot. This new drive is much quieter/cooler/faster.

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Incredible performance5/8/2009 9:55:01 AM

Pros: Incredible cooling power. Runs much cooler than any stock compound you can get. Non-conductive so you don't have to worry about shocking components if you get the drips.

Cons: Not a tasty condiment.

Overall Review: I went and replaced the compound on all of my desktops and laptops with this and the temperatures all dropped 2-10 degrees Celsius! Even 2 degrees is worth swapping it out for since I had it anyways!

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Love this RAM!5/8/2009 9:51:57 AM

Pros: Cheap(but price is consistently increasing!). Stable! Error free. OC'able to 1066 with AM2+ CPUs and a compatible motherboard. Runs fairly cool with the nice stylish heat spreaders. Spiffy case sticker decal.

Cons: Steady price increase

Overall Review: I have purchased 4 sets of these over the last 2 years. All 4 sets are still running beautifully and have no errors on any of the DIMMs. When I first purchased these G*skill was still trying to promote their name and RAM so I got the first set for around $30 with free shipping. I bought these for almost $50 and am sure they will continue to go up. Not that they aren't worth it just saying.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
$15 Basic PSU WIN!!5/8/2009 9:44:00 AM

Pros: Used for a basic office machine. 4 months of flawless performance. Currently powering a basic amd dual core, on board graphics, DVD burner, 2 sata Hdd's

Cons: Ugly, has a 80mm fan on the outside of the powersupply? Pretty ghetto. It shows in the pictures I just didn't realize it until I opened it up. Its like after they put it together they had overheating issues and so they stuck a fan on the outside of the PSU to draw air in from the inside of the case. Its nice that there are 2 fans just ghetto.

Overall Review: 780G motherboard cheap AMD dual core 4gb DDR2 800 RAM 2 x 500gb SATA Hdds 1 DVD Burner

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Excellent Card!!5/1/2009 9:26:25 AM

Pros: Excellent card! Very noticeable increases from my HD 3850(that will teach me to try and save money by going with ATi!) Takes a big load off my CPU and RAM, my Q9450 feels much quicker now, the 3850 must have been holding it back! It is a big card, i have a full tower and have over an inch of free space between the card and my hdd's. Others have said they have been able to squeeze it into a mid tower but I don't know that personally.

Cons: The idiot's review below me. I think newegg should require people to pass a basic IQ test before posting a review. Something like, "Which of the following don't belong: 1, 2 , 3, 4, orange, 6, 7, 8, 9" Once you pass that then you can post your review. The egg is very good about always having "Retail", "OEM", "RECERTIFIED" in the items MAIN HEADING!!! If this guy thinks they are pulling a fast one on him then I would hate to see this guy interact with any human being trying to sell him something.

Overall Review: I have owned this card(that i got retail from newegg in a graphical box lol) for almost a year now. I was looking to buy a second and this is too good of a deal to pass up. I am going to order one and will update when I get one. I doubt the warranty seals were broken before this guy got them but if they were the egg is always good about sending RMA shipping labels and replacing the item.

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Does exactly what it was made to do2/14/2009 10:41:05 AM

Pros: Very impressive for such a cheap case! When reading negative reviews remember this IS a MICRO ATX case! This isn't designed to house your 6 Disc RAID 0+1 configuration or your Quad GPUs. Its designed or a MicroATX MoBo and some basic components and a hard drive or two. Love the eSATA on the front. Nice Glossy finish. The hard drive rests vertically so there would be a perfect spot on the front of the case for a 120mm fan to be very efficient but due to the LEDs and power button wires it is impossible without doing some modding. Case seems pretty durable and I received it in great shape.

Cons: A 120mm fan in the front of the case would be nice but not a big deal.

Overall Review: I might get a 5.25" bay fan just to increase the air flow a bit. I will just have to see.

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