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Great value for the price3/11/2015 8:53:58 AM

Pros: Large over the ear cups, good overall sound. mic sounds good to all on teamspeak & skype. nice long cord with inline control. - you would be hard pressed to get this kind of sound & mic from other company's at twice the price

Cons: none really - had these since October and in use daily with no problems at all from the materials or craftmanship

Overall Review: * as a side note - I damaged my set by pulling out the cord from the inline controller, and was totally bummed! looked up Gamdias customer service and shot them a email explaining what i did.....and I couldnt believe how hard they worked to get me back up and running ! total time from from first email till i had my headphones back on my head was less then 24 hrs !!! wish all companys had customer service like this. would buy Gamdias brand again purely on this alone.

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good card- Great price12/1/2011 4:21:09 PM

Pros: perfect card to go with my 5870 in tri-fire. no problems with lastest drivers, just make sure to dump any previous drivers before installing. the performance is still great regardless of it being a last generation flagship - it still kicks @#ss.

Cons: knew this was OEM going in, but still expected build quality-MAN WAS I WRONG ! installed card and booted up and was greeted by aN incredibly LOUD grinding fan noise. - took it out to investigate and discovered not 1, but 2 out of 3 screws on fan unit missing! serious QC issues going on - took it apart and fixed it myself- can't stand waiting for RMA !

Overall Review: other than some bad quality control issues, this card is kicking @$ss on BF3, crysis2, skyrim -- would recomend if they are ever in stock again and you're waiting for the next generation of cards to come out, but need a card now.

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