Not Much Can Go Wrong6/17/2014 10:41:03 AM

Pros: Works

Cons: Has some white lettering on the front.

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Great Modular PSU4/7/2014 1:04:52 AM

Pros: modular, great build quality, QUIET

Cons: Obviously it'd be nice to have even more modularity on cables. If for example I have a need for four SATA power plugs and not 6, for example. But really not a big deal.

Overall Review: Easy cable management.

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Excellent Case3/17/2014 3:00:56 PM

Pros: - great cable management - excellent airflow - room to work, but not excessive size-wise - love the rubber feet

Cons: -none

Overall Review: I really loved working with this case. Great airflow options, and also a rigid, solid feel to it.

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Mechanics Great - Form....Not So Much3/17/2014 2:59:31 PM

Pros: - accurate - durable - high-end feel

Cons: -slightly uncomfortable (your hand may vary)

Overall Review: In general I like thermaltake products, but this one is just kid of a far-out design. The mechanics are there, excellent laser tracking, solid feel, etc. But the shape of the mouse is just not built for the hand, it's built for the eye.

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Good RAM3/17/2014 2:57:18 PM

Pros: -Slid right in -Fairly affordable -Works as advertised

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've had good experience with PNY products.

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Great GPU9/3/2013 12:01:46 AM

Pros: Lifetime warranty, solid construction, no crashes so far.

Cons: Fairly power hungry, fans can be noisy at 100%, but not a big deal since I wear headphones while gaming.

Overall Review: Another reviewer mentioned the GPU fan cover is plastic, but it is in fact metal. Overall quite a premium feel to this XFX 7970.

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Very Good Thermal Compound8/22/2013 1:21:28 PM

Pros: Very spread-able, not pasty at all, more of a liquid-type consistency. It was easy to apply evenly to the CPU and heat sink.

Cons: Not very tacky, so your CPU heat sink can slip a little when you're tightening it down. This is a direct by-product of it being easily spread though, so I'll take easily spread over tackiness any day of the week.

Overall Review: Combined with a CM 212 Evo, dropped my under-load temps by about 20 degrees celsius. Went from mid eighties to low sixties on my 3570K. Very pleased.

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Solid Keyboard, Clicky Blues7/8/2013 3:19:35 PM

Pros: I love the clickety-clack of the blue switches. Nothing feels better to type on.

Cons: Not a revolution as some die-hard mechanical keyboard fans would have you believe. I can still stand to type on my membrane keyboard at work.

Overall Review: Overall extremely solid board....except for the USB plug. Does not inspire confidence.

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Excellent Claw-Grip Gaming Mouse12/18/2012 4:35:08 PM

Pros: This mouse is an ideal shape and weight for claw-grip gamers. If you are unfamiliar with claw-vs-palm please perform a quick search on Google. The mouse surface is quite grippy, even the areas of the mouse that appear glossy or smooth provide adequate traction. At first I was disappointed that the mouse is so light, I'm used to associated weight with quality. However by design or chance the light weight actually is preferable for reasons of fatigue. I've found a claw grip is pretty easy to get fatigue or aches with. The lighter the mouse the less wrist fatigue.

Cons: - No LEDs? Is it truly a gaming device with no LEDs? I jest. - Some might consider the light weight a con, but see my comments above.

Overall Review: Before you order you should analyse your own grip style and how you prefer to hold a mouse. Personally I rest my arm and wrist on the surface and grip the mouse with my fingertips. I move the mouse with wrist action, no arm movement. The Xornet is designed with this grip style in mind.

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Solid Card12/10/2012 12:23:06 PM

Pros: Efficient - power draw of these things is great. AMD (and Nvidia for that matter) have really got their power situation in line with the current-gen GPUs. Quiet - can't hear the fans until they hit about 50%, which is basically never. Powerful - Even with only a mild overclock this thing benchmarks really well. Like really well. I'm getting framerates comparable to a GTX580.

Cons: AMD Catalyst is always a bit wacky to work with, some settings are buried, some are enabled/disabled by default, causing me to hunt through a few screens worth of options. In the end it's easily sorted out though.

Overall Review: I picked this up open box for a significant discount (hence no verified purchase icon), and after a burn-in test and some benchmarking, I definitely would pay full price if I were going to purchase again. High marks in the "bang for buck" category.

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Great Baseline 1155 Mb10/18/2012 3:58:42 PM

Pros: -UEFI bios for those of you who don't like using the function keys on your keyboard -Great features for the price. USB 3.0, 16gb max ram, SATA 6gbps, solid capacitors, etc. -19-pin USB 3.0 on-board for those USB 3.0 case front-panel ports! Success! -Booted up first try. Solid performance since.

Cons: -Hung after pressing "save and exit", had to cut power and reboot. This happened twice. Dunno if this is a component issue (HDD, PCI card, etc) or what. Never had this problem in the BIOS of any other Mb. -Only one 6gbps connector. Not too bad though considering this is a motherboard marketed as a basic business workstation board. 3 more 3gbps sata ports if that makes you feel better.

Overall Review: MSI seems to put substantial development into their BIOS and making sure things work properly. Aside from the save issue mentioned above, I regard this board highly overall. I consider this board a diamond in the rough among 1155 mATX boards.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Sugo, What's your current BIOS version? Please feel free to contact us at and we can probably send you the latest beta BIOS to test with. In regards to the power cut issue you were having. Did it shut off and never came back? Normally, it can do this but it should come back on after. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you, thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
So far so good10/18/2012 3:50:15 PM

Pros: -No zaps or strange noises from the psu -appealing white-black color scheme -80 Plus bronze rated, someone along the line certified it :-) -Cables are quite flexible, easy to route and stash behind panels -two year warranty

Cons: none noted.

Overall Review: Been running for a month almost constantly and no problems yet. No blue LED as described. In my opinion looks much sharper without.

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Exceeded Expecations10/18/2012 3:43:43 PM

Pros: -Extremely efficient power-to-performance ratio. At 55w this thing barely sips power. -Quite powerful multi-core processor. I've been pleased with how well this handles multi-core tasks like encoding, etc. In real-world benchmarks this thing reaches the same performance levels as AMD CPUs and APUs with many more cores. -Intel HD 4000 graphics have been satisfactory. Nothing to write home about, but a definite step up from the previous gen. -Socket upgradeability. Some people complain about Intel changing sockets every quarter, but the 1155 seems to be one of the more sustained sockets in recent times. If needed, I can swap out an i5 or i7 with the same setup. -Zero heat. Related to the first point, I've found I do not need any case fans running. Note that I am not currently using a dedicated GPU.

Cons: Included heatsink is the usual OEM mediocrity. I'd rather have $5 off my processor.

Overall Review: Paired with an MSI B75MA-E33 motherboard, which includes usb 3.0 and sata 6gbps, i got quite the package for $200.

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Good Value RAM10/18/2012 12:34:30 PM

Pros: No memory related errors on POST, windows has operated normally since installation

Cons: none

Overall Review: Low cost, g.skill is highly regarded as a memory producer. not much can go wrong here.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the memory is working well in your system. This is one of our most popular kits as it is easy plug and play memory at a low price. Whether you purchase extreme memory, gaming memory, or basic value memory, you are getting the best quality and warranty from G.Skill. With an additional 4GB, your computer should fast and smooth. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Pleasing Price/Performance10/18/2012 11:46:56 AM

Pros: Appealing to the eye, standard mounting harware (for normal dekstop installation), and great performance.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I'm glad sammy entered the SSD market, now I think we will see true moore's law in solid state drives.

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Very pleased, solid connection10/17/2012 4:32:20 PM

Pros: I've been using this card for a few weeks now and have been very pleased with the performance. Connects at 150Mbps to my wireless router (the router's max). Hasn't dropped the connection. Latency is in the acceptable range. I'm getting +15 ms to an outside server compared to a wired connection, which is just fine.

Cons: Courtesy of another reviewer I located the updated drivers download. Otherwise I'd be displeased with the hassle of trying to find them.

Overall Review: The three antenna configuration seems to help with overall reception, although I do not notice a difference in signal strength by simply changing their angles and positions.

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Well Designed Budget Case10/17/2012 4:26:19 PM

Pros: Design factor is great. There's plenty of space inside the case to work, there are cable ports for cable management, and it overall is just well though-out.

Cons: Mine came with a chip in the pain on the left side panel. It's not large, but it is on the front edge, so I see it quite often. I could not figure out how to mount the hard drive, took some googling.

Overall Review: Just for the record, the hard drives mount sideways to the HD cage wall. If you have an SSD then it leaves plenty of room for a long GPU, which is handy.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Solid little card9/5/2012 9:20:55 PM

Pros: - no issues, reads/writes reasonably fast in my android phone.

Cons: - class 4 is somewhat mediocre. It's not the hot-rod of SD cards that's for sure.

Overall Review: shop around for the best price, SD cards are basically a commodity, there is very little differentiation among brands.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great basic power supply9/5/2012 9:18:26 PM

Pros: - worked like a charm when plugged in and connected. - didn't explode or arc. - no blue screens or other suspiciously voltage-related problems

Cons: Rosewill could throw some black paint on it for cosmetics, but whatever.

Overall Review: I've been running this 24/7 for a month (mostly to induce any potential RMA situations before the return period expires) and I've not had any issues.

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No Problems Here, Great Little Drive9/5/2012 9:15:27 PM

Pros: - 1st time Win7 installation was quick and easy, no weird issues popped up - Faster than a normal HDD (even in IDE mode) - No glitches or blue screens at all over the course of a month, with it running virtually 100% of the time

Cons: - My case didn't have a 2.5" adapter, so I just attached it with one HDD screw to a slot. But hey, that's a problem with my case.

Overall Review: I installed this in IDE mode (as opposed to the recommended and much faster AHCI mode) by not entering my motherboard setup screen during initial boot and windows installation. Nevertheless, it did not cause any problems. I'd most likely have higher read/write speeds with AHCI enabled, but it's not really a big deal to me. Also, as I understand it, this drive is pretty much end-of-life, so it's ripe for bargain prices. Can't hurt any basic builds, but I'd splurge if it was my own system and buy something more modern.

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Solid RAM8/16/2012 9:34:26 AM

Pros: Passed Memtest86 with no errors.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The DIMMs I received were black, not blue as pictured. I prefer black, so no big deal.

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Great APU solution, if that's your thing8/15/2012 10:22:41 PM

Pros: If you know what you are getting here then you won't be disappointed. Quad core with some "GPU-ness" is a great mix for HTPCs or just light users who want good monitor options and the capability to crunch some pixels once in a while.

Cons: I'm surprised to see people reviewing this APU mentioning playing modern games. It's not designed to blow you away with gaming performance, although it might suffice for some low-setting gameplay. Doesn't hurt to try I guess.

Overall Review: At first I was puzzled at why my monitor resolution was defaulting to 640x800, I thought it was a motherboard setting. But it turned out I needed to download and install AMD Catalyst software to handle the integrated graphics. Now it runs like a champ.

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Great Budget Mobo with a Newegg Caveat8/15/2012 10:18:38 PM

Pros: Great budget FM1 board. Installation went fine, booted right up first try. All the connectors seem solid.

Cons: My box was not sealed. Might be standard newegg policy to ship off normal (non-defective) returns as new purchases, but I disagree with this practice. This is not an OEM product, I pay for new and I expect a factory sealed box. Bleh.

Overall Review: Sometimes Newegg bugs.

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Great OEM DVDRW8/15/2012 10:14:28 PM

Pros: Just works. I like that this model has the DVDRW logo and that's it. Nice and understated. Sometimes a big ol' white logo is the last thing I want to catch my eye when I look at the front of my computer.

Cons: bubble-wrapped bare drive. It might have come out of a huge pile off the floor for all I know. It works, but a little 'iffy'.

Overall Review: You can't go wrong with this. These are commodities at this point, a DVDRW drive is a DVDRW drive is a DVDRW drive. Pick one that's on sale with free shipping and away you go.

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Splendid PCIE NIC8/15/2012 10:11:41 PM

Pros: Truly plug-and-play. I did not need the drivers, and I did not see any installation notification in Windows. Just worked.

Cons: No 5Ghz band. Even though this is a modern N-band NIC, I'd love to have the 5Ghz option.

Overall Review: Range seems to be reasonably far.

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