First Attempt At Flagship Device Underwhelming8/17/2016 6:27:13 PM

Pros: - Battery life is much improved over my previous time, getting around 5+ screen-on-time - Screen is absolutely gorgeous, curved edges make for a beautiful device (see cons for flip-side of this) - ZTE's Android skin isn't as bad as people are making it out to be - Fingerprint reader is nice and fast (also see cons for its quirks) - All metal construction feels solid (see cons for negatives of metal construction) - Included accessories are high quality and beautiful

Cons: - Although the screen resolution is beautiful, the glass itself is curved starting at 2.5mm from each side, this leads to a lot of screen protectors (glass ones especially) not fitting properly. They will leave a halo effect around the protector which absolutely destroys the look of the phone. Might not be as picky as me, but I don't really care about the installed glass on a phone having 2.5D glass because most everybody uses screen protectors of some sort and most tempered screen protectors are 2.5D on their edges. - Fingerprint reader has its quirks. While it is fast, it isn't very efficient. Typically it required me placing my finger on the reader multiple times for it to register a properly aligned fingerprint and unlock the phone. I tried multiple methods and even added 4 profiles for the same finger, but it still presented its problems. Metal construction is solid yet slippery, almost demanding a case. I didn't really care as I always use a case, and ZTE is kind enough to include a clear TPU case in the packaging. - Wi-Fi and cell signal cutting out, alongside gyro and accelerometer not working properly (see below for more info) - ZTE's skin overlay makes the text giant sized on the home screen icons, not sure why but you cannot change that. Font size selection in the settings only change settings font size, stupid.

Overall Review: I really really really wanted to like this phone. I moved to this from the Moto X Pure and liked it for the first few hours even though it does have its quirks and problems. I played around with it, putting it through its paces because it isn't a huge upgrade over my Moto X Pure. I was almost about to say, screw it I'll keep it, but then the major problems started to happen. First the wi-fi and cell service kept dropping out. Cycling airplane mode didn't not solve this, only a restart did, and only for 5-10 minutes before it happened. I factory reset the phone, started happening again. Then I started noticing some of my games not acting right when using the tilt features, so I downloaded a sensor test app and found that my gyro and accelerometer wasn't working at all. Rebooted the phone, fine for 2-3 minutes, then again it quit working. Factory reset the phone, was fine for about 1 hour, then started happening again. Like I said, I really wanted to like this phone, it's absolutely gorgeous, but ZTE should have taken a little more time in perfecting the software side of things and definitely QC testing their hardware for longterm use. I think if they iron out these few problems they will have a hit on their hands, if they don't, this phone could single-handedly sink their reputation for flagship killers, like their Axon Pro almost did. So, wrapped up in a single sentence, buy at your own risk! I have heard great things about this phone, but have also heard just as many negatives too. It's a crapshoot I am not willing to play.

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Good So Far2/13/2014 8:28:28 AM

Pros: 1.) Keeps idle temps around 30c 2.) 100% load under 60c 3.) Quiet

Cons: 1.) Fan started making noise after a week (see below for fix) 2.) Expensive

Overall Review: I searched high and low for a closed loop liquid cooling system for my pc and after reading many reviews I bought the TD03 from Silverstone. I chose this one over the many others because of what I read on various review sites. This little sexy liquid cooling kit has kept my Haswell (4670K) cpu cool under stressful situations. Idles around 30c and I havenn't seen it break 55c even under full load across the board. One little quirk I had was probably my fault, I won't know for sure until or if the fan finally dies. I like my screws extra tight, so I applied moderate torque to the 4 fan screws and ended up cracking every single corner on these fans, no big deal it's still tight. No obnoxious noise for over a week then bam, turned on my computer and it sounded like a diesel engine. I quickly assessed the situation and found the culprit to be the inner or push fan on the radiator. I took it off, hooked it up to another PWM port on my mobo and it was silent. I re-installed the fan and it's working fine now. I do no know if I tightened it too much or if there was something in the motor or housing that fell out when I pulled the fan from the case. I'm crossing my fingers but still have some Akasa Viper PWM fans on order just in case. Overall, great liquid cooling system, much better than the Asetek 510 I had on my older system.

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Best Tablet, For Me11/15/2013 5:28:45 PM

Pros: Brilliant, Full HD Screen Connectivity Battery Life Wi-Fi signal Speed

Cons: Not Stock Android Experience, although low impact UI Accessories Non-Existent Slippery As Snot

Overall Review: I have finally found my perfect tablet. I have owned iPads, Sony Xperia Z tablet, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire 8.9, and a Kobo Arc. All of which were either returned or sold within a month of ownership. This tablet, however, I intend to keep until LG releases a new one. I own the LG Optimus G Pro phone and love it, so I was already acclimated to the LG UI, which in my opinion is low impact and zippy unlike the Samsung UI. I have thoroughly put this tablet through its paces and it has performed well in all tests. All HD games play wonderfully with no hiccups, HD and SD video are seamless and smooth, the WiFi on this beast is amazing. It seems to pick up signal where the G Pro doesn't. The battery life is wonderful. I get approximately 5 hours when streaming Netflix. In my book, that's good, especially at 75% brightness, which is most of the time too bright. The fit and finish is top notch, best I've seen of any tablet. Feels like all metal construction, the screen is smooth as silk, no rough edges or uneven glass on screen (I'm looking at you Nexus 7). Can be held in 1 hand, but loves the two handed position and you will too. This tablet is slick as snot, I need a case which unfortunately are nonexistent right now. All in all, great tablet from a great company doing great things with technology. Worth every penny and more in my book.

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Garbage10/14/2011 11:09:53 AM

Pros: It is shiny!

Cons: Doesn't work at all!

Overall Review: I received this supposedly awesome wireless adapter in the mail today after an extremely fast shipment process (thanks Newegg). I have installed hundreds of wireless adapters both USB and PCI, this was by far the worst experience ever. Let's begin with the outdated firmware and driver that doesn't work with Windows 7. Let's move on to the inability to find any networks at all despite the device saying it is working completely fine. The TP-Link utility constantly freezing up and disconnecting the adapter. I will say one thing however, when this product is slammed against the floor in a fit of anger, it only comes apart in three pieces, so decent build quality I suppose. Thanks for nothing TP-Link, give me a Cisco least it works MOST TIMES!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, This is Howard from TP-LINK Support Force. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the product. The adapter does support windows7. But maybe the resource CD is outdated. You may find the latest driver in this link: Thank you! Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Force
Great Monitor Despite One Huge Problem12/23/2010 7:20:49 AM

Pros: Great colors Fast response time Awesome contrast ratio BIG! Movies and games really pop out on this monitor Easy to set-up, decent looking color out of the box

Cons: Shortly after receiving the monitor, it started having the "black screen" issue where it would randomly go black. The only solution to this was to power the monitor down and back up again. This happened all the time. Contacted Asus for RMA through the Rapid Replacement Program, and I am now awaiting my new monitor...shouldn't take more than a week they said.

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Awesome Notebook Cooler7/15/2009 4:17:50 PM

Pros: Relatively Quiet, Cools Tremendously, Gives You Back The USB Port It Takes Away!

Cons: Kinda Pricey!!

Overall Review: This is my second one of these from The first one was the 15" model and since upgrading to a bigger PC, I bought the 20" model! NewEgg always done a great job with shipment and delivery until now, I ordered the black one but received the silver one instead. Since I am in need of one desperately because my laptop gets very hot during gaming, I decided to keep it and not fight newegg about it. Both the cooler and the company providing the cooler are outstanding!! Thanks!!!!!

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AMAZING!6/23/2009 9:35:58 PM

Pros: 1.) Amazing reproduction of sound across all soundstages 2.) Mic picks up nice and clear 3.) Relatively cheap when considering buying an entry level audiophile headset and a mic!

Cons: 1.) The cloth cord does get tangled sometimes. 2.) I wear glasses, so everytime you move your head, the leather ear pieces rub across the metal arms on your glasses and produces a a highly audible crack. The headset itself also cracks a bit when moving around. 3.) Extended wearing could be an issue as this is a very heavy set, but in my opinion, it shows how good the build quality is on this set.

Overall Review: When I buy a new set of headphones or a headset, I put it through its paces. I always go to high quality recordings, usually 800+kps, direct vinyl rips of music. This headset shows exceptional abilities in reproducing every detail of the soundstage. My last song I always use is a song by Bassic, it is called Phase Two. There are a lot of melodic, almost hidden instruments in this song. Amazingly, I could hear every single one of them within this headset. Absolutely amazing headset considering I purchased it mainly for Ventrilo so that I could talk to my buddies on World of Warcraft!

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