The computer is fine... the OS is not.6/27/2021 2:27:34 AM

Overall Review: I got this HP Elite 8300 to replace an HP-6005 which was running Windows 7 Pro. I was happy to see this unit was Win7 also. I've been fine without MS support since they bailed and have had no problems with my existing Windows 7 setup. My hardware has gotten pretty old so that's why the change. I needed more speed, more memory, etc. I don't want to use my old Win7 HDD because I'm afraid I may just transfer residual problems with registries etc., if there are any, to the new machine. The new one is also bigger. I am also very resistant to WinX. This is my last stand Windows pc. I have already switched to Linux for my business desktop, banking laptop and general beater laptop. Windows 7 has Windows Media Center though, which has no equal imo for home TV recording. So that's why I'm trying to hang on to it. This unit booted up fine. I had to start setup from scratch because it was hung in the middle of a previous attempt apparently. No problem though, it went through setup without a hitch and accepted the product key that was on the case. Hunky dory for a couple of days. Then I noticed the warning in the lower right corner of the display. (See photo) Then, every time I opened an app that comes with Windows I would get the pop-up. (See other photo.) You cannot re-enter or change the product key for activation because all Windows pages for Win7 are gone. HP support is automated and the only questions I get do not address my issue. They are all WinX and Win8 related. Now, after I've had a chat with Newegg support, they tell me "we no longer provide pre or post product support." Well, good to know... NOW. As I said, the pc is fine but, I am really disappointed in Newegg and HP. I did, of course, know Microsoft wants nothing to do with me and the feeling is mutual. I'm sure there must be a way to stop the incessant nagging. I just wish they would give me a clue. Instead I'll have to search under every stone till either I find it or switch to Linux.

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