DDR500+ sleepers...3/1/2006 12:12:39 AM

Pros: + Excellent heat dissipation + Excellent packaging and shipment(commendations to A-Data and Newegg). + Excellent quality and look(see Other thoughts). + Excellent price vs performance potential(a hundred and forty nine shipped after MIR-see Cons). + Highly over-clockable(see Other thoughts). + Lifetime warranty + Performs exactly as advertised and much more(see Other thoughts).

Cons: - Lower prices can be found elsewhere, if you are looking for 2GB(4 x 512MB) of entry-level memory. However, if you need 2GB(2 x 1GB) or 4GB(4 x 1GB) and are over-clocking, this product is almost impossible to beat anywhere. - Small MIR is almost not worth the time and effort. - UPS! Need I say more? - Extreme voltage(~3.2) is needed to operate @DDR400/2-4-4-8. However, it is not designed nor specified to operate as such and will probably become unstable. It will operate @DDR333/2-2-2-5 and lower, with increasingly tighter timings and minimal voltage, though.

Overall Review: Each module has 2 aluminum-alloy heatsinks(interlocking design) with a brushed, ruby-red finish. The heatsinks are attached with 2 un-obtrusive thermal tapes, as well as 2 retention clips per module. A-Data silk-screened their company logo, model, and/or web address on either side. A-Data also placed an aesthetically small, silver, registery label with the specifications & UPC on each heatsink. Upon installation, they were immediately detected & operating, as specified & advertised. Together, heat production is minimal. As a pair, the modules were tested at default voltage & CR=1 for 24hrs each using MemTest86+ @ DDR460/2.5-4-4-8 DDR500/3-4-4-8 Overall, this product has a high-performance look, feel, & can operate as such. These modules should overclock higher. However, I'm limited by my motherboards clockgen(250MHz). -LR Biostar K8NHA Grand Athlon64 3000+ Venice-E6 @ 2.5GHz/1.5V(see my review in Processors) A-Data Vitesta 2GB kit @ DDR500/3-4-4-8/1T GeForce FX5700LE AGP

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S754 Sleeper CPU2/15/2006 11:12:08 AM

Pros: Excellent performance to price ratio. Product received on time. Massive overclock potential. Low heat production(idle & load). Quiet fan. Easy installation.

Cons: AMD factory packaging is subpar. AMD "thermal pad" and heatspreader contaminated with factory packaging particles. Price dropped three dollars after purchase.

Overall Review: I purchased this CPU for a Biostar K8NHA-Grand motherboard I had been given. I am currently overclocking(25%)this CPU to 2.5GHz, using a 3% over-volt; until I reached my motherboard's HTT bus BIOS limit of 250MHz. This gives me a AMD PR rating of FX-55. I am sure this processor can do more. I would take an educated guess of a 33% or better overclock. Temperatures are ~27c(idle) & 41c(load). The AMD factory, internal packaging seems to be and issue. Whether the damage ocurrs when shipped from AMD or somewhere in-between being stocked by Newegg, expect some damage to occur from the subpar material. However, the components(CPU, heatsink, & fan) should be fine. Be warned though, I would highly suggest you inspect the CPU heatspreader & thermal pad for contamination by packaging particles and clean if neccessary. Most hardcore builders will wipe the pad off anyway and apply a high quality compound. I did not, as I am still "out of the box" with this build.

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