Meh... Was worth a try.4/2/2014 10:43:21 AM

Pros: Long... 10 ft.

Cons: Did not work with my LG Enact. While I understood it was not a listed device in my compatibility list, I hoped it would suffice. The plug/port FIT correctly, but my phone would cease charging, to prevent "damage," because it was the wrong type of cable.

Overall Review: Gonna ask around. I think I've got a couple friends that have Galaxy 3s still.

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Satisfied with Functionality to Start (Review 2)3/18/2014 7:19:04 AM

Pros: 1. Keeps my I-4770 k (no overclock yet) at about 68, in a warm room, while running Prime95 stress test. Max I saw was 75 on one core. Used in conjunction with ARCTIC MX-2 2. Had concerns that a fan wouldn't fit over ram, but it fit (may be touching) with G.Skill Sniper Series. I've yet to get a second fan, but the airflow in my case and the way I mounted the fan made it easiest just to put it on top of the ram. 3. Fan mounting brackets are easy to install. They unclip rather easily but seem firm once clipped.

Cons: So far so good, can't complain. Only will add a new review if I find reason to.

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So far so good.2/21/2014 1:59:49 AM

Pros: This thing seems sturdy as can be. It was bigger than expected but fit OH SO NICELY in my Rosewill ARMOR-EVO Gaming E-ATX Mid Tower I bought.

Cons: 0. (Possible con, not for me) Gibignormous. 1. Felt like I needed 3 hands at a point or two but I managed. 2. The directions were a must for me. 3. This only has one fan on it but came with brackets for a second. I probably won't use a second because it would block a memory slot on my ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO motherboard.

Overall Review: I haven't got my computer up and running because I'm waiting for a high end ram sale (Keep on wishing me). I'll update this to 5 stars if it works well.

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