Not a bad little receiver3/17/2021 9:43:12 PM

Pros: Features some smart home integrations HDMI inputs up to 8k means it will not wear out it's usefulness Bluetooth

Cons: Makes you use the Yamaha MusicCast app for smart home integrations

Overall Review: I bought this receiver to replace a blown 5.1channel amp in my living room. It also finally allowed me to integrate all of the components in that stack to all go into one device, I've got an Xbox One, a PC, and an older VCR/DVD unit all going through the amp. I had run the PC through my old amplifier to test awhile back but it had problems with passing through a usable resolution, the RX-V4A had no such problems. It sometimes does not see the Xbox right away when switching to it, but it always shows up after a few seconds. Overall I really dig the ability to integrate all of my components through one receiver and not have to do some kind of cable swap whenever I want to watch one of my old VHS movies. This is my first Bluetooth capable home receiver and I am glad to say that it works well, the range is better than the bt speaker that I have in my kitchen one room over so I usually use the receiver the whole time now. Yamaha Advertises that you can connect the Bluetooth to another Bluetooth sink device, and send sound to the second Bluetooth device as a simultaneous listening device. I could never successfully get it to pair with my Creative D100, which in fairness is quite old so the doubtless older version of the Bluetooth protocol that the device uses might be more at fault than Yamaha's hardware, your mileage may vary with that feature. Regarding the MusicCast app, I was a little annoyed by the fact that Yamaha had foisted yet another app on me to bloat my phone even more, but after using it for a few months now I do find the app usable if not the most convenient way to use the device wirelessly. There is a small learning curve but the app does function as advertised, but it would have been nice if the Receiver just played nice with my Google Home out of the box. The RX-V4A's bigger brother, the RX-V6A has more inputs and supports 7.1 and even atmos but I was just looking for a drop in replacement for my old Yamaha RX-V475 and the RX-V4A does the trick. I have been using it pretty much daily since November and it's still going strong.

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