Terrible - Won't stay connected3/8/2021 2:42:53 PM

Pros: None

Cons: This product will not stay connected for more than a day a fails to reconnect to the network. It's useless. Even when it does work the range is far less than advertised.

Overall Review: Don't waste your money. Buy something else.

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Great Fan, Poor Documentation8/23/2012 2:32:52 PM

Pros: This is a great fan. It's quiet, and moves a lot of air. The rubberized mounting holes are brilliant and negate the need for extra insulation hardware or gaskets to reduce noise. The interchangeable colored rings are a cool feature. The rings themselves are much sturdier than I expected. The overall design and appearance of the fan is excellent. It's a beatiful fan.

Cons: The biggest issue with this fan is its lack of documentation. While normally a fan is pretty straight forward and shouldn't require much documentation this fan was designed with a specific use in mind. This fan is designed to operate with unrestricted airflow. If you go to the website they specifically state that this fan requires at least 3cm clearance for optimal performance. It's not designed to be used in restrictive spaces, with radiators, or even with filters that restrict airflow. This seemingly important information is not mentioned anywhere on the box or in any of the included documentation. If a product is designed with specialized features or intended applications it should be clearly documented with the product. Also, the fan includes an extender which is only 2"" long. An extender should be a little longer than 2"". 6"" or longer would be more appropriate.

Overall Review: The box suggests using a screw driver to push the clip to release the colored rings. I wouldn't recommend that as it could scratch the rings. It can be done by hand easily enough.

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Awesome Mask!8/2/2012 12:09:48 PM

Pros: I love this mask. I get compliments on it all the time. It's comfortable, lightweight, looks cool, and fits perfectly. The thermal lens is great and is easy to change. The head strap is easy to remove and wash as needed. There aren't any crevices on the mask that make it difficult to clean. Easy to maintain. Fits fine over glasses. I've also seen comments on the web that there are certian prescription combat lenses that will fit into this helmet.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have mounted a contour roam camera to the side of this mask. It fits PERFECTLY with the small mount that comes with the camera. It is a truly awesome set up.

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Loud and Strong8/2/2012 11:55:19 AM

Pros: This thing is loud, but moves some serious air. I purchased it to replace a failed CPU fan on an old HP that has a slotted Pentium 2. It's working great.

Cons: Loud, but it is what it is. Anything that moved this much air is going to be loud.

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Fast and Reliable8/2/2012 11:44:26 AM

Pros: Fast and Reliable. I bought this drive because I had been having the "stuttering" issues with multiple OCZ solid state drives. This Samsung drive has worked flawlessly and not given me any trouble. The anodized finish is also really nice.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This is an odd thing to mention, but I'm using this drive in an application where I'm docking and undocking it multiple times every day. Even with this abuse it's holding up just fine.

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2 RMA's in 6 months8/23/2011 12:39:39 PM

Pros: Great when they work

Cons: They don't work for long. I've had to RMA this drive twice since I bought it. The first one died completely and all data was unrecoverable. I RMA'd and the replacement lasted only 2 months. The second time I started having system lock ups and very long delays. It was behaving like a badly overheating system, but I had no heat or power issues whatsoever. I suspected the drive so I tried doing a fresh install. The install didn't change anything. Over the next week the lock ups got worse and worse until the system was completely unusable and would no longer reboot. I threw an old 5400rpm drive in there to test it and it worked fine. So, I sent it back to OCZ. Friday I get a call from their RMA department and they tell me the drive tested fine and they'll be sending me the same drive back. Shameful. I know the drive is at fault, but they've had such a high fall out of these drives that they're cutting corners on customer support.

Overall Review: I'm done with OCZ. They've made some great products in the past, but their decision to outsource and sell drives with substandard components to their customers (and try to sell it off as the original good version) is unforgiveable. Top that with the fact that they're trying to stop the bleeding by refusing to replace with good drives and they've permanently lost a customer. I'll never buy another product from them. And OCZ, if you're reading this don't bother with a manufacturer response. My time is valuable and I'm done letting you waste it.

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Very Nice3/28/2011 11:34:25 PM

Pros: I've had mine for about 6 months now and I love it. This is a very well designed case. The airflow is excellent. The stock fan is high quality as is the power supply and its fans. The front fan filter is also nice and easy to get at and change.

Cons: There are so many things I like about this case, but there is one thing they got wrong. The power button is too small. I can't just simply reach over and push it. I have to kind of poke into it with my finger nail. It's about the size of the head of an AAA battery. If you have big fingers it's going to annoy you off every time you go to turn it on. Like other people have said working in this case can test your patience. It's not one of those cases designed to easily allow you to change your motherboard or swap drives. Swapping RAM for example with basically require you to disassemble the whole thing including removing the power supply. Not a big deal though because once it's built it's beautiful.

Overall Review: With a little bit of redesign this case could easily fit a 120mm fan mounted water cooling system. Just a thought for the manufacturer. Even for a modder willing to dremel I don't think it will work in this case, but for a future variant of the case it seems very possible.

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Windows 7 (64 bit)1/9/2010 8:16:06 AM

Pros: Works great in an XP system

Cons: Will completely destroy your windows 7 64 bit OS. despite drivers being available on thier website this card DOES NOT work in windows 7 64 bit. It creates IRQ conflicts with video cards (very lame). Try installing this and the only sound you'll get is the crashing blue screen of death.

Overall Review: I've seen that some people were able to get this to work with a lot of tinkering, but the sound quality is bad and none of the extra features work... Well, what's the point then? I'm very disappointed that I can't use this card in my new build. It worked great in XP, but now it's useless. I guess I'll have to give it to a friend with XP.

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Impressive12/21/2009 10:16:02 AM

Pros: Surprisingly quiet, good quality Micro-ATX unit. It is very light and is actually smaller than some other Micro-ATX format power supplies.

Cons: None really. It has more cables than you'd typically need in a small form factor case, but too many is better than not enough. I cut off the extra ones by opening up the unit and snipping them right at the board. Not difficult, but not recommened unless you know what you're doing.

Overall Review: It appears some people's complaints about this product are due to overtasking it's power rating. It's only 350watt peak performance. That's enough for CPU, MB, 1 Hard Drive, 1 Optical Drive, and one low end video card. I used mine in a Cooler Master 360 case. It's small enough to give me room for full size video cards in that small case. The case is actually designed for a full ATX power supply, but I had no trouble mounting this one (without any adaptor). I then picked up a 450watt dedicated video card power supply that mounts into a 5.25" drive bay. Now I have 2 power supplies for a combined 800watts for less than the typical cost of a single 800watt unit. This Diablotek unit fit my need perfectly.

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Probably not what you're looking for12/21/2009 9:48:39 AM

Pros: Holds 2 each 2.5" hard drives.

Cons: You won't have any problem mounting two 2.5" hard drives into these. Problem is if you want to install the mounted assembly into a 3.5" drive bay, you're out of luck. That's not what it's designed for. Not sure whey anyone would want this. Not sure what the manufactuer had in mind here. Mount them and just stack them on your desk? Outside of the case? Or maybe zip tie them somewhere inside the case? I don't know, but they're not what I needed.

Overall Review: I would give this product 1 egg if not for the fact that if you read carefully they don't actualy state that it's mountable. Very deceiving. I'm giving it 2 eggs. Be warned.

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NO Low Profile Bracket12/7/2009 6:32:57 AM

Pros: None

Cons: I'm very disappointed with this purchase. I own a soundblaster X-Fi gamer and I like that card (now that the bugs are worked out), but this card is a disappointment. My advise, spend the extra money and get the gamer version.

Overall Review: The reason I'm really upset with this purchase is because I can't get a low profile bracket for it. I've bought creative cards before that didn't include the low profile bracket and then simply ordered it directly from them. This time however I contacted creative labs to order the bracket and was told by thier customer support that they no longer carry low profile brackets. I'm very disappointed with them. I don't understand why they have chosen to stop selling brackets for thier product. Low profile builders be warned!

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RAID array on a card....cool10/19/2009 6:30:29 PM

Pros: Anyone who has or at least has considered building a high end SSD RAID array quickly realizes that the basic on board RAID controller you find on most motherboards (even very high end ones) just isn't going to cut it for multiple drives that each have read/write speeds of 250 MB/s. For that you need a high end RAID card running on a PCIeX8 (or at least X4) lane. This product from OCZ is a fascinating solution to that problem. It's basically a high end raid controller with multiple hard drives in a RAID_0 configuration all built into one package. No cables, no mess. Pretty cool.

Cons: It's GREEN! Why do manufacturers keep making super high end components on ugly old green boards? Can't complain about price. It is what it is. Top of the high end user market.

Overall Review: If I could afford one of these I'd be paying someone else to write a review. Even at it's extreme price this is the "mainstream market" version. Check out OCZ's website for thier "high performance" versions. They have one version with a fully enclosed case that is all black (with a blue wave design). Part number is OCZSSDPCIE-1ZDRV1T , but it's not on the OCZ website.

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Soemthing Different6/19/2009 7:21:43 AM

Pros: The first time I looked at this case I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing correctly. The placement of the power supply is interesting to say the least. This design allows for what is arguably the smallest possible full ATX case (that still includes full size drives and other standard components). The frame is sturdy and well designed for ventilation purposes. This case is truly unique. It's short on HD mounting bays, but you can put 2 each 2.5" Solid State Drives (RAID_0) in one bay and a full size large capacity magnetic drive in the 2nd bay. Bottom line is this case will allow you to use a full ATX MB with 2 (or maybe even 3) full size video cards and is smaller than many MicoATX and HTPC cases. Awesome!

Cons: Would gladly pay an extra 10 bucks for a version with a black interior to save me the trouble of painting it. Also, the third exterior drive bay is a fixed 3 1/2" size when it could have been made into an optional additional 5 1/4". *Be aware that this case will not fit many after market coolers. If someone would care to post some recommendations such as I have done for video cards below it would be greatly appreciated.

Overall Review: As others have mentioned the removing of the plastic bracket for the power supply is necessary for the extra space required for large video cards. That being said he's some details on what exactly WILL fit. The interior length of the case is 39cm (with the plastic bracket removed). You're average ATX power supply has a depth of 15cm leaving you with 24cm for a video card. A GTS250 is 24.13cm long and will fit, but will literally touch the back of the power supply. GTX260-295 are all 26.67cm long. The solution to fitting these large cards is finding a shorter power supply. Assuming your cards power connectors are on the top and not the back you'll need a power supply with a depth of 12.33cm or less. Micro ATX power supplies willl work, but they'll require a bracket. Item# N82E16817338009 will work perfectly. This 400w full ATX power supply has a depth of only 10.2cm. This requires an extra dedicated auxillary power supply mounted in a 5 1/4 bay for your video cards.

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How to Clean8/1/2008 12:08:16 PM

Pros: Like everyone else says the transfer rates are amazing, but what I look for in a drive is survivability. This thing has survived 3 runs through the washer machine!!!

Cons: It is a lint magnet.

Overall Review: Running it through the washing machine will clean all the lint off of it.

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A great TBSG7/16/2008 9:55:26 PM

Pros: Looking for something new I ran into something old and dear and was surprised that no one has posted a review. This game deserves one. This is a great Turn-Based-Strategy_Game. TBSG's are not everyone's cup of tea, but I love them. They are like a cross between a board game and an RTS (minus the "real time") and this is one of the best ones out there. It's an older game now, but the beautiful artistic style will make you forget you're looking at dated graphics that are mostly still. Because it's turn based it's a great game to play at work. Just like a chess game you can get up and walk away, and when you come back, it's right where you left it waiting for your next move. The races are well balanced with unique strategies for each one. It also has a "hot seat" multiplayer option where you can actually play another person on the same computer.

Cons: The new elf race added in the last installment is not as well balanced as the original 4 races. Adding the new elf mana resources and corresponding spell tree was a bad idea.

Overall Review: Disciples 3 was recently announced. Looking forward to playing it.

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Be Careful5/1/2008 12:29:37 PM

Pros: Lot's of good things have been said about this product and they are all true.

Cons: You seriously have to be careful with these because there is NO distortion at high volumes. It's hard to appreciate how loud they are because they are so crystal clear.

Overall Review: These work great with creative labs X-Fi 3D sound. The software has a headset mode that really creates a full 3D sound effect like a 5.1 system. These headsets are an excellent choice for a gamer using an X-Fi card. Unless....it's a FPS shooter and a Grenade blows up right next to you....

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Works well with HP Laptops5/1/2008 12:10:39 PM

Pros: Works very well with my HP laptop. A Compaq6910p in my case. CAS timings are as advertised. G.Skill is a great brand.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A lot of the latest HP laptops are marketed with single memory module configurations despite the fact that they are capable of running in Dual Channel. Ordering 1GB from HP is twice as expensive as buying a 2GB G.Skill kit from newegg!!! Go figure....

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Chipset Fails10/25/2007 2:37:38 PM

Pros: Board layout is good and everything is where it should be. Visually appealing.

Cons: The Chipset fails. When watching video I began getting freeze ups and BSOD's. I tried everything to make this board work for me. I replaced on-board video and sound with cards, but the problem persisted. I replaced the passive chip heatsink with a chipset fan which did bring the temp down, but didn't stop the unit from failing. I used an infared thermometer to test the various components and I noticed one small chip next to the PCIEX1 slot reading a whopping 130F when even the CPU was running at only 86F. I'm not sure what the chip does or if it is responsible, but everything else was running cool at the time.

Overall Review: I really put a lot of work into trying to make this board work (voiding the warranty by installing end market fans in the process). I'm very disappointed in this board. I think the 7025 chipset is to blame. I ended up replacing the MB with an ABIT NF-M2S and it works just fine. Not to mention it's less $$ than the AN-M2.

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Great Skill9/2/2007 1:07:39 AM

Pros: Great Skill in making of memory modules. That's what the website used to say until they hired a translator. These chips are awesome. They run cool and are very stable. I've bought about a dozen of them by now and I've yet to have trouble with any of them.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Without a doubt the best memory you can find and it's only on newegg.

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No HD audio9/2/2007 1:01:24 AM

Pros: 300watt power supply. If you're going for a high powered low profile system this is really your best option right now.

Cons: NO HD audio on the front panel connector! Normally wouldn't be such a big deal, but for a case that is designed for media center applications I would really expect the front panel audio to support HD. Also, the 3 1/2" drive bay does not have mounting holes on the sides. It only has them on the bottom. Not a big deal you think? Well...almost all of the card readers I've seen only have mounting holes on the sides. Make sure yours has them on the bottom if you plan on using this case.

Overall Review: The shiny mirrored surface is a fingerprint magnet. I'll never be able to use it as a murder weapon.

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Good Value9/2/2007 12:51:20 AM

Pros: Great Price for a good card.

Cons: This is one of those bothersome network adaptors that forces you to use it's third party connection software instead of just using windows. If you try and disable it or uninstall it the driver will go with it.

Overall Review: The range on it isn't too impressive, but it's about what I'd expect for the price.

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No bottom mounting holes8/14/2007 9:33:21 PM

Pros: It comes with Black, Silver, and Beige front bezels that are easy to change. It's cheap and simple.

Cons: No mounting holes on the bottom (unless you want to drill them). You actually can drill them because the back half of the unit is just housing. Not fun to do though. I plan on writing a much more scathing review for the Antec Minute case that doesn't have mounting holes on the side of the 3 1/2" bay. I bought this card reader thinking the silver cover would match my Antec case. Well...the colors match, but the mounting holes don't!

Overall Review: Aside from the before mentioned lack of mounting holes on the bottom of the unit this is a decent card reader.

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Great Buy7/9/2007 5:58:27 PM

Pros: Another great product from Acer. This one is big and beautiful. It's well packaged and arrived with zero dead pixels. Picture is awesome. Plays games well, no ghosting.

Cons: I placed it in the same spot as my good old 19" CRT (same distance from my face). I subconsciously compensated by scooting back about six inches from where I would normally sit which resulted in a nasty case of carpal tunnel. I fixed this by pushing it to the back of my desk so I can see the whole thing now without having to sit back further. Consider yourself warned.

Overall Review: If you're married and your wife has her own computer you must buy this monitor for her computer as well. If you only get it for yourself you will be in trouble.

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Great Gift7/9/2007 5:35:11 PM

Pros: Good card, good price

Cons: none

Overall Review: Great Gift for anyone who owns a digital camera

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Great Game12/20/2006 2:29:18 AM

Pros: This is a great RTS. Each race is very unique and it's a real challenge to master the different tactics for each race. The upgradeable hero units are a great feature. The engine is beautiful and plays surprising well on mid level systems.

Cons: There are some balancing issues. Also, the fact that a defending territories structures are persistant can be a real pain.

Overall Review: Going up against two differnt AI oppenents on hard or higher settings is very difficult. That could be a pro or con depending on how much challenge you want from a game. I would like to see at least one more expansion from this series with the current engine.

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