Just got it, but loving it so far10/11/2019 4:29:59 PM

Pros: thin but packed full of power

Cons: it has a lower graphics card then I am used to, but I am adding an external card for my dock

Overall Review: Speedy shipping, arrived in perfect condition. Easy set up. I was able to get it up and running and playing WoW quickly! So far things are going well.

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Bleeding edge, Flimsy, Convoluted Nightmare.10/13/2017 6:39:19 PM

Pros: Will power a 1080ti easily.

Cons: The setup process for this thing is a nightmare, you have to make sure your laptop is 100% compatible. Update the thunderbolt firmware to the xg station 2 package, Update the thunderbolt drivers, and good luck figuring out which one will work with your machine. Speaking of Asus directly, some of their laptops (Even the same model series) need a different bios, some have thunderbolt drivers, others do not. And if that isn't enough you need to have the creators experimental update for windows installed. If you have a Gsync laptop, you need an external Gsync monitor for it to work. Once you get that mess taken care of and it's running. It sounds like a Jet Engine. I get that this is more function than finesse, but if this thing had wings it might take off. The exhaust fans are louder than my 1080ti strix fans. I will be moving this under my desk to dampen the sound. I can't even hear my g752vs underload.

Overall Review: This was an expensive investment. I'm glad I did it because I really enjoy the idea of being able to take my games with me without losing too much performance, and when not mobile having a desktop. But I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone really. It's near impossible to set up and then it feels flimsy and is extremely loud. Being an Asus fan, with rog everything... I can't help but feel a little let down by this product... even though it performs. A small part of me wants it to break within warranty so I can convince myself to send it back. But after all the effort I went through to get it working. I'm holding on to it.

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Use the drivers off the website4/22/2015 9:33:44 AM

Pros: Decent wireless adapter if you have an AC router

Cons: Included drivers disc sucks

Overall Review: Get the drivers off the website prior to installing this adapter. It will save you the headache that you are reading in other reviews.

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Awesome PORTABLE case4/22/2015 9:30:46 AM

Pros: First I'll start with the build I put into this case because I know that's the first thing people are going to think... "will such and such part fit in this cast" I'm running: mitx motherboard (obviously) 8 gbs ram gtx 780 windforce edition 1 tb rotational drive 1 256gb solidstate 650w seasonic non-modular atx powersupply intel i5 devils canyon (cooled with an H80i) This case was really fun to work with once you get the inside cage out. There is one side that collapses on the motherboard IO panel that once it's unclipped you can remove the cage unhindered. Plenty of room for any full size graphics card. Had to read the manual to figure out where they wanted to put the rotational drive (under the graphics card of all places) The hotswap bays do not come with a power cord or sata pre attached remember to connect them on the bottom of the cage. Now on to everyone's big worry. I used a full size 650w seasonic atx powersupply on this build, non modular. There are two positions to mount the powersupply, Flipped (air pulled from inside the case) and standard (air pulled from outside the cage. I went with the first option which put my cables toward the top of the case, well away from my ram sticks. Getting all the cables of a non modular powersupply to behave was a bit of an endeavor but not impossible. So yes, get a modular powersupply, yes a full size will fit without interfering with ram. Very quite case, handle is sturdy enough. Exterior is all plastic, while the inside cage is steel. I've owned lots of coolermaster cases, antec, corsair, and this is by far my favorite. If your looking for a smaller build, consider this as your buy.

Cons: The inside lock for the key mechanism should have been metal instead of plastic.

Overall Review: To sum this case up, it's like raidmax took their best engineer and gave him the cheapest materials and said make a Rembrandt Very happy with the case.

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Get them if they go on sale4/22/2015 9:17:34 AM

Pros: Comfort- I've owned DT770 pros, K701's, and quite a few other headphones. While these are not the most comfortable ones I've ever worn. They're still pretty nice. They don't put any pressure on my ears or the top of my head and their fit is similar to logitech G930 if you've owned a pair of those, the build quality is around the same as the G930 as well. I can easily wear these headphones for around six hours before my ears start to feel warm. Very happy owner. Sound- The sound is astonishingly good for bluetooth headphones, I used samsungs adapt sound to measure how flat their graph was and I was pleased with the result. While these will not rattle your head with bass, you can still tell it's there. Very warm and pronounced. The bass is a bit round but I still enjoy it very much. Mids and highs are exactly where you'd want them to be. Battery life- I haven't delved into just how long they'll last without a charge because I rely on them for work. That being said I can work all day and not need to charge them... when I'm not wearing them I just hook up the microusb cable and let them juice up.

Cons: DO NOT USE WITH THE BUILT IN MIC! when I tested out the mic that's built in with these I lost the quality sound these produce, and the mic's pretty poor itself. Interestingly enough when you choose to not use the mic as your input device on your pc the audio goes back to being pretty incredible.

Overall Review: $119 is too steep for these headphones, I pick up my pair open box for $50. I did have to open up the headphones and solder a disconnected wire in the right speaker. But if you know what your doing it was painless and simple.

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First impressions... kinda meh2/19/2014 6:01:03 PM

Pros: It's a little different then my razor black widow... red switches so the tactile feel is similar, but it's quieter.

Cons: despite the mechanical nature of the keyboard I can't help but feel let down on the build quality. It just feels cheap. I'm hoping my impression changes in the future. The packaging in which it arrived was also poorly executed. unboxing for many of us is part of the joy of upgrading... but the packaging was cheap. cardboard.

Overall Review: While I'm sitting here typing on it, I notice I am faster typing on this then the black widow... but it just feels cheap. It's the keycaps I think. the base is aluminum? And most everything else is metal... but the key caps... feel... Nintendo-ey. They'll do the job but feel fisherprice. Metal key-caps next time corsair... You'll be the first to do so and will hold market share until the others emulate you. my two cents.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Buggy2/19/2014 5:55:04 PM

Pros: Material used is high grade. doesn't feel cheap, and nvidia is trying to make it work.

Cons: if you game in three display portrait, or any portrait monitor mode for that matter your stream will display as rotated on the shield... meaning the top will be on the left of the shield display and the bottom will be on the right. I've contact nvidia about this bug and they said they'd patch it... but nothing so far.

Overall Review: if this issue isn't resolved I will most likely end up returning the shield. I work from home, and play on the same pc, which mean triple portrait is beneficial for me to use. However the stream issue has prevented me from using it. I loaded an emulator on it and it doesn't skip a beat. the tegra processor is very powerful and the execution is flawless... just buggy software when streaming from your pc to the shield. It's very heavy.

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You can't call yourself a gamer without one2/19/2014 5:49:46 PM

Pros: Features, Speed, Software, Build material. all of these are professional and well engineered. if your still running a 300mb router, trade that sucker in. You're not a gamer if your still using it. The jump in connection speed between your router and pc is substantial. High-frequency trading interest you? get this router. It has what you need to script your trades as well as the speed. Also comes with Asus cloud storage program. haven't used it but it sounds neat.

Cons: You need a 5ghz wireless adapter to take advantage of the 5ghz wireless band... kind of a Duh statement but it was something that occurred to me only after purchasing it.

Overall Review: This thing is the Bentley of routers right now. The software offers you network monitoring, QoS, VPN, and the speed is absolutely amazing. The high powered band makes dead zones a thing of the past and paired with a equal adapter I am now faster wireless then I was using a wired connection.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Not bad11/8/2013 7:04:28 PM

Pros: High airflow, low decibel Led's aren't over the top, but they are visible and nice looking. Metal ring on the inside rim that I wasn't expecting. I stepped on one during installation and it didn't break.

Cons: plastic shell is cheaply put together there is definite play in the housing.

Overall Review: would buy again.

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Kinda cheap for the cost11/8/2013 6:54:56 PM

Pros: Nice closed loop cooler with good instructions, benchmarks show great temp control on fermi so I figured I'd give it a shot on a r9 290, which their website says it fits.

Cons: Shroud is cheap plastic that seems a little excessive, arctic could have made this less preschool and more professional but that's just me.

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Really Impressed2/27/2013 1:34:09 PM

Pros: Lightweight, Fast, Decent sound, sexy laptop.

Cons: the power key is right next to the delete key, has a ton of bloatware that needed to be removed. Missing some drivers and this model is not listed on the asus support site.

Overall Review: Takes some scavenging to grab all the correct drivers but if you know what your doing this will make a great laptop for you.

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Lol small cables4/2/2012 9:51:41 PM

Pros: They work, faster than the regular sata I had laying around. make sure to change bios setting

Cons: cheap plastic connectors. one broke on me very easily so be careful with installation. glad I ordered more than i needed.

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tonk toys review10/6/2011 10:48:23 PM

Pros: nice to have the set

Cons: arrived broken. had to fix.

Overall Review: next time don't send broken things to people. package was obviously not damaged in shipment and the defect occurred from origin.

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Kungfujuice8/26/2010 10:46:14 AM

Pros: Purchased this product for the size and speed, this is my first SSD and it does not dissapoint. programs open before you click it seems like. games load faster then they ever have before. I am very, very pleased with this product. It comes with bay adapter so theres no need to buy a third party installation adapter. installation was easy and quick. theres no extra stoftware to install. its plug in a go with this drive. windows installed on it in less then 15 min.

Cons: I cant seem to get a rating higher then 6.9 from windows

Overall Review: i've been really happy with this purchase. from the user friendly installation to the flawless performance. Gskill has impressed me once again. system: 965 3.8ghz asus crosshair formula IV 4gigs kingston hyperX @1600 gskill 120g SSD coolermaster silentpro 700w 1.75 Tb hard drive space

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Crosshair IV7/16/2010 1:39:56 PM

Pros: I just upgraded from an msi 790fx-GD70 and the difference is jaw dropping astounding. my temps are all 30c~ below when not under load, when running games and other high performance required programs speedfan shows 40~c, the speed, performance and looks are just perfect. i couldnt ask for more from a motherboard. Using the auto overclock in the bios I achieved 4ghz with an H50 cooler and arctic silver 5.

Cons: the box doesnt come with mounting screws so i hope you have some handy. not sure why the PCI express slots on the bottom are so close together, good luck getting more then two cards on this board.

Overall Review: the ram slots are different then any other board ive used... scared me a little when installing but i was able to install without difficulty. ---------- system Phenom 965 deneb black 4 gigs of kingston ddr3 2 saphire 5770's in crossfire 700w coolermaster sniper case just did an instance on WOW 240 fps this board is killer!

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