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Works Well, almost a 5 Egger

LSI MegaRAID SATA/SAS 8704EM2 3Gb/s PCI-Express w/ 128MB onboard memory RAID Controller Card, Kit
LSI MegaRAID SATA/SAS 8704EM2 3Gb/s PCI-Express w/ 128MB onboard memory RAID Controller Card, Kit

Pros: Latest firmware/management software has "power down idle disk" option! Will have to play with it and see if it actually works. Haven't tested it yet. It does work with Seagate 1.5 TB ST31500341AS. I have 4 of them in a Raid5 config.

Cons: Could use more flexibility in scheduling Media Patrol Checks, LSI's software only lets you choose Continuous, or Every X Hours. It can not be set it up for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly @ X time. This is important to know exactly when it starts so degradation in performance can be accounted for quickly and predictability. Every so many X hours setting allows for the repetition time to drift depending on completion duration.

Overall Review: Take the supplied CD and chuck it, as usual it is grossly out of date. Update to the latest firmware immediately from the LSI website and install the latest managing software. Windows XP 32 bit does not see my LUN that is 4.5 TB. Vista 64 bit sees it.

Most Critical Review

Never again

Adaptec 2251900-R PCIe x4 SATA / SAS 3405 SGL/128
Adaptec 2251900-R PCIe x4 SATA / SAS 3405 SGL/128

Pros: Well built, and it did get the job done.

Cons: Adaptec Storage Manager configuration software will not be able to set up a LUN larger than 2 Terabytes. You must use the BIOS on the card to do so. What a joke. Also, No on board reset to factory default values so good luck skipping a media wipe. Skip the media wipe/check until the LUN is created, 6+ hour wait on a 1.5 TB drive. A media check can be done after the LUN has been configured and you can walk away with job finished and check for drive errors the next day.

Overall Review: Adaptec seems to have stopped development, latest Adaptec firmware release was October 2008. Latest Storage Manager configuration software release was August 2008 and has not address the 2 Terabyte setup limit. Adaptec seems to have continued updating the Storage manager for 5xxx series but not the 3xxx series. Very disappointing. Never again will I use an Adaptec. Next time I will go with a 9690SA-41 from 3Ware/LSI. They just updated their firmware in May 2009! Or another option is the LSI 8704EM2.

Works Wonderfully

Tablo SPVR2-01-NA Digital Video Recorder
Tablo SPVR2-01-NA Digital Video Recorder

Pros: Chromecast support with Android works, Responsive Android app. Web app works great. Will work without a subscription, you just don't get the pretty program info or handy "Record Only New" option, etc.

Cons: There are bugs, Just get a Chromecast and use with Android or your computer and you should be fine. Streaming to Roku/AppleTV or Fire seems have bit more issues (unconfirmed by me) but why bother with them if you are an Android house.

Overall Review: Immature company but check out their very responsive user forums, they do seem to care about making the good box even better. If Roku/AppleTV or Fire is so great, why doesn't it have a few RF tuners and record off air then? They are afraid to compete with free offerings,that is why. Chromecast/Web app/Android App streaming just works. iDevice streaming seems to work too but not verified by me. Yes, there will eventually be a subscription based model but you need to pay someone for organizing all the program info. Would rather pay Tablo $5 than only get half the offerings via HuluPlus for $8. And you can skip ahead 30 seconds a time on the Chromecast streaming. HuluPlus filling in their un-skip-able commercial breaks with promos and unpaid non-profit tear-jerker garbage spots really upsets me. Hulu should just make the commercial break shorter, they are making them longer all the time. Hope you are reading this Hulu.

Too Flexible

20x Soft TrackPoint Red Stick Cap Mouse for IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T60 T61 T40 T30
20x Soft TrackPoint Red Stick Cap Mouse for IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T60 T61 T40 T30

Pros: They were received

Cons: The rubber is too soft to work properly. It almost pops of under normal use. Care must be taken not to over stress it or it will slide right off. Functionality not even close to the original replacement. Shipping states 15 days, it took 20.

Overall Review: Should have known better purchasing from a third party that ships out of China.

GMA 3600 on Linux stinks

Foxconn nT-i1500-0H0WBNA Intel NM10 Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System
Foxconn nT-i1500-0H0WBNA Intel NM10 Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System

Pros: Price, runs cool, has a NIC, came with SSD, BIOS on takes a few seconds,comes with two mounting methods, size of a paperback. Seriously, it is built tough enough. You get what you pay for people.

Cons: Deal breaker for me was the video was not up to the task. Installed 5 different flavors of Linux 32 bit & 64 bit and VLC couldn't even decode mjpeg 1280x800. Zero 2D or 3D hardware acceleration. Should have read Wikipedia: GMA 3600 on Linux Since some version 3.3 there is rudimentary experimental support in mainline kernel through CONFIG_DRM_GMA500 and CONFIG_DRM_GMA3600. 2D and 3D acceleration are not yet supported by the FOSS driver. There are proprietary solutions in MeeGo and Yocto that are not easily portable to most other distributions.

Standout HD Cooler!

MASSCOOL SYTRIN Kuformula SHF1 Ultra HDD Cooler – BK
MASSCOOL SYTRIN Kuformula SHF1 Ultra HDD Cooler – BK

Pros: Has a actual excellent sink design that works. I have started including these in systems that I need the operating drives reliability probability increased by keeping it as cool as possible. Most effective way to do so on the market.

Cons: Could be redesigned slightly to allow for a tad more air flow over the top of the heat sink -1 Egg (It is the best cooler available to my knowledge) & I am not big fan of the lights. Some customers, and understandably so think the lights look like their kids computer. When are the kids going to start piercing their computers with gold & silver studs, they already got tattoos (skins) for them).

Overall Review: This HD sink cooler is the only design out their that I have seen the works. Hard drives by design don't have a good way to sink off heat from the top or bottom. Most HD coolers just blow air over and under them. Sides are out of the questions because of mounting considerations. This gem has an effective thermal transfer pad that sandwiches between the sink and the hard drive. The fans do make noise, but if you are so concerned about noise, get a SSD!

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15 days is actually 20

Took 5 more days to ship than claimed. Soft TrackPoint Red Stick Cap wasn't even close to having the same functionality as the original replacement part

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