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Good Monitor9/17/2007 4:04:42 PM

Pros: Had monitor for about 3 months now and it's perfect for gaming. No complaints here.

Cons: none

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8/8/2006 7:46:01 AM

Pros: AMD 2800+ 2.3 ghz 1.5 gigs of memory. This card rules I've been playing Oblivion on high settings even though my system doesn't meet the ghz requirement (3.0 I believe it is) I do experience some frame loss in the woods where the detail is just ridiculous but I've put in 20 hours to the game so far without having to lower the settings due to poor gameplay so it works in my book. Oblivion probably has the best graphics out there currently so if my PC can handle this game, I'm set for a couple years. Halflife 2 runs awesome on max settings, Hitman Bloodmoney Max settings, Postal 2 high settings, Far Cry medium/high. I'm going to go for F.E.A.R. next because if it can handle Oblivion I'm pretty sure F.E.A.R. won't be a problem.

Cons: The card is big and you may have to move a hard drive to fit it.

Overall Review: Best AGP card money can buy.

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Runs Great6/23/2006 9:36:42 AM

Pros: I just wanted to add an update to my post down below. The electrical burning smell did go away after a couple of days so I do think it was just the new paint etc of the video card that was emitting it. I did add an extra case fan in under my PSU to help with air flow because my PSU runs fairly hot. After a few days it seems fine so far with a 430w psu. Games so far HL2 runs excellent, Hitman:Blood Money runs excellent on high settings with all shadows on. Farcry unfortunately I can only run the game on medium with 1 or 2 settings on high without it getting choppy. The graphics for that game are just too intense. I used to only be able to run it on low and the game was still choppy so it's a definite improvement. I'm very pleased with this card, for the price it is worth it.

Cons: Size (had to move a hard drive to fit it) uses a power connector directly off PSU.

Overall Review: If you're thinking about it, do it, there isn't a better card for this price range out there

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Good6/21/2006 10:48:45 AM

Pros: 3rd stick I've gotten over the last year, so far, no problems with it. Good price, good memory, not the greatest out there but it's good enough to get you by even for instense gaming.

Cons: None

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So far so good6/21/2006 9:10:56 AM

Pros: AMD 2800+ 2.1 GHZ 1.5 Gigs of Memory and so far plays HL2 on Max settings flawlessly, haven't had a chance to test it out on anything else yet but HL2 used to lag like crazy now I can spin on a dime np and the reflections are insane!! I wish i had gone with this to begin with, huge upgrade over an FX 5500

Cons: I've only had it for 1 day but like the other reviews have stated it runs really hot, I've got a 430w psu and my pc smelled like some electrical parts were frying, however after 3 hours the smell did die down (my psu or mobo would have burned out if it was frying in that time) but I have a feeling my psu is being taxed and will probably burn out, I'm playing it safe and going with a 500w supply. I've got 2 dvd drives, 2 hard drives, sound card, floppy in addition to the video card so I'm sure my system is taxed

Overall Review: Great price and if you are running agp and looking for something to get you by until the transition over to pci, this should last you. I plan on running it for at least 2 years.

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