Great specs at a great price, wish it had tech support to match1/9/2017 5:14:01 AM

Pros: Plenty of bells and whistles to keep everyone happy - Two USB 3.1 ports, one Type A, one Type C - RGB LED strip headers for full software-based case lighting control - Dual BIOS for testing O/C settings or other experimental changes - Clear CMOS button on the back panel; not quite a pinhole button, but it is recessed to prevent accidental bumps - Hex debug codes via onboard 7-segment LEDs as well as a set of four LEDs, all documented in an actual paper manual - Onboard power/reset buttons, so you don't have to fiddle with front panel jumpers or try shorting them with a screwdriver or the like BIOS has "EZ" and "Advanced" modes for beginners to power users - Found most settings I'd ever be interested in playing with in there, plenty of options "Steel Armor" on PCI slots provides reinforcement for heavy graphics cards - Maybe a gimmick, but normally the soldered pin connections and plastic slot are the only thing offering support on the far end of the card, so I won't say no to more physical support Dual Intel LAN ports are nice - Many mobo manufacturers cheap out and use Realtek or other chipsets; while the others have gotten better, they still have higher CPU usage and generally slightly higher latency (really not noticeable unless specifically benchmarking) - Some "premium" mobos offer Intel on the primary NIC but still use Realtek/etc on the secondary port -- double your drivers, double your "fun" when installing or troubleshooting - Integrated surge protection on the network ports... I've seen more than one computer fried because of a lightning strike or other surge through cable/DSL/etc and back up the ethernet cable

Cons: Board seemed to have issues with the M.2 slot - Didn't detect my 256GB Intel 6 series M.2 SSD, even though the 512GB model in that family is explicitly on MSI's compatibility list for this board - I get that sometimes stuff is just defective, it happens... but when it does happen, support is king, and that brings me to my next point... MSI tech support is garbage, there's just no better way to put it - Completely ignored the detailed support form I submitted with all my product and accessory details (mind you this is THEIR form that has eleventy billion fields for all the details!) - Gave me "by the book" troubleshooting steps that didn't even apply (telling me to change a "M2/SATA" jumper that doesn't exist on this board) - Went back and forth with me mostly saying "yes I've already done that" or "no that's not a thing on this board", finally was told to RMA it - MSI wanted me to pay the return shipping for a defective item - GG Newegg for the extended holiday return period, and for footing the return shipping for defective items Could use more PCIe slots: - One x4 slot is adjacent to the primary x16 slot and is inevitably going to be blocked by a beefy gfx card - The only other x4 slot is next to that so a card there is separated from the gfx cooler by a centimeter or less and potentially obstruct airflow depending on the size of the x4 card, thickness of the cooler, and fan location on the cooler - I'd rather the M.2 (which is really just a specialized PCIe slot) and x4 slots be reversed; the gfx cooler might make it difficult to swap SSDs, but the SSD wouldn't impede airflow like many x4 cards might I/O could use refinement - Chunky I/O cover thingy gets in the way of the upper-left and middle-left screws when working inside a case, especially if you have liquid cooling radiators installed (yes I put the mobo in first, but when taking it out for RMA I didn't want to take the entire cooling system out too) - Audio jacks are all black-jacketed (except the primary speaker/headphone out) so you have to rely on difficult-to-read tiny red on black printing on the I/O faceplate for figuring out what plugs in where... especially difficult when working behind your computer

Overall Review: I love a lot of the features on this board, and you get them at a price that doesn't break the bank. Beyond the defective M2 slot the board seemed very stable and reliable. Even with the defective board, I'd be willing to rate it 4 or 5 stars for the features and stability... if the support were at all useful. Instead, I spent a week or so going back and forth in emails only to be told to do things I could find in a YouTube troubleshooting video or the like if I didn't know how to do them already, and then MSI wants me to pay the return shipping to send back a defective product. SMH. *** UPDATE 1/09/2017 *** After reading about similar issues on the MSI forums and getting no answers from their support, I contacted Newegg who were happy to change my RMA from replacement to refund. I've sent back the MSI board and switched to the EVGA X99 FTW K board and haven't looked back. It runs (and boots) the M.2 drive no problem, and all I had to do was change the "M.2 Slot" option in BIOS to "Enabled". It's obviously not the chipset that's to blame for the board's M.2 woes, so until MSI gets a BIOS update out that addresses this, stay away from this board if you need M.2 support.

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Good battery life, and a good ride once you're used to it2/18/2016 3:34:12 PM

Pros: - Once you learn how it handles, this scooter rides smooth. - Charges quickly and has good battery life. - Doesn't seem to get too hot either during use or charging.

Cons: - Gets "twitchy" if you try to put your foot on it at too much of an angle (I think it's trying to overcompensate for the angle) -- step on it carefully or it'll thrash around some. Once you're used to this behavior it's easy to avoid though. - Has a speed "safety" limiter that, if you're not expecting it, will throw you right off the scooter. The intent is to "warn" the operator, but it's quite the shocking "warning". It does start beeping as you approach that speed though so you have an indication it will do this soon -- back off when you hear it and you'll be just fine.

Overall Review: - I use a Tripp-Lite SK10TG timer on the charger, set to 3 hours. Prior to using the timer I never noticed the scooter getting too hot when it was left on the charger, but I know some of the fires have occurred due to faulty (or perhaps missing) charging circuitry so using an outlet timer that kills the power after 3 hours is just an extra safety measure. The scooter charges in about 1 - 1.5 hours, so 3 is plenty for it to top off. - I refuse to call these things "hoverboards", because THEY DON'T HOVER. Marty McFly had a hoverboard. This is a motorized scooter. - I use my scooter in the office, primarily to traverse a ~200ft hallway several times a day, so it gets intermittent use. I don't know if it might have overheating problems if you tried to ride it like half a mile continuously or something.

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Spend a little more and get something better8/8/2015 2:56:24 PM

Pros: * Allegedly supports Bluetooth * Has front panel Aux In * Has a mute button

Cons: * Doesn't play audio (calls or music) from my phone over Bluetooth * Front panel feels cheap * Claims 52W x 4 output (that's 208W peak total), but is fused for 15A (which at a generous 13.2V running on battery is 198W) * Volume knob makes weird popping noises inside the deck at higher volumes (increasing with the volume)

Overall Review: Fortunately I loose-tested the deck before installing it. I was able to pair it with my phone without a problem, but when I tried to play music my phone certainly thought it was outputting to Bluetooth, but the deck didn't switch to BT output; same for call audio. This deck doesn't have a dedicated "Bluetooth" mode, just "Radio" and "Aux In", and is supposed to automatically switch when it receives BT audio -- this didn't happen. I was also disturbed by the popping noises that the volume knob made with each click at higher volumes (I tried turning it up just to see if the Bluetooth output levels were really quiet). It sounds almost like an electrical crackle with each "click" of the knob, starts at around volume ~45 and increases with the volume up to the max of 63. On the bright side, even when I cranked the volume there was no hiss or other background noise on the speakers (though my car was off, so there was only internal electrical noise to be had, not alternator noise).

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Works alright, needs better software1/2/2013 8:44:59 AM

Pros: Reports heart rate fairly accurately, easy to put on and remove the monitor

Cons: Terrible software. The software recommended for use in the manual isn't actually affiliated in any way with Bowflex. The iPhone software requires a newer version of iOS than my fiancee has on her iPod touch so that's entirely useless to us, and the Android software mysteriously isn't compatible with any of our Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Evo 4G, or rooted Nook Color). Ended up using a "fitness program" called Quentiq, but it only displays the heart rate in tiny numbers at the top of the screen... not terribly useful for monitoring one's heart rate while working out.

Overall Review: The monitor apparently uses the "60Beat" protocol, so in theory any app that can read that protocol will work... problem is, there is only one on the Google Play store compatible with any of our devices (why the other is listed as not compatible with a brand new Galaxy S3 in the US is beyond me) and it's not really hot for actually monitoring heart rate. The only one in the Apple App store requires a version of iOS that our iPod Touch can't run, so we're out of luck there too.

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Worked great... while it lasted12/27/2012 10:37:20 PM

Pros: Fast, high capacity. Can play back HD video (720p) from it no problem.

Cons: Just had mine fail on me after just under 5 months of moderate use. Had been using it in my EVO 4G (original), and transferred it to my Samsung Galaxy S3 about a month ago. Was trying to copy a video off it, when suddenly things went wonky -- tried rebooting the phone, and now the SD card doesn't show up at all, in the phone, or in either of two computers with SDXC card readers.

Overall Review: Primarily used it for storing music, video, and pictures, nothing write-heavy (would load the stuff on once, then just view/listen to the media). Hopefully this is just one defective unit, and not endemic to the series.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It's a hub!6/27/2012 9:59:31 AM

Pros: Does what it's supposed to -- lets you plug more USB stuff into your computer. Comes with a 2A power supply to charge things or power bus-powered devices like portable hard drives. Plenty of space around the ports so plugs don't crowd each other.

Cons: Not inherently wall-mountable

Overall Review: I haven't tested this extensively with high-speed devices (flash drives/hard drives) -- just plugged in a flash drive to make sure it didn't give the "this device can perform faster if plugged into a USB 2.0 port" warning, and threw a few files around. Also, if you're interested in wall-mounting it, wallhub at the-doktor dot net can tell you how!

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Great monitor for the price!6/27/2012 9:44:48 AM

Pros: * 1920x1080 resolution provides ample screen real estate * Bright, crisp colors * No dead/stuck pixels * No noticeable ghosting while gaming (TF2, Diablo 3) * Easy-to-feel side-mounted controls -- out of the way, but not out of reach * No eye-burning power LED

Cons: Minor gripes really, but: * No built-in USB hub I got used to having this in my Dell monitor, and it was great for my scanner and wacom tablet -- simple solution is to get a $10 USB hub and stick it behind the monitor * No height adjustment or pivot Again, used to this on the Dell, and it sits low on my desk -- I had to put a book under it to bring it to the right height * Tilt (front-back) is hard to adjust My biggest gripe -- the tilt mechanism is very stiff, but the monitor itself is rather flimsy, so you can't just grab the top of the monitor and tilt it back and forth because it feels like you're going to break it * Only comes with VGA cable and no DVI-VGA adapter Many video cards today only have DVI outputs, and if you don't still have the DVI-VGA adapter the card came with, you're going to get stuck buying a new adapter or cable.

Overall Review: Really, you can't beat this monitor for the price... it replaced my old 20" Dell from ~2005, and I'm loving the additional screen space it provides. D3 and TF2 look beautiful on it, and the high resolution is nice for amateur Photoshop work too. I'm not sure this would be a great monitor if you're into BYOC LAN parties though; it's lightweight, but the shell feels flimsy and I'd be afraid of breaking it in frequent transit.

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Great little box for a router4/25/2012 8:52:29 AM

Pros: * Small and quiet; does have a fan, but amongst ambient room noise, I can't hear it * Lots of USB ports for expandability * Easy-to-open case; small phillips screwdriver and some gentle prying (with a short fingernail or small flat screwdriver) pops it right open * Low power consumption... about 15W under light load (measured using Kill-A-Watt)

Cons: * Included wireless card (Realtek 8191SE) does not have good *nix support -- easy enough to replace with a good Atheros card though

Overall Review: Built a home router out of this using pfSense, for about $200, including 2GB RAM, a USB ethernet adapter (for WAN port), and a 30GB SSD. If you plan on using a non-Windows OS, do yourself a favor and get an Atheros AR9280-based wifi card -- keep in mind it needs to be a half-length card to fit in the case though!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable customer, Thank you for purchasing Foxconn products and taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback. Your business is appreciated. Best regards,
A comment regarding bulb color1/9/2012 9:56:19 PM

Pros: I do not own this bulb, but use it's "sister" product, the RLLB-11002. The intensity of the RLLB-11002 easily matches or beats a 40W incandescent bulb. So now you pick whether you want COOL white or WARM white.

Cons: People don't understand color descriptions and color temperatures

Overall Review: "Cool White" bulbs are going to give off a blue-tinted light -- that's what "cool white" means. If you prefer the WARMTH (yellowish) of an incandescent bulb, you might want to consider buying a "Warm White" LED bulb; if you hate the COOL (bluish) light of fluorescent fixtures, you should probably stay away from a bulb that is described as "Cool White". I don't know how blue this bulb is, but from other bulbs I've seen rated at 6000K, I didn't think they were "sickly"; personally I slightly prefer a "cooler" light tone (and have some cool white LED bulbs I picked up at a local hardware store), but the warmth of the bulbs I bought doesn't bother me in the least.

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Great bulb when it's on sale1/9/2012 9:49:54 PM

Pros: Bright! The lumen rating puts these bulbs at about a 40W incandescent equivalent, and I think they're brighter than that... I might even say they're close to a 60W. The heatsink does get rather hot (but not nearly as much as an incandescent bulb) but the dome of the bulb barely gets warm. All five I've installed put out a good solid white light that at least matched 40W bulbs -- since that's what I replaced with them, I'm happy with it!

Cons: Turn-on delay; I haven't figured out if it's temperature-related or use-related or what, but all five bulbs I ordered take about 1-2 seconds to turn on from when the switch is flipped. It's at least better than a cheap or old CFL that takes minutes to warm up to full brightness, because once it comes on it's at full brightness immediately. I think this is a designed behavior, since all five did the exact same thing.

Overall Review: The color is indeed "warm white", meaning its output is like an incandescent; if you're worried about the "bluish" tinge some bulbs have (note those are referred to as "cool white"!), this is the bulb for you. The light output is closer to yellow than blue, but not offensively so; certainly no more so than a regular 40W incandescent bulb.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, The time delay is in fact a feature of the bulb and not a defect. The reason we did that is to have the bulb last longer than the already long lifespan of a LED bulb. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Works with AOL on Mac10/17/2011 6:41:10 PM

Pros: Plug-and-play detection on Mac OS 10.4, and after a little trial and error, got it to work with AOL software... connects at decent speeds (45k+) and seems to be stable so far.

Cons: Other reviews indicate fax and caller ID functionality is hit-or-miss at best. We're not using these features, so it's not a big deal to us. Also, there is no apparent documentation regarding using this device with Macs. Since it is a Mac-compatible (and *nix-compatible for that matter) hardware modem, I would expect them to try and sell and support this feature a little better.

Overall Review: Bought this for my blind brother-in-law, who uses AOL on a mac because it's what he's used to and has great accessibility features. He got a new iMac that didn't have an internal modem, so I got him this. Took a little work getting it set up, but now he's online and happy! When configuring AOL, found that the "Supra 56K v90" on "USB Modem" combination did the trick. If you can't find a suitable driver on your OS of choice, try something Supra-related :)

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Great camera, strong IR LEDs3/6/2011 10:04:00 PM

Pros: Good image quality for 640x480 (resolution isn't everything!), both day and night. When the camera is focused properly, images are very crisp and the subject is clear enough for my user (who is legally blind) to perceive and understand. Seems to get very good wifi reception; it can reach a USB dongle (using an ad-hoc network) on the second floor from down in the basement! The FTP upload functionality is also nice, and works as advertised once you get past the somewhat obscure labeling of some of the options regarding the FTP upload setup. For the most part, does what we need it to do and does it well!

Cons: IP address configuration is screwy -- no separate configuration for wired/wireless; if you set the IP for the wired network, it tries to use the same IP on wireless! Wireless security doesn't seem very cooperative and doesn't support WPA2, only WPA. Couldn't get it to connect to an old Mac running Panther/10.3.9 with WPA or even just WEP enabled, had to use an open network. Will be getting a router soon, hopefully everything will play nice with an AP network versus ad-hoc.

Overall Review: Most of the issues I have with this camera could probably be addressed with a firmware update (assuming the hardware is capable of managing two separate network configurations for the different connections). The IR LEDs are also intensely bright, which caused a lot of glare in the close-range application (~6 inches) we're using it in. While playing around with it though, those IR LEDs seemed to provide pretty good illumination range in the dark (objects clearly visible at 10+ feet). I made a little cardboard "horseshoe" and taped it over the IR LEDs, and the IR light that spills out around the edges of it is enough to light up the subject at close range. Also, don't forget to play with the focus ring on the camera lens if you're getting a blurry image! More than once, we'd think there was something wrong with the camera, then realize the focus ring had gotten bumped -- tweaked it a little and got our sharp picture back!

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My favorite case8/10/2010 9:47:42 AM

Pros: * Solid build overall, doesn't feel flimsy * The included rear/top fans are very quiet * Plenty of room for more 120mm fans * Special SSD mount at the bottom * Great customer service * Case opens easily - both sides, and the front panel * Good clean aesthetics - not plain, but not gaudy

Cons: * Needs to be a hair deeper - Blu-Ray drive butts right up against one of the chassis fan connectors of my Asus P6X58D motherboard (within 1-2mm of it) * Received mine with a broken reset switch, though Antec was quick to ship me a new one * No easy way to install a 3.5" device (no 3.5" opening or bracket)

Overall Review: Other Thoughts: Since this case only has 5.25" bays, it would have been nice if Antec had included a 3.5"/5.25" bracket that matched the front panel; I had a 3.5" card reader that I will now need to buy a bracket for, and it probably won't look as nice as one that Antec might've included. Also, as I was putting the case together, I noticed the reset switch felt odd... tried to take it out of its bracket and the whole switch fell apart. I knew it would be too expensive to ship the case back, so I tried contacting Antec via their website and asked if I could somehow get a new switch - 48 hours later, I receive an email stating that they're shipping out a replacement. No hassles, no expensive RMA shipping - just them sending me a new switch. I'd definitely buy this case again -- the build quality (reset switch notwithstanding) and design can't be beat, especially for the price. Easily as good as other cases costing twice as much.

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Good case overall... perhaps needs better QA8/8/2010 10:48:16 PM

Pros: * Solid build overall, doesn't feel flimsy * Plenty of room for fans (two empty 120mm bays in front, one empty 120mm bay on the side, a 120mm fan in the back, and a 140mm fan on top) * Special SSD mount at the bottom

Cons: * Needs to be a hair deeper - Blu-Ray drive butts right up against the motherboard (within 1-2mm of it) * Received mine with a broken reset switch * No easy way to install a 3.5" device

Overall Review: Since this case only has 5.25" bays, it would have been nice if Antec had included a 3.5"/5.25" bracket that matched the front panel; I had a 3.5" card reader that I will now need to buy a bracket for, and it probably won't look as nice as one that Antec might've included. Also, as I was putting the case together, I noticed the reset switch felt odd... tried to take it out of its bracket and the whole switch fell apart. I've submitted an RMA request to Antec regarding the matter, and their response will determine whether they have a chance of earning that 5th egg.

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Better than I expected8/8/2010 10:40:17 PM

Pros: * Fairly easy to install * Can be modded in certain situations * Catches a good bit of dust, and cat hair!

Cons: * Requires extra clearance to install

Overall Review: When installed normally, the filter housing adds about 4mm to the width and height of the fan, and 7mm or so to the depth, so they may not fit in special fan recesses in a chassis. However, I modded one to fit in one of the front fan bays of my Antec Three Hundred case by cutting the corners off the filter material and pressing it into the fan bay first, then sliding the base plate of the filter housing in, followed by the fan itself -- essentially using the fan bay in place of the housing's lid. With the lid, the housing was too wide to fit in the fan bay, and too deep to attach to the other side of the fan... so I eliminated that. These filters also seem to muffle the noise ever so slightly, and while I'm sure they're reducing airflow some as well, I think the payoff of slightly reduced noise and greatly reduced dust in the case makes it worth it.

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Nice low-noise fans8/8/2010 10:32:21 PM

Pros: * Relatively quiet * Good airflow for the noise level * Nice red glow - noticeable but not glaring

Cons: * Frame is a bit flimsy when attempting to screw it in

Overall Review: While certainly not silent, these fans emit a lower-frequency noise that is less grating than smaller-diameter fans, and they don't make much of it. Airflow is pretty good too.

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