Bought this to finally get a 3080 and most of the components I needed5/12/2021 12:51:26 PM

Pros: - Able to get a 3080 FTW3 without waiting 2 months on other pre-built sites. - The Asus TUF x570 was the exact board I wanted when trying to build my own but could never get a GPU. - The case was not as terrible as other reviews made it out to be; it feels fairly sturdy and the glass does not feel cheap as other cases I've owned. - Cable management was done nicely.

Cons: - Out of the box the fans for the AIO cpu cooler are leaf-blower loud. Opening any application would send the fans from a low buzz up to 100%. You MUST download a fan utility (In my case EVGA Flow control) and set the fan rpm down. Even on lower RPM setting the CPU didn't go much over 45c even while playing Cyberpunk. -Rear case fan wan't even plugged in. Had to remove AIO Cooler fans to find the fan cable. There was an open plug on the fan controller open so it must have just been overlooked. -If I could only have found the 3080 FTW3 on its own I could have built this system much better and for quite a bit less but time constraints won out. -AIO Cooler fans are milometers away from the RAM. Be sure to check the clearance before your first boot! -RAM showing as 2133. Had to go into BIOS and enable DOCP for it to show as 3600 -Still having troubles getting the RGB for the RAM to show up in any lighting software - mine is still stuck on the rainbow setting... -Afterthought: the ASUS bios for this board works well but is clunky - Just use your keyboard to navigate because the mouse is almost unusable.

Overall Review: If you don't want to wait for a good GPU to be available before next year, this is a good option. You won't be handing scalpers a dime and the system itself runs quite well once tweaked a bit.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Clint, Thank you very much for supporting ABS, we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. If you have any suggestions or concerns please write us as well! We strive to make our products better. If you have any questions about your product please feel free to contact or call us at (800)685-3471. We will be glad to answer all your questions in a timely manner. Thank you again, ABS Customer Support
Great design, but should have gone with new.11/21/2018 9:03:58 AM

Pros: - Modular plugs are so much easier to build with - Construction is rugged and does not feel cheap

Cons: - Lasted less than a week on new PC build

Overall Review: Would not recommend buying refurbished. Rebuilt system three times to make sure everything was plugged in secure and correctly but every time the fans would begin to spool up it would shut itself off. Changed nothing and swapped in my old PC's power supply I bought in 2011, also a Corsair, and the PC works perfect. Returning for a refund and sticking with the old one.

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G276HLDbd Acer 27"10/29/2013 10:01:42 AM

Pros: * Great color straight from the box. * Easy to set up - if you don't have a screw driver handy a nickel, dime or penny will do to attach the base mount to the screen. * Wonderful size-to-cost ratio - I got it on sale for $259.99.

Cons: * No HDMI input. * No built in speakers. * The base, while stylish, could be a little more stable. * The menu buttons are hidden underneath on the right side but once you learn the menu system are easier to use - some may see this as more pro than con. * I just missed the $80 off sale where these were $219.99!!!

Overall Review: I bought 2 of these while building a system for my father. One for him and one for myself. I initially went with these because of the price, size and had read one of the reviews where someone said it came with DVI and HDMI cables. This is not true and doesn't even have an HDMI input. I had hoped to also use this as a secondary monitor for PS3/Xbox (and still can using a dvi-hdmi adapter as it is HDCP compliant). No eggs off for my impulse buy without reading closer!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Won't be buying any more Foxconn6/23/2009 8:38:35 AM

Pros: It's a nice red color. 6 Sata's and 2 e-sata's out the back was nice. Very solid construction. Excellent cooling system.

Cons: I've had problems since I installed it. The specifications say that accepted ram is 1600/1333 standard and 1800 with overclocking so I bought 6gb of OCZ 1600 so as not to fuss with overclocking and the board doesn't even see it at the lower 1333 setting... it sets it to some crazy 1022 and even going thru the bios having to OC it to come up normal 1600 it sometimes saw it as that and sometimes posted lower. So very frustrating. Next thing is the HD audio kept having problems cutting out sometimes booting with no sound at all. As of 6/20/09 there was a bios update that was said to fix this HD problem so I installed it - The machine will no longer post and just sits there with a blank screen now. The onboard debugg led goes thru a bootup cycle and then stays reading 01. The manual says it's an Intel MRC code for quick and easy system debugging but then says nothing about what the codes mean or where to find out what they stand for.

Overall Review: So here I am 1 month and 3 days with a computer that does nothing now even after clearing cmos and discharging the battery which should set the bios back to the defaults. Also tried putting it in another case with 1333 ram and a different video card and the same debug 01 error and not even a post screen. Trying to find any information online has been a nightmare. Poor forums and never received email back from the service center. I will not be buying Foxconn again. I went with the cheaper board because of cost restrictions and got burnt by the flaming blade.

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The price is right6/5/2009 9:35:37 PM

Pros: Priced at a fourth it's original market value and came with the belt-clip flip case. The Sansa software is all right and completely usable but if you feel more tech savy and feel you need to be able to bend it to your will, the Rockbox software mentioned throughout these reviews is a nice option to have. I've bought a few of these for friends for birthdays and this last one I bought had the dreaded "Key Locked... Shutting Down" problem when I went to first start it -- Luckly, I was born with apposable thumbs and was able to switch the lock "key" on the top of the player to the "un-locked" postion and was then able to turn it on as normal... While I should put this in the Cons section, the player looks very Mac'ish, especially in the flip case, but I had fun fooling my friends at a night of coffee into believing I had gone iPunk; would only drink my espresso from a demitasse, and that their freakishly large notebooks made me SICK!

Cons: In all seriousness, the cons I found were as follows. In order to use higher than a 2gig micro SD card you will need the Rockbox software. Someone else mentioned a low hiss when the music hits quiet points... this seems to be true and I found it was the sub-standard earbuds provided (only reason I dropped an egg from my rating). I bought a 10 buck pair of phillips earbuds and this seems to have fixed that problem (Also, being white it finished the iPuke look and sold my friends on my newfound Mac epiphany). Lastly, I actually got it to lock up completely! I put an unknown movie format, .MKV, in the video section. Had me scared because the blue-ring light was the only thing on and it would NOT shut off. Finally I found online that you just need to hold down the power button for 20 seconds and it resets, enabling me to plug it in and delete the BAD BAD video file. Oh, Also, while it doesn't seem to scratch easily, it is a fingerprint magnet.

Overall Review: Only other thought I have that may be of use to people looking to buy this is "DON'T PANIC!". Being a somewhat older player many, many, people have owned this player and have had practically everything that could go wrong already happen and have how they fixed their problems posted in forums online.

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Cue the Rocky theme music...2/15/2007 10:12:38 AM

Pros: This case is a real champ. The first thing I noticed about it was its considerable weight. The thing is built like a M1A1 Abrams... one that glows blue! Solid. The screwless design made fast work of mounting hard drives and dvd-roms. I can't say enough about how easy this case makes installation; I will never buy another case that doesn't have this fold-out design. The amount of fans keeps it very cool and there is room to add more! I didn't find them to be as loud as one of the earlier reviewers mentioned. The APEX SL-D460EXP ATX12V 460W Power Supply matched up very nicely (also glows blue).

Cons: It's heavy - I know I had this in the Pros section also, but if you are into lan-partys and/or plan on moving this around alot this is not the case for you. The HD-light is in a strange spot (not very visible). The magnets that keep the front panel closed seem a bit weak. As sturdy as this case already is, it would have been nice if the front panel had been metal as well. If your PSU has short cables it makes it difficult to open the motherboard panel to a flat position.

Overall Review: Overall - the Pros of this case far outweigh the minor negatives I listed. And if, for whatever reason, this case happend to get destroyed by either taking a direct hit from an anti-tank missile or being at ground zero of a nuclear blast... I'd be buying another. Did I mention it glows blue?

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