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Love This Controller3/12/2020 7:57:12 PM

Pros: - Wired and wireless Bluetooth options so you can always play. - Works perfectly on PC. - Very nice weight. Sits heavy in your hand...but a comfortable kind of heavy. - Micro USB. Plenty of cable length. Easy to replace with any other micro USB if original gets damaged. - Haven't had any issues with the D-Pad playing on emulators (NES & SNES)

Cons: Should be wireless without needing AA batteries.

Overall Review: I've played all the Batman games on PC with this controller, and every game had flawless control.

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Perfect for XBOX Wireless Controller3/12/2020 7:43:26 PM

Pros: Perfect for recycling batteries in my XBOX wireless controller. 2 in controller while 2 are charging. Perfect balance.

Cons: NA

Overall Review: At first, I was all bent out of shape not knowing which model I was going to receive (seeing as how they picture at least 3 different models). But at the end of the day I decided, does it really matter? It'll be plugged into my wall and I'll never really see it (probably under my desk where I'll NEVER see it). It charges my batteries. Duracell is a trusted brand.

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Couldn't Ask for a Better Case3/5/2020 6:21:21 PM

Pros: - Looks great - The front panel, with the abstract designs, are actually abstract to the touch. It's not a visual illusion. You can feel the bumps from the design. Very cool in my opinion.

Cons: - The only thing I'm not sure of, and is why I'm writing this con, is I'm not sure if there's a thickness standard to case fans. The removable front piece of the PSU shroud didn't give me enough room to mount my third 120mm fan at the very bottom. I bought 3 fans for the front of this case, removed the shroud section, and the fan wouldn't fit. Just something to keep in mind if there is some thickness standards with case fans and AIO's.

Overall Review: I really do love this case and I would definitely recommend it. If I'm wrong about the fan thing, then so be it. But I wanted to mention it anyways.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Jason, Glad to hear you like the case! Regarding your experience installing 120mm fans in the front, there should be enough room for three of them. You may need to remove the middle fan first to let the bottom-most fan slide into that slot in the PSU shroud. If you'd like further assistance, we'd be glad to offer our help. Please call us at 855-446-3722. Best Regards, Andrew Leibman, Fractal Design North America
Good Case3/5/2020 5:58:42 PM

Pros: - Average cable management. Gives you about an inch on the side panel to work with. I've worked with much worse. - Has everything you need for a slightly higher than basic gaming setup.

Cons: - For the price I was surprised it didn't come with a PSU shroud and a rear fan.

Overall Review: It's a solid case. Above basic regarding the standards in this price range. This would be a great case for a first time builder to get their hands dirty with. I think it's worth the price given my cons. I like it. It looks nice in my bedroom.

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So Far So good3/5/2020 5:45:03 PM

Pros: - Easy install. Works perfectly fine with Ryzen 3rd gen. - RGB lighting. - Aura Sync software runs fine.

Cons: The only con is that I don't know how to review ram. It's ram. It works fine for my setup.

Overall Review: Running a Ryzen 9 3900x and 2080 ti just fine.

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The Wobbly Chair From Wobblesville5/12/2019 4:23:07 AM

Pros: * Stylish * Comfortable material. * Leg extension and recline feature considering the price. * Includes both lumbar & neck pillows considering the price. I've seen similar chairs in this price range not include one or both of the pillows, let alone a leg extension for recline functionality.

Cons: * Plastic wheel base. Plastic arm rest. Plastic wheels. It's a solid plastic, tho. At this price, you gotta take it for what it is. * Although it has an extension for stretching out your legs and leans back fully, the leg extension seems flimsy and shady. I knew I wouldn't be using this feature when I ordered this chair due to the limited space in my room, but I did test it out a couple times and thought it was noteworthy to mention. Feels like you might fall over when you lean all the way back. And the extension for the legs feel like they might break quickly. They just don't seem sturdy enough (fake metal rods encased in a plastic housing). * The seat does not recline! The back does (as is shown in the video), but not the seat (y'all know what I'm talking about). I like to tilt the seat back when I sit and this doesn't have that feature. For $150 you'd expect a chair to be able to do that! I can buy a cheap $60 chair at WM that tilts at the seat. This is unacceptable! I almost want my money back just because of this lack of functionality. And before you start questioning as to whether or not I should have read the description...FOR THIS PRICE I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! Features like this should be there (Take notice to how it's claimed to be a $400 chair by the slashed price. Do you think a $400 chair should have this feature or not?). * Does not go low enough. This chair, at it's lowest point is as high as the WM chair I replaced it with at it's highest point! As a result, the armrests are 2" too high over my keyboard tray. So when I play games my wrists are at awkward angles. * I thought all the other reviews complaining about the wobbling were FOS, but boy was I wrong. This thing wobbles left to right and back to forth. Not a little bit, mind you, but a whole lot! One thing to note is that the wobble is only drastic if you're forcing it to wobble...meaning...taking your hands and making it happen. But when you're sitting and playing a game or just doing office work or relaxing, it's a non issue and it's not anything that's noticeable at all. If you want absolute sturdiness this isn't the chair for you. * The neck pillow location would be problematic for anybody over 6ft. I've seen reviews claiming comfortability over that height (6' 2" and beyond) and I call bullcrap on that. There's no way. Not using the neck pillow, anyway. I'm 5' 10" and the neck pillow is perfect and cannot go any higher. * Lastly...the name. I never respawn, baby! I pwn all day every day!

Overall Review: I'm 5,10" and currently weigh 260lbs. and it supports me just fine. The seat cushion doesn't feel like it'll decompress anytime soon. Aside from the lack of seat tilt, I find myself very comfortable in this chair. It's a nice chair for what it is (average). Would I return it for the lack of seat tilt feature?...YES. Aside from that, and the wobble you don't even notice unless you force it to happen, it's a decent chair. But is it decent at it's price point? NO! Should be sub-$100 for what it offers. Bottom line... I think there are better chairs out there at this price point, but you may find yourself debating on features between other models since some chairs are lacking in some areas while others are lacking in others. As for me...I wish I spent the $400 on a nice chair I REALLY wanted as originally planned. How I came to my rating... From 5 eggs... -2 eggs for no seat tilt. $60 chairs have this. No reason a chair this expensive shouldn't! -1 egg for wobble considering the price. You sacrifice design quality for aesthetics. +1 egg for comfortability and aesthetics. I do find it comfortable at my height and weight.

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Perfect for HTPC Using Sempron145 CPU5/7/2019 10:11:52 AM

Pros: Did exactly what I expected it to do. Very nice, inexpensive card if you have an old PC laying around that you want to re purpose for video playback & streaming.

Cons: Go for the 2GB if you can.

Overall Review: Paired it with a Sempron145 running Linux Mint just for DVD, Netflix and YouTube. Works fine. The Sempron by itself couldn't handle any video whatsoever. This card fixed my issues. Wish I got the 2Gb card, tho.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for sharing your experience with the GT 710 graphics card! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Absolutely Wonderful Mouse11/12/2018 5:08:09 PM

Pros: Absolutely wonderful mouse to compliment my keyboard and gaming usage. I'm a budget and casual gamer who has gamed with substandard mice before and had no problem. I can't speak to the intricacies of this mouse...all I know is that it seems to perform much better than other mice I've used in the past. EXTREMELY pleased with this purchase! The extra buttons are a huge plus for the key assignments I use. But in reality, it only has one extra button compared to my G300s. It's so comfortable in my hands. Even fits well in my son's hands (he's 13). I love the base that sticks out as a thumb rest if you want to call it that. It comes with weights, but I like the weight of the mouse as it comes packaged. I haven't placed any weights inside it yet. It's just overall very comfortable.

Cons: There were two options for downloads for this mouse from the Logitech website. I wasn't sure which one to pick. I just wanted to be able to change the LED to red...that's all. After some Google searching I found my answer. Not a real "con", but I imagine there could have been some kind of guidance included with the product instructing you as to what to do or download. No biggie.

Overall Review: I'm not going into any detailed pros and cons here. My last gaming mouse was a Logitech G300s and it served me VERY well. I was extremely happy with that mouse and it sill works well to this day. I decided to upgrade considering that I built a new rig and I wanted something special to compliment it.

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Not Bad Quality Gaming Chair11/12/2018 4:06:56 PM

Pros: - Sturdy enough for a child in my opinion. - Comfortable. It is very comfortable to me. I'm just afraid to lean back on it too much (see cons).

Cons: * The wide L shaped bracket that attaches the backrest to the seat. It just doesn't seem like it's sturdy enough. It's attached to the seat and seems strong, but only 2 bolts hold it in place to the back rest (along with the armrests, of course, for extra stability). Once fully tightened I leaned back on it and I heard a slight cracking noise. For $70 I would have expected these two components to attach better, in a more secure way. I mean, I can buy a chair at (local brick and mortar) for $50 with this same put together quality...just without the color flair. And even those chairs never lasted long. * Arm rests are too high in my opinion. When the seat is in it's lowest position the height of the armrests from the floor is 27 3/4 inches. The average desk chair measures 25 inches...even the more expensive ones. Good luck finding a desk you like where this chair will fit under. Most desks only have 26 inches of clearance in the seating space, especially if there's a keyboard tray. Hell, the (local brick and mortar) chair I use right now measures 22 1/2 inches from floor to armrest at the lowest seating position and it still doesn't fit under my HUGE desk with keyboard tray. And that's a difference of 5 inches with this chair.

Overall Review: I'm 5' 9" and weigh about 250lbs. Not a small guy by any stretch of the imagination. Bought this chair for a friend for her 9 year old son for Christmas to match the red and black gaming computer she bought for him. He'll LOVE it. We did find a desk that this chair will fit under. Basic desk, cheap, no keyboard tray...perfect for gaming. I do feel it's more child friendly over the long term, especially considering the lean back factor I mentioned. But as long as you don't treat it like a Lazy Boy recliner I feel it would be a great chair for office and gaming tasks. I just like to relax and lounge in my desk chairs. Could be rated 4 stars, but I went with 3 because it seemed too average for the price for me. Would be 5 stars if that back rest bracket secured better.

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Logi IS Logitech. My Bad.11/11/2018 5:44:31 AM

Pros: It works. Plug and Play.

Cons: None (according to my needs. Just wanted a simple, cheap webcam for video chatting).

Overall Review: I wrote a 1 star review earlier because I believed I received a Logitech knock off since the logo on this one said "Logi" and not "Logitech". Turns out Logitech shortened their name. Now that I'm aware of this and comfortable knowing I have the right product I can safely give a good 4 stars and will be deleting the other review as soon as it's approved. I ordered 2 of these on two separate order numbers. First one came in that had "Logi" on the front...and second one came in that said "Logitech" on the front. Although my confusion about this is understandable, it was also very naive. Just know that you could get a model with either logo on it, so don't get bent out of shape like I did thinking it's the wrong product LOL. And Corn electronics still haven't let me down yet :)

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Pay More for Aesthetics11/11/2018 4:55:34 AM

Pros: First thing I noticed was the weight. These things have some weight to them. They don't seem to be cheaply made. Adjustable LED lighting. Good sound.

Cons: Could be louder. Volume control on back of speaker. Not a huge con since you can set the speaker volume to full blast and adjust volume through Windows...but anyways...Why not on the front? Adjustable LED switch located at the back. Not a huge con since we plan on leaving them on 24/7...but still...Why not on the front?

Overall Review: Bought these to compliment my son's blue and white rig. If it weren't for that I wouldn't have bought them. Although the speakers sound great they aren't as loud as less expensive ($10-$20) desktop speakers I've owned in the past. That's why I deducted 1 egg. I feel like they could have been made to be louder. They're perfect at full volume when sitting at the desk. When sitting on the couch about 6-8 feet away they still sound good as well, but you do get the feeling like you want them louder. In any case, I'm happy with them. My son is happy with them. And if you're not an audiophile, I'm sure you'll be happy with them, too.

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Aesthetically Pleasing For My Needs. Instructions are HORRID!11/11/2018 4:51:11 AM

Pros: * Aesthetics. Looks REALLY nice in my kitchen! * Price. Nice, cheap desk if you don't mind going mentally insane trying to figure out how to put it together Lol. * Potential to "add-on"...such as (for my needs) building an extended cubby tower on top of the cubby drawer at the right of the desk. * Easily modable/paintable/customizable. * Large seating space given small dimensions. * Enough room for full size keyboard and mouse to fit side by side on the keyboard tray. * The right side cubby drawer has a solid quality bottom to it. I was surprised! Usually, desks this inexpensive with drawers have cheap bottoms that sag over time. The bottom for this drawer is 1/8 inch thick and very solid. I'm EXTREMELY happy about that! * Order from VMInnovations. TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I had a damaged part, called their customer service 800 number and a new part arrived a day earlier than projected! They were on it like an Easter bonnet, baby! They have a shipping warehouse located 20 minutes from me, so item delivered next day after ordering. Spare parts ship from the mid-west (can't remember where). * If you have questions I will be happy to answer them promptly! (as long as I get a notification)

Cons: * Assembly. They're atrocious! (see "Other") * Not much storage capability if you plan to place your PC at the bottom. * No other Cons. The assembly is the only thing really wrong with this desk.

Overall Review: See my specs below regarding what size chair will fit all the way in the desk. I didn't find any solid answers to my question about chair size, but I bought anyway knowing I had a back up plan in place. So, this desk REALLY is nice! 5 eggs easily for aesthetics and construction (with one caveat, which brought the rating down). 10 eggs for price and what it offers. We purchased this because we needed a desk for a small space in the kitchen, but at the same time wanted something that was big enough to be comfortable while using. And since I had an idea to expand the right side cubby area for more storage it was a good choice for us. I don't normally like placing computers in cubby spaces due to overheating issues, but since it's only used for general Youtube and internet browsing and not any gaming that's fine. I gave this desk 3 stars because the assembly instructions are HORRID! (which is fitting, considering I put it together around Halloween :D). It probably should deserve 2 stars for this reason alone! The instructions are just pictures. Some of the desk parts were labeled and some weren't. All the hardware was labeled correctly. The instructions had absolutely no wording whatsoever...just pictures. Basically, you're putting this thing together by matchmaking...and what's worse, the pictures weren't exactly correct to the physical pieces. I'm the first one to be skeptical when reviews speak of difficult assembly, so take my word when I say, “if you see any reviews that speak of this they are TRUE”. Now, I could have put this desk together with no instructions, so I think it speaks volumes that even I had a hard time understanding them. So I used them as a reference only and relied on common sense instead. To say “common sense”, though, is a bit of a misnomer because not everybody has construction skills to understand how to put something like this together...and that's OK. I have experience building custom furniture, so that helped a lot. You may also need 1 helper to hold some pieces in place while screwing them in, but it's possible to do yourself. I used my son :) Certain sections of the desk should not be completely tightened right away (which is why wording in the instructions could have been very important) when assembling the large table want the back piece to be semi loose so when you install the top you can push up on the back piece so it locks tightly in place. And there are 2 instances where you get to a section of the assembly where you realize you have to unscrew the rail guides for the right side cubby drawer. Not a big deal. You didn't do anything wrong. Just unscrew them so you can complete the next step. And possibly unscrew them again and adjust to a new hole if that right side drawer doesn't fit flush like in the picture. My advise to those less inclined is this...when putting this thing together just take your time and look at all the pieces...and STUDY the picture instructions. There are clues as to what goes where. And let common sense (in a sense) help you the rest of the way. I guarantee that once you have this sucker put together you will feel a GREAT satisfaction. And maybe for that reason alone (the sense of accomplishment) you may want to consider purchasing this desk if you REALLY like it's aesthetics. Given my experience, I had this put together in 2 hours...and for a simple desk like this it should have only taken 30-60 minutes. But I was EXTREMELY happy once I saw it in place with PC and Monitor installed. Now, here are the specs for the chair and desk combination... MY CHAIR, at it's lowest seating position from the floor to the height of the armrests, is 25 ½ inches. I believe that's about an average measurement for most chairs like this. It fits inside the desk perfectly with a 1 inch to 1 ½ inch clearance without rubbing against the bottom of the keyboard tray. THE DESK, from the floor to the bottom of the keyboard tray WITHOUT THE KEYBOARD TRAY FRONT PANEL INSTALLED, is 26 inches. WITH THE KEYBOARD TRAY FRONT PANEL INSTALLED FACING DOWN, it measures 23 ¾ inches. Most chairs may not accommodate that height, though. You could also install the keyboard tray front panel facing up to create an extra drawer for storage, but there's no back or side panels to properly keep things in place. There's an easy modification for that, but only if you have the skillset. Some of you “crafty” ones could probably come up with ideas :) If you want to keep the keyboard tray front panel off you'll have to be OK with 3 holes showing at the front of the keyboard tray (due to the lack of installing the keyboard tray front panel). But you can easily get rid of them with some wood filler. Sand it flush once it dries, then paint the exposed area your desired color. That's what I plan to do. That keyboard front panel is going in the trash, baby!

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Bought it because I owed my roommate money. Lol!11/5/2018 9:41:11 AM

Pros: Good sounding headset and mic. Pink, if that's your thing. Cat ears, if that's your thing. They are removable. Comfortable. No headphone adjustment sleeves on the sides. It's more like a spring loaded type of deal (if that makes any sense). If you can see where the headpiece connects to the headphones in the product picture you might understand what I mean.

Cons: Price. A little too expensive for my taste. But I bought these for my female roommate who loves Hello Kitty type stuff Lol. She's very happy with them, to say the least :) And I owed her money, which is why I bought them Lol :D She picked them out.

Overall Review: Running Windows 10. Plug and play. They work right off the issues. Mic and headset sounds great. I played around with them for a bit. They have white LED lighting on the mic cap and sides of the headphones. No customization that I can see. The side headphone LED's only has two settings...pulsating and off. The pulsating is slow, but it's not like you'll see it anyways. I deducted one egg because...for the price...I would have expected more options with the LED. An $80 headset, in my opinion, should have more options. If you like the style and the cat ears appeal to you, then you should get these for their aesthetic quality. You just pay more for the aesthetics, that's all. No issues with mic or headphones.

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It's a good mouse11/5/2018 8:37:33 AM

Pros: Nice LED options

Cons: No software. No drivers. You cannot find anything online for this mouse aside from reviews and such. Not sure if it's compatible with Windows 10. It seems a bit laggy, but plays games Ok (TF2, Overwatch).

Overall Review: Windows 10 (1080p) i5-7500 / 1050 ti 75hz TN LCD monitor Bought this mouse for my son's gaming needs. Maybe he'll like it better than I do. UPDATE: My son LOVES this mouse. The lag went away after a couple days. Not sure what was causing it, but it was short lived...maybe because I had just installed Windows 10 and hadn't updated it fully at the time? I dunno. He's still using it to this day. He rates it 4-5 eggs.

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Nice, Solid Case11/5/2018 8:31:32 AM

Pros: Side panels are solid, not flimsy. Clear panel is also very solid. Plenty of room for a larger GPU, although I only used a 1050 Ti. Cable management seems fine.

Cons: Seems to only be able to hold one SSD and one HDD, but I'm not sure what options there are for this case for expansion. BIGGEST problem...The quick release HDD holder is flimsy. Sits loose inside the drive bay. If you install the HDD facing the left side good luck trying to get it back out. It must face the back side panel in order to quick release properly. Not a fan. Deducted one egg just for this alone.

Overall Review: If you're willing to live with the loose HDD quick release, which is a minor issue anyways, this case will serve you nice for a budget to semi-high build.

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It's a Fan and it Works Well11/4/2018 1:27:20 AM

Pros: 3 pin to 4 pin can be daisy chained Bright LED Cheap and works as intended

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought 3 of these for my old gaming PC that I wanted to spice up for a friend who's buying it off me as Christmas present for her son. I wanted something that looked nice without breaking my wallet. Red is his favorite color and these were the cheapest I could find. They work well. Nice and bright. I bought them specifically for aesthetics, not cooling, but I'm sure they'll keep a Radeon R9 270 in check. I didn't like the screws they come with so I paired them with rubber fan mounts.

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11/4/2018 12:11:16 AM

Pros: Solid stand. Doesn't wobble while gaming. I game on the keyboard tray, not the top of the desk (if that matters). Nice price for the screen size and specs.

Cons: Can't figure out how to put the cable clip on the back of the stand for cable management. Doesn't seem like it fits properly, unless I have to really press hard. I'll have to look at it again, but this is definitely a con since you'd expect something as simple as this to either already be part of the equipment or at least easier to attach. Not too thrilled about the power cord. I have to set the power brick on my desk and It just looks ugly to me. I'd prefer one single cord like most TV's and monitors have, but maybe there's a reason it's designed that way...I dunno.

Overall Review: First 1440p 144hz monitor I've owned...moving on from 1080p 60hz. Wasn't sure if I would like the curve, but I love it. I'm used to using a 42" flat screen TV as a monitor, so I was looking for the largest screen possible with these specs and within my budget. I'm extremely happy with the size of the screen despite being smaller than what I'm used to. I had a few models on my wish list, but was undecided as to which one to buy since the specs were the same between them all, so I settled on this one because of the red stand to match my rig and the brand name. I plan on buying again if my son ever has a need for higher quality gaming.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
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A Good Look With the Sound to Match11/3/2018 11:16:38 PM

Pros: Price to performance is outstanding. If you want good speakers at a reasonable price these are the ones to get. Love the design. Larger than I expected. These things have a good bit of weight to them. Definitely not cheaply made like other desktop speakers I've bought within the same price range.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bought these because I needed some test speakers for my work desk whenever I have a computer to mess around with. They sounded so good they quickly became the new speakers for my personal desktop. I also bought a second set for the downstairs computer because of this very same reason.

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Quality Matches Price11/3/2018 10:36:15 PM

Pros: Steel construction. Solid wheel base. Heavy duty wheels. Adjustable armrests. Adjustable lumbar cushion. Deep, adjustable recline positions.

Cons: Neck cushion not adjustable. I thought the neck and lumbar cushion both adjusted along the same strap. But the neck cushion just had a single strap that wraps around the headrest area. I can foresee it easily coming off, so I weaved the lumbar strap through it to keep it in place if it ever decides to try and slip off.

Overall Review: I've never owned one of these types of chairs before, so I can't compare this model to any particular model. But I can tell you this is the best quality chair I've ever owned...and I've owned plenty of $300+ office chairs. I bought this strictly as a gaming chair for my son to complete his set up and he loves it. I'm 5' 9" and he's quickly getting to that height as well, and it seats us very comfortably. His head rests on the neck cushion. He's slim and I have a stocky build due to weight lifting, so I was concerned about the space between the armrests being too close for our hips and able to sit with our legs spread. It has more room than I thought. Very comfortable. You don't feel restricted. I'd say most people over 6 foot tall would fit well in this chair.

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Sades for the win10/27/2018 7:25:56 PM

Pros: - Price - Good ear piece sound quality - Good mic sound quality. Mic stays in place wherever you set it. - Lightweight - Comfortable. I wear glasses and the one problem I'm always having with headphones is how they press the sides of my glasses and sometimes twisting them a little. These headphones don't put pressure on my glasses. VERY COMFORTABLE! - Fits over ears - Braided cord - LED. Just a little bit of LED to compliment my tower. I'm not an enthusiast, but I do like a little bit of LED on my keyboard, mouse and headset.

Cons: - Volume control is located too far down on the cord. Distance between the bottom of the headphone to the volume controls is 32 inches. I have to pull the cord onto my lap to avoid accidentally hitting any of the volume & mute buttons. I think it would be more suitable if it was located about 15 to 20 inches higher on the cord. - No clip. Not a big gripe, but it would be nice if I could clip the volume control to my shirt, especially considering how far down the volume controls are located. Easy fix, though.

Overall Review: I'm a dad and a budget gamer, so I love the cost to quality ratio I get out of these. I've ordered 3 different pairs over the last 2 years and they've all been great. The first set I bought was for my son and they lasted him a little over a year...but he's 12/13 and didn't take care of them very well (he rages sometimes Lol). The pair that I own is still in great shape. There is literally nothing bad I can say about any Sades headsets so far from my experience with them aside from the minor cons I mentioned. I really don't think these headsets are as expensive as the price they show slashed above the sale price. I'm sure it's an inflated price to make you believe you're getting something for an awesome deal. You should pick this brand up if you're a budget gamer like me.

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Great Headphones10/24/2018 8:05:31 AM

Pros: * Color matched the blue and white theme I was putting together for my son * Sound from headphones and mic is good quality for everyday gaming * Comfortable (for an adult and a kid) * LED

Cons: * The mic can easily swivel 360 degrees if you grant heavy usage to them. There's no locking barrier that prevents the mic from stopping at a certain point (technically there is, but it's easily bypassed. It's not like it's a brick wall barrier). As a result, my son, who's 13 years old, (over time and unbeknownst to his actions) twisted the mic too many times resulting in the wires twisting to the point that they frayed and broke. Lasted about 1 year due to this. Just something to keep in mind if purchasing for a kid.

Overall Review: I would recommend these headphones only if you can ensure proper care of the mic. If these were mine, they would still be in very great shape today. Because I liked them so much I actually bought a pair of red and black Sades headphones for my own use (same style). But unlike my son, I take care of my equipment. Lol I still give 5 stars to this great product despite my son's care, plus the fact that I liked them so much I ordered another pair for myself :)

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First High End Card Owned3/17/2014 2:38:29 PM

Pros: 1 - Quiet 2 - Has high performance for the dollar. 3 - Runs everything I throw at it flawlessly. 4 - It made me a sandwich for lunch, then told me to get back to gaming.

Cons: I don't have anything bad to say about this beast. There are more expensive, higher performance cards that I would like to have over this one, but this is what I could afford at the time and I am more than pleased with what it's giving me so far.

Overall Review: I try to stick with the $200 - $300 rule when buying a GPU. Usually, when you go beyond that price range, performance per dollar starts dropping big time. This bad boy will last me for a good long time, until I get that one game it can't play :P I'm about 2 years behind on my gaming. The newest titles I'm running with is Battlefield 4 and Metro Last Light; and I don't have a single issue with either.

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Budget Gamer i5-3350P3/17/2014 2:19:24 PM

Pros: 1 - This CPU can hold it's own against higher end CPU's, and for a nice price to the budget gamer. 2 - Will stay strong for a long time before needing to be upgraded, I believe.

Cons: None. If you're looking for a budget "INTEL" processor for gaming, this is about the best you can get for the price. This may be a Con to some people (not me)... * The "P" means that the video is locked within the CPU. You will not be able to run onboard graphics. You will need a dedicated graphics card. If your graphics card fails, you better have a back up card laying around :)

Overall Review: You can buy the unlocked version of this processor for 20 or 30 bucks extra. I decided to put that savings into my graphics card. After all, I could care less about onboard graphics if I'm dedicating my rig to gaming, anyways.

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Ram is Ram to Me3/17/2014 2:03:19 PM

Pros: It's Ram

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this Ram for a gaming rig I was putting together. Played many games for many hours and it hasn't let me down. To be honest, as long as it works, I never see any good reason to buy expensive Ram unless you're an enthusiast.

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Does What It's Supposed to Do3/17/2014 1:55:17 PM

Pros: 1 - Quiet 2 - Fast

Cons: None

Overall Review: I can't get any Linux live CD's to run on this thing. I've read that this is a problem with some optical drives. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or using incorrect versions. Who knows. The CD's run fine on my other machines. I didn't want to make this a Con, but thought it would be worth mentioning. Anyways...the troubleshooting continues.

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