Server CPU9/29/2015 10:41:30 AM

Pros: Low cost CPU for Intel based server Low power and heat output Great performance for price Supports ECC. No need to buy a Xeon CPU for server applications. If you need a server CPU that supports ECC RAM but don't want to pay the higher cost for a high performance Xeon part, look no further.

Cons: None

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FreeNAS build8/19/2015 8:31:57 AM

Pros: - onboard USB port - server grade, supports ECC - IPMI management - compact ITX for small NAS build - Dual Intel NICs - 6 SATA ports

Cons: none

Overall Review: Paired with a Celeron G1840, 8GB of ECC RAM, 3 hard drives inside the LIAN LI PC-Q25B case

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Great on a budget gaming rig8/19/2015 8:28:34 AM

Pros: Running a GTX 970 and Intel i5 without any problems. Reliable brand.

Cons: none

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Good value3/17/2015 9:45:36 AM

Pros: Decently-solid construction One of the few cases that have two USB 3.0 front ports at this price point. Easily removable front mesh fan cover and dust filter Good value for $40

Cons: Power and Reset buttons are in a strange spot. HDD activity light is overpowerd by the insanely bright power light. Stock fan in the front is very loud. Restricted airflow due to filter and mesh makes it even louder. Difficult to mount a hard drive when motherboard is installed. I would suggest installing the motherboard first without CPU heatsink or RAM as these were the two components that tog in the way when installing the Hard Drive. Knockout PCI covers are just lame.... Oily smudges show up easily on the exterior when handling.

Overall Review: For those complaining about lack of 2.5" SSD mounting options... just use one screw... anywhere... thats all it needs.

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Great value3/17/2015 9:05:14 AM

Pros: POSTs and boots extremely fast. Everything works. NO problems found. Great price for what you get - USB 3.0 header - 6 SATA ports - 3 display connections - 4 RAM slots

Cons: Only 1 fan header (besides CPU fan header) Lots of flex on the VGA connection when plugging in 24 pin was nearly impossible to connect / disconnect; extremely tight. No Intel NIC - it uses a realtek

Overall Review: Wish it had a 4th PCI slot Great value overall. Highly recommended.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Budget performance3/17/2015 8:58:58 AM

Pros: No PCIE power connector required Supports 3 displays Higher performance that Intel's integrated GPU Quiet fan

Cons: This is a single slot card, but the heatsink/ fan assembly takes up 1.5 slots blocking the lower PCI lane. I used this in a Micro ATX build and it limits my ability to install another card beneath it.

Overall Review: Didn't perform any benchmarks to share, sorry. By no means is this a gaming card. It's meant for lower powered systems that might need some graphics horsepower for professional use.

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Good value3/17/2015 8:47:56 AM

Pros: Good contender for the money. WIN7 boots up very quickly and programs load very fast.

Cons: It's not the fastest Thin aluminum casing feels cheap

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
Lasted less than 2 years9/30/2014 1:17:00 PM

Pros: Was comfortable at first.

Cons: Cheap fabric and filling. bottom got flat after 1 year and became very hard and uncomfortable to sit. Wheels were very stiff and the chair did not roll very smoothly.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback we will pass it along to our QA and Design teams. In the event that you are having troubles please do not hesitate to contact our support team at the number below. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
works great in the right application6/10/2014 2:03:25 PM

Pros: No frills, solid B85 chipset Mini-ITX motherboard. Pretty good layout. not much to say about it other than it works. USB 3.0 Header is nice.

Cons: Most of these cons can be simply linked to the limitations of the B85 chipset Only 4 sata ports. only 2 USB 3.0 ports on the rear. One of the biggest things that bothered me was the inclusion of only 1 case fan header. It would have been nice to have 2 fan headers - 1 for rear fan and another for the front fan. Too expensive for the lack of features. I understand Mini-ITX carries a premium price for some reason.

Overall Review: Paired this with an Intel Core i5 inside a Prodigy case. Look elsewhere for a feature packed setup

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Failed within 2 weeks6/3/2014 10:57:40 AM

Pros: Worked well for 2 weeks. Strong signal and reliable connection.

Cons: Large - will cover up surrounding USB ports PC started bluescreening after 2 weeks. athur.sys BSOD. Removed the wifi adapter and the computer worked fine.

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Dead USB ports5/7/2014 10:05:42 PM

Pros: Great features from the X87 chipset. Great looks, color scheme, general layout.

Cons: After about 6 months, I noticed my USB devices stopped working. Only 2 out of 6 rear USB ports were working. Front ports still work along with the other 2 headers.

Overall Review: i will be RMAing this board eventually.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact us at with the case number 109639 in the e-mail subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
Nice simple mobo8/6/2013 8:12:29 AM

Pros: Works with i3-3225 Ivy Bridge processor out of the box without a BIOS update. Runs 1600MHZ RAM! Rare to see that on H61 at this price. In addition to the CPU fan header, it also has two additional fan headers. Good placement of everything. Perfect for a basic build.

Cons: EUFI fan control doesn't work. Tried reducing the speed of my 3-pin 92mm front fan and it didnt matter which settings i used, it was still at full speed. Wish it had HDMI or DisplayPort, but usually you would have to pay a bit more for that feature.

Overall Review: Remember, you get what you pay for. DO your research. H61 is an older chipset with no SATA 6Gbps ports. NO USB3 found here either. If you want these features, look for Z87 or at least something newer than 6 series.

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Good for the price8/6/2013 8:03:33 AM

Pros: perfect for a basic build. I put this together for my roommate's parents. clean, professional look. buttons feel solid. Good price

Cons: Feels flimsy and cheap. No 120mm fan mounts - just 92mm for front and back. Shows fingerprints/oil everywhere. Power light is blue while the HDD light is red.... looks weird when they're both on. Doesn't come with many standoffs. Depending on the motherboard you use, you may need more

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Great8/6/2013 7:58:16 AM

Pros: Runs at 1600 MHZ on an H61 board using XMP Stable heatsinks look nice. good price, great brand.

Cons: none

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Good card3/20/2013 4:57:23 PM

Pros: PCIe 1x fits in any PCIe slot you can find on your motherboard. slim card with 2 antennas. N gives you good LAN speeds. No random drops. Works great with win7

Cons: Windows does not automatically install the driver. You need to use the disk or find a driver online and install it manually. I'd say about 2x per month, I cannot establish a connection on boot-up. I have to do a quick reboot to get a connection.

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