love the case even with design flaws1/11/2019 9:24:12 PM

Pros: 1)fits everything i have needed so far on 4 different types of builds from gaming to server 2)cheap for what you get 3)front cover does not really hurt air flow when fans are installed 4)looks good even being cheap 5)front cables will reach any point on the motherboard 6)many wire runs with spacing on the back side of the motherboard to hide all the wires with many tie down points 7)window frames the motherboard nicely and cuts out all the clutter of the PSU

Cons: 1)if you are using a full sized MIRCO ATX motherboard the front cut outs closets to the board will be covered and if you use a full sized ATX board all cut out will be covered forcing you to use the SSD slot's opening to wire the motherboard....about the only size mother that will let you use all the cut outs is a ITX mother and that is pointless in a case this big... 2)SSD mounting locations on the side of the case will not usable with the above motherboard sizes are used as you will have to use these cut out for main wiring on the maybe able to use one of them if you route all the wires in just one of the SSD bays but even then it puts the SSD data and power ports on angles that will be a problem with flat SATA it did not look good as my samsung logo was upside down on the SSD drive 3)5.25 has all the front panel wires hanging in front of it making a install of anything in that bay a pain.... 4)support for a 360mm water cooler???.....WHERE???....the only place it could go is in the front of the case....not only will you lose the 5.25 bay installing one that big but you will also not be able to install all 3 fans....the bottom fan wont fit because of the harddrive rack that is riveted to the bottom of the case and the very top fan of the 3 will have almost no air flow....BUT on the flip side it would be easy to get 2 240mm radiators in this case with one in the front and one on top with room to use the 5.25 bay 5)metal is thin and will bend if pushed on....still uses the old time slide guides on the edge of the case that will also bend with very little pressure 6)power supply can only be mounted with the fan facing down....not a big deal but it would be nice if you could flip it up so it sucks air from inside the case....with it only sucking air in from the bottom putting this case on a floor is a bad idea FORGET CARPET 7)wiring fans at the front of the case is a pain....there are NO cut outs for fan wires and i had to run the wires for my 2 front facing fans in to the harddrive cage and out the back of it to hide everything 8)do NOT get a massive power supply....i never get a power supply that is longer then a 140mm to go in this case as even a 140mm deep power supply covers about a quarter of the cut out for the power supply wires to run behind the motherboard tray

Overall Review: even with my grips its a great case looking at how cheap it is....just know you wont be able to really install more then 2 drives using a full sized ATX board as your only options become the harddrive rack and you dont really have support for a 360mm cooler like the box claims, you should be fine using this case....have bought 4 so far and will buy more as time goes on.....if you need more then 2 drives in this case i would go with laptop drives as with a mounting plate in the harddrive bays you could turn 2 spaces in to 4 using nothing but 2.5 drives and the mounting holes for the bottom and sides

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great little SSD drive GET IT1/11/2019 8:33:47 PM

Pros: reads and writes at speeds listed on the box and works on both intel and AMD based motherboards....for the price point it would be stupid to use a SATA based SSD over this as its 3 times faster then a samsung EVO sata based SSD.....(the last time i bought one it was only 10 dollars more then a 240gb SATA base samsung) WORTH THE 10 EXTRA DOLLARS FOR 3 TIMES THE SPEED

Cons: does not come with a heat sink....i have this on a system with a motherboard that has a built in heat sink for the M.2 slot....its 10 degrees F cooler then the system with no heat sink on this drive(i have 2 myself and have bought over 10 for other people)

Overall Review: for the OS and programs this is the best option....gaming on it is also nuts in the fact BF4 loads maps faster then people even running SATA based SSD drives for the game....for normal daily driver use everything opens the instant you click on a program

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great cheap fans1/11/2019 8:24:20 PM

Pros: 1)quite but still move a good amount of air 2)come with screws 3)same fans coolermaster includes with most of their cases 4)first set i bought was over 5 years ago and they still work 5)4 120mm fans for under 15 bucks ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Cons: 1)short power leads that are at best 15 inches long 2)mustard ketchup wires that stick out like sore thumbs 3)no molex adapters included but on the bright side they are not built in to the 3 pin power plugs like some cheap fans

Overall Review: need to fill those empty fan holes in your case for not a lot of money then these are your fans....hay they work well last for years and keep your system cool all at the same time not sounding like jet turbines other notes....old set would spin up at 400RPM's at lowest voltage and max out at 1000RPM's....the newer versions of these fans spin up at 500RPM's and max out at 1200RPM's.....the 2 sets i have running 1200RPM's is about 3 years old with no issues i build tons of computers in a single year and have used these for many years in everything from home made servers to gaming rigs...cant be beat for the price, number of fans and how much air they move

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works great other then the WIFI can NOT be beat for the money1/11/2019 8:08:47 PM

Pros: 1) great set up for overclocking with a 8+3 power phase 2) well thought out for the most part in layout 3) memory slots are not on top of the CPU socket so bigger coolers should fit with heat sinks on memory 4) lights built in to the board look good 5) easy overclocking options in the bios 6) included wifi antenna uses a magnet and can be placed on the sides of cases without it moving 7) below 130ish price point its a great board for the money and even beats boards that cost more in features 8) heat sinks for the M.2 slots really help....temps on the same drive are 10 degrees cooler with the heat sink on....(i have the same drive on this and on a other system...i wish the heat sink would fit the other system but it uses a custom bolt that is embedded in the board)

Cons: 1)wifi without using the A band i only see 50mbs no matter what my true internet speed is or what my router is able to out put that is up to 450mbs on the N band....if i use both N and A bands i get 450's...i have installed the intel controller software and had the computer in the same room as the wifi 250 dollar ACER laptop hits 80mbs in the same room with a single channel N only WIFI gaming it only adds about 5ms to ping times in BF4 and BF1 and runs fine but it would slow down massive game downloads if you only have a N based router(FYI my internet speeds at 112mbs to 110mbs on most days) 2) fan header placement kinda is at the bottom of the board in the middle of all the other ports, one is next to the CPU power plug at the top corner of the board, one is mid board for rear case fan like most and the last option is the secondary CPU fan port giving you a total of 4 besides the CPU main....this kinda stinks because you will have to run extensions to get front case fans hooked up to the motherboard on any of these ports...on the bright side the extra CPU fan header has its own controller...if you know you are only going to need 4 fans plus the CPU main fan, plan on getting fan extension cords for any fans in the front of the get 4 total plus main CPU......good number of headers just bad placement 3)NO USB 2.0 ports on the back of the motherboard for mouse and keyboard....i have never seen a 3.0 USB mouse and most keyboards still run 1.1 even for high end ones....i was lucky in the fact i had a old set of USB ports that go in a PCI-E slot but plug in to the mother ports for USB 2.0 to give me those 2 ports on the back of the case....most people wont care but i have a ton of things to plug in with a 3D printer and tons of other toys 4) the 2 SATA ports just below the main 24 pin will not be usable if any type of M.2 drive is used....does not matter if its X2 X4 or SATA based.....those 2 SATA ports get shut off....

Overall Review: if you can live with 4 SATA ports plus a M.2 drive and have real dual band router you cant go wrong with this motherboard.....even if you get rid of the wifi factor you cant beat this board at the current prices for what it gives you

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great little CPU1/11/2019 7:00:29 PM

Pros: runs great for gaming and is a massive update over a 4670k i was running....will support a GTX1070 and running 1440p at around 120hz in most games at max settings when paired with 16gb of memory

Cons: stock cooler stinks and you should get something will work but you wont do any over clocking with it

Overall Review: at its current price of 169 it cant really be beat in performance to dollar ratios

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great drive with management problems1/11/2019 6:55:45 PM

Pros: fast when used as a storage drive and getting a real world read speed of 540' load fast and i will NEVER go back to harddrives for games....would be great as a OS drive but paired with a 240gb PCI-E M.2 SSD main drive its bonzo fast for gaming

Cons: management software from samsung will set aside almost a 100 GB of space in software to keep the drive in good shape....if you dont want this drive to die a fast death understand you will have 837total GB of space to use and NOT the 930ish you get from most 1tb want this...the space is managed by the software as back blocks so you dont wear out the memory cells of the drive...

Overall Review: software takes 10% of the drive if you use it....only real con but i would rather have a drive that works for years then one that dies in 18months....did the same thing to my old 250gb EVO PRO and its 3 or 4 years old now....a friend that got the same drive at the same time never using the software....his died already and i know this from installing both drives after finding a combo deal for 2....USE THE SOFTWARE....i just wish they would find a way to do the same thing with 5% of the drive as that extra 45gb could be used for other things....

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good old Gskill1/11/2019 6:31:41 PM

Pros: 1)set works just fine 2)XMP file set all speeds, timings and voltage on 3 series intel and 4 series AMD motherboards 3)heat sinks are a lot lower then other makers 4)heat sinks are well made like all other Gskill's 5)can run over rated speeds if you know what you are doing

Cons: 1.35volt in needed to get rated speeds of 3000mhz and this could be a problem for some people as there are DDR4 motherboards that wont support anything past 1.25 volts....these sticks are NOT stable at even 1.30 volts trying to hit 3000mhz they are rated 1.25 volts they will get to 2666 stable

Overall Review: if your motherboard supports 1.35 volts and 3000mhz, they should work....i have used these on 3 series intel motherboards and 4 series with no issues so far...i have used Gskill for years and this is one more set i will use when its cheaper then other options for the same speeds and size

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cant believe they sell this low for a gold 80 plus unit1/8/2019 11:10:36 AM

Pros: 1)smaller then most power supplies 2)cable management is great 3)really quite fan 4)well made and its nice to have a powder coated unit 5)comes with nice set of Velcro strips to tie everything down with 6)bench testing the PSU with a dummy load shows very little ripple at almost max amp ratings on a oscilloscope very clean power

Cons: only 1....flat cables can be a pain if you want to zip tie things down.....only problem with this and its a small one you can get around by splitting the wire strip in the middle and doubling up the cable at a tie down point...

Overall Review: i have used seasonic over the years more then a few times and never had any problems....i still have one that is over 12 years old i modded to be a bench power supply for 12 5 and 3 volt options....VS EVGA, corsair or even some super flower PSU's the seasonic's always seem better made.....with a 10 year warranty you really cant go wrong at this price point even if you get it without a rebate....

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works great10/21/2018 12:08:37 PM

Pros: did not have to change any settings to get them to their advertised speeds....just clicked XMP setting 1 and everything worked

Cons: heat sinks are glued on and will slide around with force of putting them in a new motherboard...

Overall Review: with a lifetime warranty and the fact they worked out of the gate will be buying again.....

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works with a Ryzen 3 2200G out of the box with NO bios update.....10/21/2018 12:02:45 PM

Pros: of the cheapest options for getting a B450 based motherboard but still fells well made 2...2 M.2 slots, 4 memory slots and all the new USB standards 3...stock wraith cooler does not cover memory slots 4...has a built in RGB controller that will work with cheap RGB lite strips

Cons: 1...NO SPDIF output on the motherboard.... display port...only DVI, VGA and HDMI

Overall Review: if you want to run a 2200G or a 2400G this is your motherboard.....its cheap and works with both of them out of the gate....also is a great place to start for a gaming rig as a Ryzen 5 2600 runs well on it built 5 computers for a church with this motherboard....i have only gotten requests to build more units for personal home use after the install..... KNOWN MEMORY THAT WORKS WITH THIS MOTHERBOARD AND THE 2200G, 2400G and 2500 Ryzen 5 Team T-force Vulcan memory at 3200mhz 2x4gb search "TLRED48G3200HC16CDC01" in newegg's search bar Team T-force Vulcan at 2800mhz "TLRED48G2800HC16CDC01" i have sets of both of these and know for a fact that both sets work....the only thing i will say is the 3200mhz set is better for the 2200G and 2400G....

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the little chip that can do almost anything but real gaming.....GREAT APU10/21/2018 11:41:47 AM

Pros: i cant believe this only costs a 100 bucks for what you get.... 1...GPU will run 8k video even if it cant out put real 8k resolution when paired with at least 2800mhz memory 2...the CPU is not slow at all and beats my old 4670k in web browsing and daily driver tasks 3...real triple monitor support WITHOUT a stand alone card bang for you buck trying to build cheap daily driver PC's for ANYONE 5...great temps even under full load with stock cooler 6...great for home theater PC's if you get a motherboard with HDMI 2.0 or above 7...does great at lite gaming with DOTA2, cuphead and older tiles like fallout 3 and new vegas all hitting 60 frames at 1080p 8...great for cheap work computers even in a office setting as you can run 2 or 3 monitors without added cost but still have a really fast little PC no one would complain about when paired with a cheap SSD drive, even if its sata based

Cons: not really made for gaming for a ton of reasons.... 1...the CPU only has 8 PCI-E lanes for a add on GPU as 8 of the 16 the CPU has are taken by the built in GPU and turning it off wont open up these 8 lanes to a add on graphics card 2...paired with a GPU over a 1050ti it bottlenecks at the CPU in games like BF4 BF1 or even fallout4 3...if you want to run a real PCI-E X2 or X4 based SSD drive you will NOT be able to get a add on GPU to run with over 4 PCI-E lanes....BUT you can still run one if you never plan to upgrade to a add on GPU or plan on upgrading both GPU and CPU 4...gaming on it and getting real frame rates will come down to memory speed as the GPU must use the DDR4 on the motherboard....2800mhz can be a 10 to 15 frame lose VS using 3200mhz MUST use 2 sticks of memory....using one stick of memory even if its 16gb can make even youtube video's studder VS 2x4gb sticks....not running the dual channel memory controller really hurts the GPU 6...with 8gb of total memory you will only be able to use 6gb for the OS....i dont know if its the motherboard i got but there are no options to change the amount of memory the GPU is using in bios....2gb of memory will be taken by the GPU regardless of what you do BUT that 2gb will not be used if using a add on GPU my only real nit picks about this APU is the fact its being marketed as a gaming APU when its really the best you can get for a daily driver on the cheap.....yeah if you are going to play minecraft or DOTA2 for the next 5 years only its great but people wanting to play current games will have tons of problems with it as it will only be a stop gap until you can buy a real CPU and GPU for gaming

Overall Review: for anyone that wants to build cheap PC's that are very able to do anything BUT gaming this is your new go to option...getting this level of performance out of a Intel based system would cost you a extra 150 to 200 bucks....a i3 that is on par with just the CPU will cost you as much as this APU if you want to build a cheap gaming PC i would NOT use this to start....get the athlon X4 that is under 70 bucks and buy a used GPU to start as you will get better gaming performance for the money....(used GTX 970's have been selling for a 100 bucks....even a GTX960 is better then the built in GPU) i got 5 of these as part of a build out for a church....all i have gotten since installing the whole network is requests to build the same PC for personal home use.....with this APU you can build a full working computer with a 240gb SSD drive and 8gb of 3200mhz for about 440 bucks parts list for the 5 i built this APU with stock cooler ASRock B450M PRO4 motherboard Team T-force Vulcan 2800mhz AND 3200mhz 2x4gb sets.... search "TLRED48G2800HC16CDC01" for the 2800mhz and "TLRED48G3200HC16CDC01" for the 3200mhz set by coping and pasting to newegg search bar....get the 3200 if you can kingston A400 240gb sata based SSD drive EVGA 500 watt PSU (over kill for this but on sale for cheap when i built them) cases.....coolermaster E300L or Cougar MG110.....the coolermaster is better made but they raised the price to 45 bucks

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great little case if you can deal with a few expections10/10/2018 7:17:32 PM

Pros: well made in the lay out and fitting... has space for 3 2.5 plus 2 3.5 drives and a single 5.25.... that is rare in a case this small and cheap... the buttons on the top and ports seem well made plus the USB ports are both 3.0 comes with one 120mm fan in the bottom front that is really quite 5...great size for the daily driver PC that needs to be small or a HTPC as it would fit in a lot of TV stands or be fine on the floor next to one accent ring looks like its metal and i was surprised it looked so good 7...front of the case has a very nice polished look to it 8...great size factor if you want small

Cons: 1...its really not made for gaming as lots of longer cards would not fit the case without removing the 3 2.5 drive rack...if using it for a gaming rig try to get a mini version of the card you are going to use place to hide wires...just deal with it....back side of the motherboard is right next to the side of the case, you have the room it hide maybe fan wires but it has no top mounted fan to care 3...metal on the side panels is really thin....for a cheap case it was expected but coolermaster put in its famous rails on the panels that will bind if the side panel is a little out of shape fan mount on the side of the case even when the side vent has the space to fit a 120mm 5...rear fan is 80 or 90mm ONLY....again cheap case but i have not had a fan that size in over 10 years 6...the wires for the top panel for the USB 3.0 ports, head phone jack and buttons, stick down and need to be bent hard to make a 5.25 drive fit in the slot for it 7...WATCH CPU COOLER HEIGHT as something like a coolermaster 212 will NOT fit with the side panel on...tried it as i have 2 of them i could have used 8...harddrive racks do NOT sit in front of the fan, they are slung under the 5.25 bays like the cases of old but to be honest the one 3.25 1tb drive in have in it never goes above 85f so its not that bad (A/C controlled room)

Overall Review: if you need something cheap but nice for a budget GET IT....if you want to build a small gaming rig you could still do it with this case but you may need to drill a couple of holes out on the side to get a fan to mount as you will need the extra fan.... i would pay a extra 10 bucks for it if they made the sides just a little thicker, mount the drive racks to the bottom of the case in front of the fan, put the screw holes needed to fit a 120mm on the side panel in the vented opening and last give me just a half an half inch wider case using that space behind the motherboard to hide the wires....then it would be perfect for all kinds of builds.... even with my nit picks i will buy this case again for all the right reasons.....great case

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LED lights go bad after 2years11/27/2014 8:55:06 PM

Pros: ok first off i dont have this set i have 2 of the 2x2gb sets of the 1600mhz with the SAME blue and orange like these......memory is great NEVER had any problems with it running as memory at its speed......overclocks nice...... MY PROBLEM IS WITH THE ONLY REASON YOU WILL BUY THEM!!!!!! keep reading......all of it

Cons: 2 years of running GREAT with them set on blue for both the bottom and top sets of lights.....not even set all the way to high because they are VERY bright..... i now have one stick with BOTH the blue and orange going at the same time across the WHOLE top row of lights.....i now have one stick of purplish pink with 3 sticks of blue......i dont want orange i got the set for BLUE......still bet 5 bucks the guy that made them was a gators fan!!! because who makes orange led fans??? .......going to call crucial on monday and see what they can do.......its turkey day and the nepfews were laughing at me because of the cool change i did not see until today

Overall Review: i all so must add im not a normal user......i have over 2500 hours on these sticks in the 2 years i have had them......never had the temp widgit in the crucial software say any of the sticks ever got over 92f for the MAX temp EVER......most users my upgrade their systems before they put 2500 hours on these.....ALL SO MUST ADD my set is NO LONGER MADE........BUT and its a BIG but.....they are still using the SAME LEDS on the new sticks as the old ones.....a friend got the same set list HERE and i was the one that built his rigs......i put the 2 side by side wanting to what they changed because when i got mine they were on close out for 16 bucks for a set of 2x2gb(8gb of 1600mhz for 32 bucks do that now!!).....most people in the post for mine said they did not work with intel boards past the 59 series that is why they cleared them out......SAME LEDS ON THESE STICKS AS MINE they just changed the memory on the board....i cant believe they are 104 for 8gb but they are faster then my set

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still rocking games in 1411/9/2014 1:24:08 PM

Pros: unlocked all 4 and running 3.6 with memory at 1600mhz for 3 years now......still can not get past a 80% load in ANY game...including metro last light......CM 212 cpu cooler never gets over is still over min spec needed for even the most demanding game every and a 680 4gb get me over 60 frames a second at 1080p

Cons: NONE even as a dual core it is still a really good CPU

Overall Review: i have this on a M5A97 asus motherboard....even being almost 5 years old it still runs EVERY will run even big cards like a gtx 680 4gb with out really bottle necking it as long as you over a 8 series motherboard.....

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it works but fixed nothing11/9/2014 12:34:29 PM

Pros: it works and is NOT the same one in the G60's(better made then OEM part)

Cons: most of the G60's really have bad bulbs in them that need to be replaced.....after that the old inverter still worked but used this one because it was new.....

Overall Review: bulbs are 10 bucks new so if this does not fix it get ready to buy a only need ONE of them for a G60 laptop....if the bulb went i would still get this because the 2 will only set you back 20 bucks and about 25 total with shipping.......if you have a G60 just order the bulb after you get done with will thank me.....

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good laptop with 7 already installed11/9/2014 12:29:11 PM

Pros: price is good for the is a real ivy bridge CPU with true hyper cores(runs like a quad but is a dual)....really as fast as my desktop after it is booted......8 comes as a disc and is not taking up space as a partition on the seems to made well and dose not feel cheap or like it will real USB 3.0 port that is 2 times fast then the other 2 2.0 ports it has even when using a 2.0 harddrive or thumb drive.....has a mat screen the looks good and will NOT reflect much light!!! function buttons at the top are function by default and F keys only with a FN key is held......that is nice when you want to mute something fast or change the brightness the media keys of play and fast forward are there....

Cons: TAKES 1 MINUTE 15 SECONDS to boot 7.....even after hack and slash on 7 start up and getting rid of bloat ware its still over a minute in boot.......NO COA'S, none on the case none with the discs....still dont know were the COA's for 8 and 7 are(can jelly bean for 7 COA but nothing on 8's)......NOWAY TO RECOVER 7 without leaving the partition for it on the harddrive.....HP version of windows...if want to put in a new SSD drive you will have to get a new COA for 7 or pay HP 60 bucks for the disc to use the COA you do have because it WILL NOT WORK WITH A NORMAL pro install disc to recover the version of 7 on it(MS will tell you to order the disc from HP)......wish it had 2 usb 3.0 port because the chip set they used will run 4.....battery life under a full load will be about 2 hours and about 5 if your just surfing the net or watching movies on it....speakers are good but not very loud...the power cord going to the brink is only 2 feet long and total about 6 feet for the whole power cord with run after brick to laptop included.....they used the 3 plug plug on the power brick....

Overall Review: you will want a longer power cord for this laptop if you get has the same power plug apple HP and gateway have used for can find a new cord 6feet long for about 8 you 4 more feet to it.....if you can wait a minute to let it start and never want to put a SSD drive in it, it is a smoken fast laptop....when booted....

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great memory....NOT FOR INTEL10/5/2014 7:46:26 PM

Pros: i have a 2 sets of the 1600mhz and a friend is running the 2 sets of 1866.....had both sets for over a year.....both sets stay cool without a fan even overclocked....LEDS stay bright even after hours of use with them on the brights settings....they are stable and run great if the motherboard likes them.....

Cons: NOT FOR INTEL BOARDS NEWER THEN A the 3 series of intel CPU's/....IF ITS A 4 digit code starting with a 3 (like the 3930k or a 4690k or a 3570k) IT WILL NOT WORK i have tried them with these CPU's....they would have looked KILLER IN ALL THESE RIGS

Overall Review: GREAT STICKS.........AS LONG as you have AMD.....i have a phenom 555 unlocked to a quad core on a 970 motherboard with 4x2gb of these......friend is running a 990 motherboard with 8350 8 core with 2 of these sets.....4x4gb for 16gb total at 1866.....both sets run fine and look great.....HAVE NO FEAR IF YOU HAVE AMD.......dont get for new intel boards....unless it says it in the manual for your motherboard.....

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great motherboard1/31/2014 8:53:02 PM

Pros: it works....really has solid state on whole board, easy to set up because there is not much to it BUT has every thing you need for a good computer or home theater rig

Cons: must update bios right off the bat.....I was able to get 7 installed to do real help on there main web site on how to do this but there is a utility with the rom you down load from there web site( run it BEFORE you even install anti virus or hook it to internet) because the drivers will NOT work until the bios is updated......this is where it gets CRAZY the drivers on the included disc worked BUT the CURRENT drivers from website did NOT work, so get the bios current from the website and use the disc IF the website ones don't work for you.......on board video ports are NOT mounted well and will break with one good hit to them(even a 30 dollar video card is better then on board with this)

Overall Review: I DO NOT OWN IT but I was the guy that used it to build a mini system for someone to do photo shop on( I built it and installed all software) NOT a gaming motherboard so don't even think about it for that BUT for a small every day computer or even a small server this a good motherboard PARTS LIST FOR MY RIG this mombo intel 2020 dual core at 2.9 ghz G skill 4gb 1866 single stick memory(running at 1333 because of CPU) and cheaper then a 4gb stick of 1333 evga gt 640 2gb video card evga 500 watt psu coolermaster elite ITX case western digital blue 1 terabyte harddrive asus DVD burner total 405 bucks for just parts......not bad for what she got to work on and better then what you could get retail for even 600 bucks

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good case but make plans1/31/2014 8:24:12 PM

Pros: when put together VERY solid, has the room for real video cards, NO funny slim dvd drives, easy to rip the face off and clean the fan, front panel USB 3.0, CHEAP.....BUT NOT a cheap feel, REAL powder coating, 2 fans included in the only places for fans, full size PSU's can be used, comes with mounts for up to (4) 2.5 harddrives (laptop or ssd) and that's NOT listed in any writings on the case(you can get 2 on each 2.5 tray BUT you MUST use straight sata cables NO right angled cables) or room for 3 normal harddrives, could make a great little server case

Cons: flimsy when apart top/side panel will bend very easy ONLY when apart though, no motherboard tray risers mount right to the bottom panel, would be nice if it was a 3 slot on the PCI opening for huge cards like the 680 or 780 with the 3 fan coolers....NO Place for water cooling and not much space for a real CPU cooler...remember that going in to this....modular power supply is must for the case, I only used (1) 3 port sata cable, main 24 pin and 4 pin CPU plug for the hole system, the rest of the wires ended up in a huge bunch zip tied to the top frame other thing....10 inch sata cable should be all you need UNLESS you sata ports are on the back of the motherboard by the rear I/O panel

Overall Review: I DO NOT OWN IT.......I built a rig for a lady to do photo shop using this case..(so im speaking from building with this case and being the one to pick it out for the build{yes ordered from newegg})....GREAT CASE I want to build a gaming rig out of one BUT I have to find a real way to cool the cpu first.....

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if you find it used GET IT11/5/2013 5:54:15 PM

Pros: runs all games on high if your at 1600x900.....1080p runs great but some games need to be backed off a little from the highest settings....plays BIOSHOCK(2013) and TOMBRAIDER(2013) on max setting in 1080p at plus 1600x900 over 60fps.....I have seen them for 50 bucks used on some ones list(hint) I had a 9600 gso at first, then a gtx 260 216core to this.......gso lowest setting, 260 all high setting but none of them were direct x 11 options......this EVERY THING TO MAX right out of the gate!!!......if you have a card under it, it will run a 295 and is on par with a 480 on most games but uses half the power in a smaller case......if you find it for 50 and can get 30 for your old card its gold!!! GREAT FOR MINI CASES

Cons: fan ONLY works right AFTER you use "MSI after burner" to set up a fan profile(you set the temps to change the RPM on the fan keeping it at temps you want) free software.....card will overclock but not much past 900 core and 1100 memory.......

Overall Review: you must be running a quad core with this to game..... my system AMD 555 unlock all 4 cores clocked at 3.7ghz from 3.2 coolermaster 212 CPU cooler never gets over 140f full load ASUS M5A97 mombo 8gb of 1600mhz tracer LED memory 2 250gb WD harddrive in raid 600watt x4 ultra PSU this video card coolermaster 922 case 22inch 1080p monitor Microsoft sidewinder mouse Logitech keyboard whole system cost me 175 bucks off of some ones list used

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RE: silly reveiws4/16/2013 9:35:01 AM

Pros: good drive but you don't need it for a tower pc....the review below dosnt even own the drive....the FACT is you just don't need this for a tower...even the bare drive comes with the 2.5 to 3.5 plate to mount it.....ever thing in the rest of the kit is only for many towers come with a 2.5 drive it(why would you need a 2.5 usb case with tower harddrives?) and any one that's smart would NOT clone there install but reinstall from scratch

Cons: IF YOU BUY THIS FOR A TOWER YOUR STUPID.....waste of money for a tower build unless you have the need for a 2.5 usb 2.0 harddrive case

Overall Review: I have used 20 of these kits for work and having the usb case is the bomb......being able to reinstall without taking discs with you has saved use at least 20k in the last 2 years(all the stuff we needed was on the made up usb harddrive and nothing was lost after getting viruses on the work laptops

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runs any thing2/23/2013 10:01:39 PM

Pros: runs everything on 3 1080p monitors maxed out...will CS6 as well...very cool under load... sould be able to game for at least 5 years with just 1 of these cards

Cons: takes 3 slots....very hard to sli 2 of them and cant run 3 way sli with cutting the i/o plate

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GET IT2/23/2013 9:32:31 PM

Pros: as ALL will say its fast.....makes CS6 really only need one

Cons: none....if it lasts 2 years i will be happy

Overall Review: works as it sould

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works with X79 sabertooth2/23/2013 9:28:23 PM

Pros: run as it sould and never goes over 95f even after 24h of prime 95....very small will fit under any cpu cooler....i have had many gskill sets over the years and never had one bad stick from them or kingston(i build for a living)...... RUNS CS6 without low memory warnings!!!!!!

Cons: none nope is what it sould be...ok ok MAYBE price other then that i just cant think of any

Overall Review: CS6 rig 3930k at 5ghz, h100i, this kit, x79 sabertooth, 4gb gtx 680, CM 922 case, 120gb os+240gb scatch disc kingston ssd, 2 1 terabyte WD blacks for input output files JUST SICK and yes it will game...HAHA

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the best mombo i have every used2/23/2013 9:17:47 PM

Pros: all the options....theres some many things you can do....will run a 3930k at 5ghz.....will run CS6 with all the things you really need to use the full program(mainly the harddrive options and able to get up to 64gb of memory) very well made, lots of fan will NOT need a fan controller....if you can KEEP the heat down this board sould last 10 years with its build quality!!!!!

Cons: MUST UPDATE BIOS before you can overclock.....NO supported 32gb or 64gb memory kits listed by ASUS!!!! corsair 32gb 2400mhz memory didnt work but 32gb 1866 g skill ares kit runs fine....model number F3-1866C10Q-32GAB this kit is running fine in my build.....dont know if it will run 64gb with 2 of these kits but one kit works for sure.... biggest kit listed by asus is 16gb...thats B.S.

Overall Review: is part of a build for a CS6 rig 3930k at 5ghz, h100i watercooler, x79 SB, 32gb gskill set, 120gb os and 240gb scratch disc sata 3 ssd drives, 2 1 terabyte WD blacks for input output files, 4gb gtx 680, CM 922 case,

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