Can't go wrong in this price range3/10/2015 9:44:16 AM

Pros: Cool, calm, quiet, great drivers. I needed something to replace a 6950 with a dying cooling system. I'll be gaming in the 1080 realm still for a while (until a better tax return season!), and this fits the bill. Runs everything great at high settings, and doesn't break a sweat. BF4, Dying Light, Metro... all butter. Also... Best. Metal. Case. Badge. Ever!

Cons: It's a little long, as most cards with this elegant of a cooling system are; check your case capacity first. Not a con, really..but if you don't have a 600w power supply or greater, get out of this end of the pool.

Overall Review: Excellent bundle... you get the goods, the apps, the bonus goodies, and an amazing card at this price point. Also this is an eligible product for EVGA's "Step Up" program, which means if they blindside you with a TI or 4 GB version of this card within 90 days of pulling hte trigger, you can likely upgrade for the difference. EVGA are cool cats.

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Pleasantly Surprised7/21/2014 3:48:37 PM

Pros: Works out of the box Decent price Quick Setup Amazing performance Current firmware out of the box Runs cool and silently Vertical or horizontal orientation options Included performance app for smartphones (simple, but free/effective) Discreet design (small and invisibly black without sleep-disrupting LED levels)

Cons: Long Reboots Not multi-band (this model, anyway) Flimsy feel (no egg deduction)

Overall Review: After throwing my THIRD NetGear wireless repeater in the scrap bin, I took a chance on the Amped brand, with little prior knowledge of them. I've also all but given up on chasing the dream of extending 5 Ghz Wi-Fi, but with one or two devices in the house out of 12 wireless gizmos, I figured I could let that go and run with a 2/4 only repeater. So, this little thing is small, light, a bit "cheap feeling", but after going through their setup wizard (save yourself the grief and set up these things with a network CABLE), I was up and running and outshouting my neighbors in less than 15 minutes! I'm NEVER going to trust a wireless repeater that is A) From NetGear (sorry guys, I've tried!) or B) Doesn't have real, external antennas. I've taken apart all my prior failed repeaters, and the crummy internal radios are clearly inferior to a real "rubber duckie". And this one has TWO. I've been sunning this for over a week, with more Wi-Fi bars in the struggling areas of my property than I have ever seen using other brands. I didn't use it, but the response to Amped's tech support seems favorable based on other reviews. Although fairly brainless to set up, I can see room in some of the advance options where you might need to watch what your clicking, or even consult Amped support for some fancier configurations. (Determining to keep DHCP on by default or not was one of those areas that gave me pause). As another reviewer best put it "finally something with overkill!" A final word to the wise - take the time to learn which wireless channels you can REALLY use in your country, get a good survey of your competing neighbor signals, and let this device do the rest. I'm really pleasantly surprised and satisfied with my purchase.

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These are fantastic!12/28/2013 11:19:22 AM

Pros: Totally reliable, simple, small - actually reads everything I throw at it! I go through these like water, and this model keeps being the reliable one in my bag.

Cons: No read/write activity LED... that's about it, but for the money, can't fault this too much.

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So far.... well, better than what it replaced from Netgear9/8/2013 9:43:22 PM

Pros: It's not its predecessor. The WN2000RPT should all ahve been sent to the sun. Seems to configure easily, its wizard is far faster than the model it replaced, and it taked the 5 Ghz band nicely seriously. So far.

Cons: Nothing bad so far. Just has that overall, flimsy, "I'm here, but don't count on me forever" feeling. I wish I knew why. I don't think this product has anything to do with the people who design or produce their higher-end router products. (much less things like their metal ethernet switches!) Even if this turns out to be a fine, workable wireless extender, why does it had to feel so, SO cheap? And why can't Netgear decide which of their 7 designs they are going for?

Overall Review: I think its hilarious and sad that both online and brick and mortar stores (well, that one blue-polo shirt store that is left) still sell the WN2000RPT model. I mean, WHY? It's the nework equivalent of selling the Xbox 1. (by which I mean the first, first one....) Why oh why?

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Okay NAS, But Don't Buy To Use Plex!5/25/2013 1:49:06 PM

Pros: Not a bad NAS for the money, Simplistic setup (basically); actually reachable over the Internet without colossal efforts. Quiet, low-power unit. It's good looking, more solid than past units, and decently fast. For HOME use, only, I've spent money on worse. BIG jump in cost from the 2-bay to 4-bay units, even diskless.

Cons: DOES NOT WORK WITH PLEX MEDIA SERVER! - Netgear misrepresented that in their marketing material - Only the series 4 and up support Plex - Netgear's "fix" as of May 2013 is to simply remove Plex references from marketing material. Documentation claims Plex in an embedded app. It's not...and not available via the (ghost town of a market) Genie marketplace.

Overall Review: I know you really need an x86-based NAS to support on-the-fly encoding of media, but to have pretty much fibbed about Plex inclusion is a burn. Technically, there is no reason I can't stream with Plex (without encoding) on an ARM cpu, but unless you come up with some sort of hack, it's not going to happen on this little box.

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Stay Away for Server Use!8/5/2012 9:29:24 AM

Pros: Seems like a reasonable price for a genuine Intel gig card, doesn't it? Didn't burst into flames.

Cons: Barely represented by Intel at all. Intel website promises only drivers "in the box", and that no updates will be made to drivers online. This card was a trainwreck for me using either WHS 2011 or Server 2008 R2. Constant disconnects, lockups of network shares/mapped drives, and Ye Dreaded "COM Surrogate" errors on Win7 client machines feeding from it. "You're on your own" is not the support model people seek when buying Intel hardware... this is just dumb.

Overall Review: May be fine as a standalone card for a client machine (like a Windows 7 gaming box, browser, etc.) But I think this being an "Intel OEM product" is a stretch of the imagination. It's clearly just a cheap-bin card that got license to the Intel silkscreen.

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Decent toaster for the price7/23/2012 9:45:50 PM

Pros: Simple, fast and very affordable. This is a nice dock for quick & dirty drive backups, transfers, imaging, etc. No frills, but some cool lights for power and activity, and a dustcover that keeps the dock clean when empty.

Cons: The dustcover/door is spring loaded, and very manual. When you pull a HDD out, this thing will SLAM shut loudly with enthusiasm. IT's also a little tough to pry (and hold) the door open until you get a drive inserted to basically prop the spring door open. A little cheap and lame, and I'm concerned about the longevity of this design. Also, this unit has no cooling of any form, so be mindful when you but a 3.5" hard drive in it for extended periods... without air moving over them, modern hard drives get pretty toasty.

Overall Review: Cheap as chips - quick and dirty. Does the job, one hard drive at a time.

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It's 27-inches, all right3/6/2012 10:46:44 AM

Pros: Big, bright screen. No complaints there. Light weight. Fast LED display. Seriously affordable for this size range (depending on where/when you buy it). Makes a great workplace monitor for those with employers too tightwadded to give employees the appropriate work tools for CAD/Visio, etc. Love the Egg, but this was just over 3 bills at Best Buy, and I needed a replacement ASAP for a project. 2.5 to 3 eggs for this beast - absolute middle of the road.

Cons: Same as other are reporting, really: VERY flimsy and tacky acrylic base, and a weeble-wobble experience based on the monitor size. Software that ships with it does indeed say it's not compatible with this product. (Don't know what MagicTune is/does, sounds like I don't want it anyway!)

Overall Review: I think it's a cop-out from Samsung on the VESA mount stance... Implying customers want thin over mountable. I'm sure 99.999% of customers would rather have a slightly thicker monitor in the name of having VESA mounting support. Samsung does TVs much bigger and even thinner than this, and with mounting support built in. Honestly, I think embedding VESA plating inside would strengthen the overall integrity of the whole monitor, and let Samsung plant a stronger base on screens this size. Let us wall or arm-mount this bad boy AND get rid of the excessive wobble at the same time, Samsung!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Better Than Expected2/13/2012 5:33:40 PM

Pros: Cavernous case, great for building servers. Would be capable of swallowing motherboards and expansion cards of any size that I can fathom. Good quality on the 500W PSU, and both the PSU fan and case exhaust fan below it are frankly inaudible when fired up. Ample internal cords and connectors from the PSU, and lots of room to tuck the extras away. Looks very much like a high-end HP/Compaq tower server, with the angled vents running up most of the front. Nice HDD cage that swings out to work on. Good lights and tastefully lit power switch, without much fluff or bling. Nice consolidate plug option for putting all the mobo headers for lights & switches onto your board with one plug (if compatible). NIC LED!! Nothing inside gashed me open, which is always appreciated... even the metal shielding plugs in the drive bays are pinch and pull, not pry and bleed.

Cons: For the size of this case, the number of 3.5" hard drive bays is rather meager! (4). There is tons of room in this thing, and I think most people in the market for this type of box are intending to use it for servers and mass storage. There is room ahoy to rig something up, but only four official bays is dumb and a letdown. Mine had no manual, so I don't know what some headers are, like "OH LED" and "POWER FAIL". Where do these go? Must be something on more serious server motherboards, I guess. Oh, and if this matters to you, please note that there is NO RESET SWITCH (FRONT) and NO PSU POWER TOGGLE (REAR) ON THIS CASE! Why not? I have no idea... I'm baffled at this omission. PSU is only 80 Plus Bronze, but that's described everywhere I've seen this case for sale.

Overall Review: Used this to build a Windows Home Server with upgrading/expansion in mind down the road. I should have paid attention to the number of hard drive bays before pulling the trigger, though. Caveat emptor!

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Smoking!12/8/2011 3:06:29 PM

Pros: I didn't think I'd ever see a 7.9 in the Windows Performance Index. I've been proven wrong. Insanely fast, dead silent (obviously), this is an incredible upgrade from a spinning boot drive. Windows sees all Trim and supported stuff I went looking for. Current firmware right out of the box. Dozens upon dozens of eggs if it were possible...

Cons: Not a ding on this particular product - just waiting for size for cost to keep coming down. ($159 on a Shell Shocker) Wish these SSD makers would chip in the dollar's worth of metal to adapt these to a 3.5" bay, though. Obviously we're putting these where HDDs used to go. Seriously. (Although many just mount them with double-sided tape... tacky...)

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Dated, look elsewhere12/8/2011 2:58:12 PM

Pros: I didn't experience it wiping out speed settings after a power-off, but perhaps I got a revised model? Basic fan speed controller, choice of two humdrum colors. Did not burst into flames upon power-up; no obnoxious odors or sounds.

Cons: Hope you weren't expecting instructions! This thing is loaded with Molex 8981 connectors! Really? When was the last time you saw a case fan that had those? I'm going to say the early 2000's. So without adapters or whipping out Ye Olde Solder Gun, you've got a paperweight that lights up in two colors. (I put it in my case anyway, because I love blue lights.) Look elsewhere for better quality, options, and eye candy.

Overall Review: If you don't want lights on at all, why buy this kind of controller?

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There it is - my new PSU!7/31/2011 12:54:42 AM

Pros: Findable (like right here) for under a benjamin. Quiet, large fan. Black, subtle, heavy, nice. Neat-o blue GX logo on one side, which would look good if you still had a case with a side window, and haven't outgrown that idea yet. Otherwise, sleep tight knowing your PSU has a cool logo on it inside your windowless case, like the winner you are. Generous power connectors/lengths, and nice, slidy sleeves. Internal guttery made by SevenTeam, and contains no pelican fat. Provides good, clean, dependable power (thus far). Rated 80 Plus Bronze, but CoolerMaster seems too lazy to update the packaging to crow about it (my box just says 80). No lights, jagged edges, buzzes, rattles, flowers, kittens, or strange smells*.

Cons: *Okay, it did feature a strange smell the first time I powered it on. Briefly. Also, if you buy this PSU and then want to complain about there being "too many wires", or the wires not being modular, you know they make power supplies like that for you types. This isn't one of those.

Overall Review: Bought this on short notice when my beloved 6-year old SilverStone 600 Watt finally gave up the ghost. Cooler Master Silio case, so, it slipped right in. Installed in just a few minutes if you don't count the next 6 hours I spent compulsively zip tying wires. You know, that feeling when you flip the switch after this type of surgery and wait for either smoke and/or your OS to show itself? Yeah, that. Lights, fans, HDDs, everyone awake and humming. But.... that pung in the air... Thought something was wired wrong, bad, or about to burst into smoke. Went with my gut. Gave it a few minutes. Probably just that new whatever-is-inside-a-power-supply-getting broken in smell, I thought. Less than five Earth minutes later, smell is gone. 5 hours of heavy lifting via Call of Duty proves nothing detrimental. PC is like new. Power supply makes you aim better in games, and your teeth ARE looking whiter! Try it yourself. everything went better than expected.jpg

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Most Excellent Game!5/23/2011 1:03:14 PM

Pros: This game took the great aspects of games like Mafia 2 and Heavy Rain, and ran with them. Unbelievable graphics on the PS3, which are particularly useful in a game that relies heavily on you "reading" peoples faces to get to the truth. Most other aspects of the game are typical Rockstar fodder (running, driving, shooting, etc.), but this is a welcome title in a sea of first-person shooters and such. Totally convincing job they did on recreating L.A. of the post-war 40's. Great game for couples to team up on and pick your detective strategies. Can't verify how this game looks or plays on the Xbox, and I frankly don't care. *DOES NOT* need PlayStation Network to run. That's an important asterisk these days! hahaha! Have fun, gumshoes!

Cons: I seem to still need to stop playing to eat/sleep/work, but hey. What can you do?

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Get 'em while you can...12/11/2010 3:23:02 PM

Pros: Great home server - - while it lasts/lasted.

Cons: HP (in their infinite wisdom) has decided to kill the product line. Never mind they are selling them hand over fist... Microsoft, in their typical, myopic idiocy, is also slaying the golden Home Server goose by declaring they will REMOVE Home Server Drive Extender (the only realizes, proven, and sensible solution to RAID headaches) from upcoming versions of WHS.

Overall Review: The lower-end HP Home Servers are currently (Dec 2010) being blown out/backordered at Costco. You'll see Newegg has put a 5 unit limit on the EX495. If the financial opportunity arises, I'd buy as many as you can right now. The prices, I predict, will not drop. Rather, I believe these will become a rare commodity.

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They are asking $1.99 too much9/16/2010 4:17:02 PM

Pros: Comes with an uninstaller

Cons: Was ever produced. What a snorefest!

Overall Review: Older folks might not notice how dull this game is. Might be someone's cup of tea, I suppose. Not worth money.

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Great Printer, but too many models!9/7/2010 1:24:19 PM

Pros: The MP640 can print directly to CD/DVD! Less ink consumption than my legacy MP830 model. Image quality is amazing. Yay for wireless networking!

Cons: The MP640 does NOT have a fax feature, yet still gets to be called an "all-in-one". Come on, Canon. It has to cost less that 5 dollars to include/exclude faxing directly from these devices. Why take that legacy AIO feature away?? Way to make me install (shudder) a faxmodem in a modern PC. Also heard these won't SCAN when an ink cartridge is empty. WHY ON EARTH??!?

Overall Review: Too many Pixma models in Canon's lineup, and as a consumer, it frustrates me. Got to Canon's website, pick the all-in-one lineup (either home or office versions), and compare three models across the board. Mostly same features, same prices. Why offer a baffling array of me-too models, Canon???

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It's a Silent Winner12/3/2009 5:16:29 PM

Pros: Try one and you'll see (not hear) why several PC builders are cropping up with their good packed in the Sileo RC-500. It's roomy, tasteful, and quiet. Simple and elegant, and has tons of 5.25" bay room for building a system with removable drive bays (I chose trayless SATA ones and have been delighted! Pop 'em in and out all day with ease!). The discretion is then yours to bling it up with lights via the bays (Fan controllers and such). Very nice design and looks all around. Well-marked motherboard standoff locations are appreciated. Lightweight and not flimsy or tacky in any fashion. When you've matured away from the UV lights, scrolling message RAM LEDs, and case windows with dragons and radon symbols on them, this is what to get yourself as a graduation present. Under the desk, or in the living room as an HTPC, this case is the big win. ^__^

Cons: Okay, so the PSU is a tight fit. Hardly a complaint... When you decide to get over this, man up and push into that foam with enthusiasm, you can also be assured a marked end to PSU-on-case vibrations. Fits any size PSU I've thrown at this model! One weak spot: The default fans are *not* top-shelf, so if you intend to build a real roaster in this case, keep that in mind and spring for some fans with more oomph. Yes, the magic sound foam also retains a little warmth - simple physics, kids. But again, a decent fan controller and some quality fans will top the package off nicely.

Overall Review: The anonymous poster driveling on about the bezel being plastic vs. aluminum seems to have a poor grasp of metallurgy in general. I applaud CoolerMaster for offering to replace his "special" case with a new one. He may have been confused and talking about some other model. Plastic doesn't get this cold in the winter...

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ix2 = Ice Age 2 ?11/2/2009 7:54:32 PM

Pros: Simple interface. In terms of features, realistically does pretty much all it promises. Media center functionality works cleanly with a PS3. Haven't played with the web access yet, but adding a local USB printer to it was a total snap. Email notification actually works, too. Small enough to drop into a fireproof safe when on extended absences from home. What this box does right keeps it out of the 1-Egg rating basket.

Cons: Slowest network interface on the planet. Period. Backup up a PC to this NAS? Better start Friday night if you want to see completion sometime Sunday. I threw a few GB of digital photos on it to be able to browse to them over my (gigabit) network, and I could just about stitch a needlepoint of the desired photograph in the time it takes the IX2 to deliver one over the LAN. Laughably sloth-like, I just don't get it, Iomega. The claim of GB ethernet on this box is either an outright fib, or something that needs addressing via the next firmware (if there is one). Also mine had a DOA cooling fan (realized only after running it for 3 days and finding the case uncomfortably warm), so I ate the warranty frog and popped it open and replaced the exhaust fan with a low-acoustic job for about $10. Runs cool and quiet. Slow, but quiet. Performance prevents this NAS from ever glimpsing higher than the 2-Egg rating basket.

Overall Review: Don't abandon this box on the firmware front, Iomega. This thing actually shows great promise. Best size and shape for the capacity. Get your NIC stuff straight, because the ghastly LAN performance is the deal breaker preventing me from telling everyone I know to buy this unit.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are sorry for the inconvenience that you've experienced with this device. I'm genuinely surprised that you are experiencing this level of network performance. And, yes, the Ethernet connection onboard is Gigabit, however, it can be limited by the speed of the processor running the onboard Ethernet controller. Depending on how many tasks your ix2 is doing, it may be dividing it computing resources and giving you lower performance. If you are running BitTorrents, media services or other functionality that may draw away CPU resources, you may wish to turn a few of those services off temporarily to maximize network throughput. Our latest devices have been designed with these processing limitations in mind and are considerably more powerful to accommodate those who wish to perform many tasks on these devices.
Not bad so far...7/16/2009 9:23:00 AM

Pros: Now that this is hovering at about the $300 range (and hopefully at the Egg at that price soon..) I finally picked one up and started putting it through its paces. It shipped as RAID 0, so out of the box its capacity is 1 TB. You need to log onto its control panel and break the RAID to get to 2 TB (in which case you won't have redundancy, of course...) But as long as this isn't the ONLY place you have your precious files stored, it makes a great network device in which to let all your PCs and game consoles to get to them. Supports iTunes, BitTorrent, FTP, Bluetooth, and now (after a firmware update) does indeed have Remote Access capability. The web interface absolutely rocks, and you'll see plenty of reviews applauding it. The easiest to set-up NAS ever. Also supports 2 USB printers as a server, so I am able to keep several PCs off at home as a result of bringing this box in. EMC bought iOmega, so this now encompasses Retrospect backup, which should be good news. Gigabit Net!

Cons: "Does this thing feel warm to you?" After returning to the drive the morning after setting it up, it was well toasty. (All aluminum case..) So, the 1-inch cheap china exhaust fan was not spinning at all after taking it out of the box. It's only 4 small screws to open the back (don't think iOmega warranty team would know, I can't see any sort of break-the-seal screws/paint or anything), so I popped the back open and spun it up with my finger, and it started doing its job just fine. Brought the temps right down, and I feel much better about storing my stuff there. Had a little hiccup when updating the firmware (drive was seemingly unreachable via the console after upgrading it, but when I hit it with a different PC/browser, it was actually just fine.

Overall Review: Going to dig into the DLNA server (for PS3) and the iTunes server functionality tonight. All in all, this is shaping up to be a great little NAS for the price. Note that besides printers, you can also attach external USB storage to the back of this, and see it through the console. Let's see how it lasts. If my opinion changes, I'll be back here to explain why. (Once we get to 1 TB 2.5" hard drives, that will be an awesome way to go with NAS boxes, too!)

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Splendid bang for the buck6/19/2008 1:49:57 PM

Pros: Cheap as dirt, even if I missed the rebate offer by one day (doh!) I needed something in a hurry and for right around a Benjamin. This card gave what it was replacing, a, EVGA 7800 GTX KO a right good spanking. Chewed it up on 3DMark, and that card was $700 when I bought it! Ahh progress... Assasin's Creed, COD4, NFS:MW, Mass Effect, they are all cranked up and looking amazing. Not a bad idea to fork over a little more cheddar for a GT, but this card does everything I needed it for. Not as loud as the reviews lead me to believe, either.

Cons: Included COD4 was an OEM copy, packaged as a bundle with a GPU, so I couldn't really resell it (already own the game), but you can't have everything. ^__^

Overall Review: Don't be like me. CHECK THE REBATE TIMETABLES BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING! IF you buy an 8800, be sure to download the "Adrianne" demo from nVidia; it's a jaw-dropper.

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