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Support is a black hole4/25/2020 6:20:06 AM

Pros: Malwarebytes does a decent job at realtime protection for malware, spyware, and web protection. I have used it for a couple for years with minimal issues and it does play well with other anti-virus software. It has caught items that regular anti-virus software does not catch.

Cons: Malwarebytes definitely slows down web browsing. Sometimes, it completely stops chrome from loading my default website. I know this because I can turn off realtime protection and chrome magically starts working again at a much faster speed. About 3 weeks ago, I started having an issue waking up my NAS's on my network via a WOL program on my computer. After a couple hours of troubleshooting, I found that Malwarebytes was not letting the magic packet out of my computer. Once I turned realtime web protection off, it worked fine. It was also blocking discovery of NAS's through my NAS discovery utility. I used wireshark to verify that those programs were not going to the internet, and they were not. So why would realtime web protection be blocking my PC utilities that were only going across the LAN? All of this is for context because when I contacted support, they came back 3 days later and asked me to run a tool. I ran the tool, responded to their request, and then, weeks later, nothing. I contacted support 3 more times with no response. Really, really poor support model.

Overall Review: I had to pull Malwarebytes off of my system and go with another provider. The initial response from Malwarebytes was turn off realtime protection. Why do I have the software then? I would not recommend this right now. The software is decent when it works, but as the title says, support is a black hole. If the software does not work, and I can't get support, it is useless. I would not recommend this software and have halted rollout to our 50 users.

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"OK" case - customer support not helpful - not recommended for US buyers1/13/2019 12:57:55 PM

Pros: So - the case is OK considering it is not one of the premium case manufacturers. It reminds me of the Alpha Prime to some extent, but has two optical bays. It appears to be 16GA steel and for the most part the case is riveted together. The tempered glass just sits on standoffs with rubber covers. The case is fairly easy to work in and all of the standoffs come pre-mounted. It runs fairly cool with fans at low, which keeps noise down. Takes 140mm fans and a 140mm (or 120mm) radiator in the back. PSU shroud keeps most of the wiring out of sight. Fairly clear air path for the fans.

Cons: Tempered glass does not sit flush to case, causing the possibility of noise and air leakage. If you have fans at anywhere near half capacity, you will hear them. Nothing is sound dampened. I could not find the silent version of the case in the US and there are limited amounts of the tempered glass version in the US. You can only remove one of the hard drive holder mounts, but not both. Not crazy about that lifting PCIE cover as even with fully off, I struggled to get the GTX1080 TI squeezed underneath it. I really hate having to force things. There is a top 280mm radiator mount on the top that you are stuck with even if you do not mount a radiator up there. Would have been nice to see some sort of cover for folks who want to run a little bit more silent.

Overall Review: I contacted Sharkoon through Facebook and was trying to find either the silent version of this or a silent version top panel (no radiator cutout). I got a fairly immediate response and that person asked me to contact a specific email to see if they had any spare parts laying around. I was optimistic about support at that point. The response was dismal at best. "No, we don't have that and don't send out parts that the user cannot change). I had already offered that I know how to de-rivet and re-rivet in the email. The bad thing was that they did not even offer any other way to help. Case manufacturers in the US have always gone above and beyond when I have asked for help. A premium case manufacturer in the US is even considering one of my designs. If you are going to sell in the US, the provide support, not a generic response that means you don't give a flip. I gave the case value 3 stars, but customer support gets one star (I would not give them that except for the person on Facebook responded so quickly).

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Budget cooler with great performance12/2/2018 11:07:11 AM

Pros: Performance is awesome. RGB works well. Quiet and not much vibration. Sleeved tubing looks "premium". Nice tight mount to CPU.

Cons: Cable for RGB is a bit short if you need to fish it around your system (the one coming from the pump, the connecting cables are plenty long). The pump cable is actually longer (not sure why as it only has to go a few inches). Sleeved tubing is a bit stiff. Would like modular option for RGB options, i.e. one cable instead of 3 for the RGB, which was two fans and the pump.

Overall Review: I ended up using this with different fans than it came with and also used two fans in a push pull configuration. The cooling performance is outstanding for a budget AIO, and for that matter, any 120MM AIO. I was cooling a 9900K to 27c at idle in a small case. The pump runs at ~2200 RPM and it is pretty much silent. The RGB has numerous control options, albeit the controller sits inside the case and does not have a remote. I'm usually a big fan of another company that starts with a "C", but this cooled by ~3c cooler than the other unit with equal parameters and the same fan setup. I can nitpick all day, but the performance and silence for this unit at $59 far outweighs any nitpicks I have.

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Very fast but noisy8/22/2018 7:59:03 AM

Pros: Massive storage potential in a short rack mount Extremely fast 4 NIC's that can do aggregation or Adaptive Load Balancing DSM (Synology OS) always easy to use Multiple RAID types and segregation of volumes across different disks I have never lost any data with a Synology yet

Cons: Really noisy fans, even at the quiet setting Throws a lot of heat

Overall Review: I'd definitely recommend this product, but probably for a data center setting. I have it as the largest NAS in my house. All others back up to it for redundancy. I really like the short depth for rack mounting in a wall rack. It does throw quite a bit of heat and due to that and the noise, I think this fits better in a data center. I have it running in full link aggregation mode but I can't saturate the link due to the speeds of the other NAS's, so that's a good thing. Lots of room to grow. Again, the Synology DSM is super easy and intuitive, but also super powerful for advanced users. There is tons of functionality in this unit. One of the other things I like on this is that the power cable fits into a recess on the back of the unit so it is better for cable management.

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Disappointed3/13/2017 6:33:49 AM

Pros: Compact size, high power, great looks, modular cables are black where the wires show.

Cons: Noisy Fan in ECO mode, fan spins up out of ECO mode way too fast, noisy fan when not in ECO mode

Overall Review: I have been doing extreme MATX builds for a while and there are three things I really look for. Those are 1. Powerful System 2. Great aesthetics 3. Near Silent. Of course, I tested this PSU for power up and put a small load on it with the system outside of the box and had no issues, but that did not prepare me enough for this build. I use an MATX case where the motherboard is inverted, so I'm particularly sensitive to fan noise because the fan is right at the top of the case behind a filter. Once I powered the system up in ECO mode, everything was great for a while until I heard a whirring sound. At first I thought it was the case fans, but after inspection, found it to be the PSU fan. I'm estimating that I have a ~380 watt load on this. This fan spin-up kept happening with even the simplest of tasks in Windows, like editing this page. I switched it to standard mode and still found the fan to be really noisy. After spending 4 hours doing cable management on this thing, I'm really disappointed that I have to pull this thing out and replace it. Is is nowhere near whisper quiet as claimed by EVGA. Whisper quiet, as claimed by EVGA, was one of the primary reasons I bought the drive. If I had done a little research on the web, I would have found this complaint already existed. Bad on me, bad on EVGA.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your EVGA 1000G3 power supply. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. When in ECO mode the fan should not spin unless the power supply is under fully load and hits its thermal limits. Though this can be triggered if the air flow is not sufficient. If it does appear that the ECO mode and fan are not functioning properly, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
An "OK" board2/21/2017 12:58:06 PM

Pros: Layout is great. Plastic shield on back fits under most AIO coolers if attached to back. Supported XMP at 2800 right out of the box. M.2 slot is not under the video card, but out in the open where it gets air. Plenty of connectors including two internal USB 3.0. Sound system is good. Lighting is good for the "blingers". X4 M.2 slot performed above others I have tested. Memory bandwidth above others I have tested. All of these MATX boards are within +- 4% so take that into consideration when I say above average.

Cons: I always seem to have problems with fan controllers on Gigabyte boards. I attached two fans via a splitter and set the fan control to manual. I set the thresholds high enough to make the fans run at a constant speed, but the controller decided that was not right and kept spinning the fans up and down from 800-1400 RPM. That does not work when building a near silent system. Not sure why the long slot on the end of the board is there, especially given the double slotted first PCIE. Usually those are X4 on the end of a MATX board.

Overall Review: I recommend this for the folks who like bling in the system. The board is an above average performer, but the fan issue was a deal breaker for me. Other Z270 boards in my systems handle fan control much better and have similar performance within +-4%

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Still Loving this memory11/28/2015 8:18:33 PM

Pros: This is an addition to a previous review. I have two of these kits and both have run stable for several months now. I have had no blue screens and the memory tests perfect at any XMP profile or at the JDEC standards.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: The reason I am adding this review is that I was messing around with my Asus X99M MATX motherboard the other day and happened to notice it gave me an option to run the memory at 2800 on XMP profile #2. I was shocked to see the option available, but of course I had to try it out. Sure enough, it ran perfectly at 2800 CAS 15, right through the memory stress tests with no issue, etc. I'm sure a lot of this is motherboard dependent, but wanted to share the findings with the community. I'm extremely happy that there is a low profile DDR4 that fits under my AIO cooler in a small MATX case. Case: Silverstone PS07 CPU: Intel 5930K Motherboard: Asus X99 MATX WS Memory: Corsair 32GB 2666 LPX DDR4 Power Supply: Corsair CS850M Video: EVGA Titan X Sound: Soundblaster X-FI Fatal1ty Pro Cooling: Corsair H75 with Cougar PWM fans HD: Samsung 850 Pro 500GB Optical: Asus 16X Blu-Ray

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Pretty good board8/18/2015 3:27:50 PM

Pros: I had no issues with the board booting right out of the box. I'm running 32gb of 2666 DDR4. The board is laid out extremely well with fan headers in great places. I had no issues running the memory on its XMP profile and the CPU had no issues booting right out of the box. The lighting effects on the board are really nice and I always like the right angle SATA connectors. I'm also running an M.2 drive and have no issues as of yet. No pops on the speaker from the sound card line out as is with some cards.

Cons: I'm a little unsure of the m.2 slot being right under a Titan X graphics card, i.e. ambient temperatures under the video card. The fan tweaks were finicky as in a splitter on a fan header caused it to not want to idle the fans lower than 1000 RPM until I went to manual settings. I had to play with that for about 30 minutes to get it where I wanted. The onboard sound is not as good as I would wish. The gain is not as good as a SoundBlaster Z and the SBZ really blows it out of the water on sound quality. I don't expect SBZ quality, but this was really middle of the road for me.

Overall Review: I'm pretty happy with the stability of the board running Windows 10. No issues loading Windows, etc. and performance seems really reasonable. I was a bit let down by the sound card although it does sound better than a lot of other boards I have tried. I will continue to run a discreet card. The sound card and finicky fan settings were the only reason for the 4 star rating. Case: Silverstone PS07 CPU: 6600K Memory: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666 C15 Video Card: EVGA Titan X Sound: Sound Blaster Z Power Supply: Corsair CS850M Hard Drives: Samsung 850 EVO m.2, Samsung 850 Pro

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A decent MATX X99 board8/10/2015 11:53:57 AM

Pros: Very stable with a 5930K and 32gb of Corsair LPX. I'm running this in a relatively small Silverstone PS07 case and it has really turned out to be a powerful little system. I have had no issues with USB ports, blue screens, etc. I used the 8.1 64 bit drivers with Windows 10 and have no issues. There are 5 fan headers on the board and I actually split the chassis fan header to run the two 120mm fans on the Corsair H75. This is good because I had one other MATX board that did not like that configuration and struggled to run the two fans. The board layout is decent and it has 10 SATA ports plus the PCIE m.2 slot. The PCIE spacing is logical.

Cons: The manuals are relatively skimpy and there are two of them to cover one board? Not sure why they broke it up like that. The USB 3 internal header is near the front panel header, which is a bit odd, but I could make that work. The fan headers near the audio headers are right angle and I actually had to modify my case to get a decent fit, wish they had made those like the ones on the original x99 Micro. There is no speaker or speaker header I'm assuming due to the LED readout near the 24p power connector. If you use the m.2 slot, it disables the third PCIE slot. The manual states you will lose USB port 5 but does not have port 5 labeled in the manual, and then you actually do not lose it, only the third PCIE slot.

Overall Review: My gripes with this board are fairly minimal. The right angle fan header thing was a big deal due to having to modify the case. They could have done a better job with the manual in specifically labeling the ports and making that easier to find. The best thing about the board is the stability it has. We will have to see how reliable it stays, but as of right now, it is humming along fine and is my primary system

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Fantastic memory!1/3/2014 8:30:10 PM

Pros: Stable, reliable, works out of the box with minimal tweaking. Fantastic looking memory with the LED downwash

Cons: A little tall, so beware of radiator / fan combos on the back of the case over the I/O area. They will not clear the memory in the TJ11 case with an H80i stacked with 2 fans

Overall Review: I installed this in a Rampage IV Extreme board on the latest BIOS (4701). I set it to XMP and it started right up and runs super stable through memtest. I have seen reports of batches of this not working with the Rampage but I had no such issues. I'm running it's little brother dual channel in my Z87 4770K rig and again, not an issue. Super stable, cool, and cool looking. I have this running with a 4930K processor. Both the processor and memory were new to the system replacing the 3930K and 16GB of Ripjaws Z. System booted first time and runs great.

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DOA12/30/2011 1:07:22 PM

Pros: Nice looking cooling - nice looking card.

Cons: DOA DVI port. VGA port worked fine, but DVI was completely dead.

Overall Review: I'm trying to RMA this, but Newegg acts like I'm using the discount coupon that came with the card as non-refundable, taking $39.99 off the price of the refund. I'm not a happy camper. This is the second DOA video card I have gotten from Newegg. I'm not buyiung anymore from them given this experience with the return. I'll buy from my local Fr*'s and it won't be a PowerColor Brand.

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Schnikes - What a monster10/7/2010 11:19:30 PM

Pros: This monster is running at 37c idle in an FT02 at 77f ambient temperature. This beats out the AMP! by 2c in the same case at the same ambient temperature. It is darn quiet for a 3-fan solution. I am very happy with performance and sound levels.

Cons: Takes 3 slots and is long, but fits in Ft02 fine.

Overall Review: Hard to beat this single-card solution with ANYTHING else. I don't give out 5 starts easily, but this deserves the rating.

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I love it10/7/2010 11:13:13 PM

Pros: This is some serious memory. I can run it on XMP and it hits its stated rating with no issues. It also runs 8-8-8-20 at 1066 and 1.5V with the Rampage III Formula at stock, capable of 7-7-7-20 at 1066 1.5V with manual settings. Runs cool with no errors on my Rampage III Formula.

Cons: None

Overall Review: For the size of the heatsinks, it has a fairly narrow profile which fit on the Rampage III Formula with a CNPS 10X Extreme cooler. A really good deal at $399 on 12GB of extremely fast memory.

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Amended Review9/5/2010 6:34:01 PM

Pros: Super-speedy NAS, swap the drives without opening the case, temperature issues solved with firmware. Tons of features, including backup notifications, etc. Great logging features. Scheduled power features back in later firmware.

Cons: Getting a little vibration from the box when in operation that is audible beyond the stated noise specifications.

Overall Review: This is an amended review for my earlier 2-egg rating. A firmware revision fixed most of the issues with the box and I'm happy to say it is now very "usable" in the context of the way I have previously used Synology boxes. Synology was a little slow to get some legacy features back into the product, but they eventually got the important ones back in. I'm running the Beta DSM 3.0 firmware and it is an overwhelmingly huge improvement over their 2.x firmware. Props where props are due for Synology.

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Good Board9/5/2010 6:22:33 PM

Pros: Easily "overclockable", decent layout, lots of the newer goodies like SATA 6g and USB3, plenty of ports.

Cons: AAFP Header in a goofy place. IOH and ICH running a bit warm for my tastes (56c and 57c) at idle

Overall Review: If Asus would have left the AAFP header in their usual place near the 1394 port, I would have rated this 5 eggs. They always seem to move popular combinations around when they had it right in the first place. They lost 1 internal USB header on their RAMPAGE III Extreme board, added that back on the Formula, but moved the AAFP header on the Formula. All of the cases I use will need an extension (which is hard to find) to run the front audio ports from the AAFP header. Other than that, the board seems really solid, booting right up, seeing everything, etc.

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Not what I had hoped for4/3/2010 3:24:29 PM

Pros: Speedy, great multimedia features. Good logging and notification system.

Cons: Several issues with this unit. 1. This thing runs way hotter than any of their previous generation NAS devices. 2. It is louder than their previous models in its real-world habitat. 3. This unit is missing the scheduled power-on feature present in ther previous generations.

Overall Review: Because of the cons listed above, especially the scheduled power-on feature, we switched NAS vendors for our business needs. This unit has potential due to its speed and primary function features, but the heat, noise, and lack of scheduled power-on really pushed us away from it after our proof of concept for our business.

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Fast NAS2/3/2010 4:37:24 PM

Pros: This thing is wicked fast and fairly quiet for a 5-bay NAS. I compressed my 65GB disk image with backup software and wrote it to the 1010+ in 10 minutes. I am using the Seagate 1.5TB drives without issues. I am also using the DSM2.3 beta firmware and it seems stable so far. Did I say this thing is fast? All the usual perks you get with the Synology products, such as multimedia capabilities, FTP server, etc. It rips through creating thumbnails for the photo station at light speed.

Cons: And the reason for 4 eggs is as follows. Instead of adding the Wake-On-Lan feature to the existing scheduled power on feature (on most of their NAS's), they expunged the scheduled power on feature in favor of WOL. Also, I have struggled with the link aggregation for the network somewhat and everytime I turn failover on, it negotiates the switch speed at 100MB as opposed to 1000MB, but every once in a while, it negotiates it correctly. I have tried this on two different switches. Drive holders are plastic.

Overall Review: If Synology can work out a couple of kinks with the firmware and add the scheduled power on in addition to the WOL feature, this would be the best NAS on the market. I have tried most of the major ones. Newegg - great as always.

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Just OK1/10/2009 3:52:50 PM

Pros: The case has a lot of room and will accommodate the larger 10.5” video cards. Pretty good airflow through the front with a low noise high CFM (you have to purchase). Fairly solid case for a thinner steel case. Has room for a 140 MM fan at the top of the case, so you can use that for exhaust or even intake for a positive pressure case. If you buy a 20MM thick 140MM fan for the top, it does not hang over the motherboard, so you can run the larger coolers (I am running a CM V8 in it).

Cons: Only ships with one fan. Length dimensions are nowhere near right. It is 19” long, not 17.7” long. Not aluminum, but that’s what you get at this price. Minimal hardware included. No speaker in case, so you will need one on the MB or you will need to purchase one. Front panel removal and replacement too many times seems like it would wear out the mounting points (plastic). No fan filters included.

Overall Review: I was pretty disappointed that the case was not the dimensions advertised. Bad on the manufacturer because these were their specs, not Newegg's. I bought the case with those specs as a specific reason for purchasing so it would fit in a smaller area under my desk. Now, it will be relegated to a customer's purchase rather than remaining in my home. Awesome service from Newegg as I have come to expect.

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Great Sammy!10/27/2008 11:25:59 AM

Pros: 4 HDMI inputs, 5ms, excellent picture, lighted remote, decent sound.

Cons: As others have noted, the remote wheel is a little sensitive. Unless I have missed it somewhere, there is no auto function that scans between wide-fit and 16:9 HD formats for switching between channels, so I have to do it manually each time I switch between a regular channel and HD channel.

Overall Review: The TOC deal is OK, but I had rather have a plain black TV. I compared this to the best "S---" 32" 1080P TV and this one wins in many categories in my opinion. I had a chance to try both in my house. One area that bugs me a little is mentioned in the cons with the auto wide fit function missing. Even my lower model 26" "S---" had that. Maybe I just have not found out how to set it correctly yet. Picture quality is awesome and typically colored as Samsungs normally are, with some emphasis on red and greens. The sound is neither excellent or horrible, but somewhere in between. I like the TV and it is a keeper.

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Mikey Likes It7/19/2008 9:46:27 AM

Pros: Runs cooler than my 8800GTX and powers larger monitors (Samsung 24") at 1900 x 1200 at highest settings on all of my games. Frame rates increased dramatically. Card also runs very quiet. Great enclosure on the card so you do not have to touch the PCB or any electronics when installing. I am running Crysis, COD4, and Assassin's Creed without any issues on the 177.41 64-bit windows drivers. Very stable card.

Cons: Big card, bigger at the back (width) than the 8800GTX it replaced, but fit in my case fine. The 8-pin connector caused me to replace my PS because I was nervous about running it with the adapter they supplied. 8-pin will become more common, so not sure I really consider that a con.

Overall Review: I am extremely happy with the card. It lowered my GPU temps from 63C (8800GTX) to ~51C. I have heard of better temps, but I am running this in a smallish Thermaltake LANFIRE case, so I am very happy with the results there. I tried to run it with my LG 24" (HDMI & RGB input only) and it did not display the picture correctly and I could not adjust it. I later found out that it saw the LG as an HDTV instead of a monitor. An RGB cable fixes the problem, but it was time for a new monitor anyway. Works great on my new Samsung 2493 - 24" running DVI.

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Great Lappy!2/15/2008 11:16:21 AM

Pros: Portable and surprisingly "connectable" with built-in Wi-Fi, USB, LAN, etc. This puppy has three USB ports, which is pretty unbelievable on something this small. The screen works great and for a laptop of this size,the speakers sound surprisingly good, although not extremely loud. The OS is easy to learn and use. I had Wi-Fi up and running in 30 seconds by grabbing my WEP key off of a flash drive (cut-n-paste). Just a lot of great features on this thing for its size and price. Set up Wi-Fi once and it connects on startup of the machine.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: I bought this to use on a trip to Europe where I don't want to carry my $2k laptop. All I need to be able to do is get to mail, internet, accounts, etc. The one other thing I will use it for (and this is great) is for transferring photos from SD media to my portable hard drive. That is exactly where the three USB ports come in handy. I upgraded the RAM to 1GB of Crucial and added a 16GB SDHC card. It is plenty fast for its purpose. Again, know what you are getting and set expectations correctly. You will not be disappointed.

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