Great CPU depending on YOUR needs6/6/2013 11:33:27 AM

Pros: This CPU is an incredible step up from my Q6600 quad core. It really compliments the new SSD, RAM, and Mobo that have been put together for this upgrade and has shown me that my GTX 560 ti really still have life in it! Games and web browsing are running incredibly smooth again... and when I was thinking about going SLI 760s, I am now very happy with my 1 GTX 560.

Cons: Depending on the computer you are upgrading from, benchmarks have shown only slight increases in capabilities between Ivy Bridge and Haswell. For me this was okay because of what I was upgrading from. If you own Ivy Bridge, do some research before making this purchase.

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Wow!6/6/2013 11:27:46 AM

Pros: I have never seen programs or even my Windows 7 load so fast! Everything from gaming to web browsing is butter smooth.

Cons: None so far.

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Runs well6/6/2013 11:25:47 AM

Pros: This is the first memory I have owned with this speed and capacity! I have upgraded from DDR2 and a 1st gen quad core, and I must say.... The system seems to be handling anything thrown at it. Will be over clocking in the near future.... so we will see how they hold up from that.

Cons: Unknown so far.

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Wow4/8/2009 4:34:31 AM

Pros: Going from a 4:3 LCD to this one sure does make a difference! You never do understand how big a 24" is until you get package open, and put on your desk!!! I love this thing. Has a great picture, with nice features.

Cons: Dead White Pixel towards the middle of the screen.... Webcam has pretty terrible quality, but hey, it does the job!

Overall Review: I dont see any bleeding or fading anywhere! The colors are great, and the performance is outstanding.

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So far so good!4/8/2009 4:30:15 AM

Pros: Booted on first post like no other! Got all my drivers and utilities installed quickly, have been running the computer for about 24hrs straight. Temps look fine.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I will update my post if there is anything that happens in the future. So far, good board.

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