Bought one for 70 year old mom - and she LOVES it11/28/2011 8:05:11 AM

Pros: FAST! No "son"-support needed. Mom feels like a pro. Solid state drive - SSD - FAST! 2gb of RAM

Cons: Doesn't run needed it for her bank security log on...

Overall Review: I bought this for my mother when it was 50 dlrs more at another online retailer...everything has a nice highend feel to it, right down to the power cord. The transformer is very light and compact and the actual plug can be turned in 3 different directions, think busy starbucks....just brilliant, take my word for it. The computer fires right up, it's the ipad for the thinking almost half the price. Oh, with a keyboard that WORKS.

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Like getting a new Netbook Samsung N12011/9/2011 6:50:33 AM

Pros: Extremely fast, no moving parts, resumes windows xp in 3 secs! Very little heat, fan has never come on since...even sitting it on a blanket trying to overheat it. I found a youtube video making it easy to take apart the N120, but it's not something you just do, like the memory....clean work surface, good lightning and some good fingers required.

Cons: It wasn't free... :)

Overall Review: I bought a acer Chromebook for my 70yr old mother, and couldn't put it down myself. It's like an ipad, but with the all important keyboard. SO SIMPLE! I decided to try out the chromeOS as supplied by Hexxeh, but was running into problems due to just wasn't the same. I had bought an extended warranty on my netbook, and i thought: "Meh, why not?" So I spent about 90 dlrs and got 2gb of corsair memory and this SSD. I abandoned ChromeOS and reinstalled XP that came with it...I look at SSD's like microSD cards...they are ALWAYS useful and can easily be transferred to another computer. I used the free Macrium reflect (on download dot com) to back up my old hard drive, and copied just the recovery portion to the new SSD...hit F4 during boot and voila! Of course you have to go through all the updates with windows, but I feel like I have a NEW computer!

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Bought for Tivo HD, but used in computer...7/26/2010 2:38:14 PM

Pros: 5 year warranty! One of the few left.

Cons: A little loud in the Tivo, but very quiet in the computer.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this drive..runs very cool, but not as quiet as WD green line. Do the wdidle3.exe on the green drives before installing though. Seagates makes pretty good drives, and I've had good experiences with returns.

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