Doesn't measure Volt Amps VA or Power factor2/25/2016 9:40:22 AM

Pros: Cabled remote display

Cons: Doesn't measure Volt Amps VA or Power Factor so "Watts" will not be consistently accurate for different loads (motors vs resistive lamps or "green" appliances" Illuminated "protected" light bar across the top. Do I need yet another darn lit up light in any of my rooms? Really. This is also too huge to magic marker over, so it's duct tape time. And now how attractive is that?

Overall Review: Volt Amps VA and/or power factor tell how "resistive" (=== Green in today's parlance) a load is. That's the true measure of load and cost . That's also what you need to properly size a UPS (in particular VA ratings should be compared to VA ratings)

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It's HUGE! Ginormous! It Won't play many Blu Ray Discs!1/17/2016 9:56:48 AM

Pros: Works well so far though I have yet to burn Blu Ray and have yet to really give it a substantial workout.<br>- It's very quiet as well<br>- USB 3.0 transfer speeds.<br>- No coasters yet<br>- Looks snazzy. All my recent ASUS gear gets design kudos. [Edit 1/17/16] Has been, so far, a reliable burner with no coasters including with 25G, 50G, and also re-recordable discs with Verbatim media though I have had some difficulty with non-branded media.

Cons: [Edit 1/17/2/16] This will not play Netflix Blu Ray discs half the discs when a standalone player will play them fine. It keeps resetting and often needs a disconnect and/or paper clip eject. Likely it needs a firmware update - but research shows none is available. Forums indicate the internal drive has never been a good candidate for Blu Ray Video Disc playback. So I'm dinging it yet another bink to 3. It is HUGE. It's Ginormous. It's certainly not a "to go" drive to pack with your laptop. It's a desktop accessory for sure.<br><br>The rear power switch, as others have noted, is difficult to use without hooking with your fingernail. Mine will see the dremel to make it more like a rectangular tab that's easy to actuate.<br><br>The open/close corner panel is also difficult to use without interfering with opening and closing the drive.

Overall Review: I'm not using their LE drive software so can't comment on that. I'm just using the Cyberlink that came with my laptop.<br><br>I bought this so I would not wear out my laptop drive. I've found heavy use of laptop drives for playback and burning to wear them out. So this is my desk accessory I use when not traveling or mobile. [Edit 1/17/2/16] Blu Ray media is particularly sensitive to quality. After some trouble with un-branded or non Matsushita media I now only buy Verbatim media and generally also their mid if not high level. I have had reasonable luck (no negatives but no depth of experience) using re-recordable media with this drive burning and others playing it. It's certainly not recommended for archival - but is very handy for shorter term use of a disc for a vacation or loan or such. Do note that WOTS is if you're OURchiving movies that Cinavia protection may cause playback issues, esp on standalone players, that may appear to be a bad disc and not a fault of the media or burner.

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Works with 2TB drive on XBOX ONE7/12/2015 11:06:47 AM

Pros: Works with 2TB drive - product specs only said tested to 1TB. Works with XBOX one just fine as USB 3.0 powered drive Sturdy, compact, unobtrusive, aluminum case. Drive secured with screws. Drive tray secured in outer housing with screws. Drive PCB not exposed near outer shell. Comes with good cable and one long enough to front/side place on Xbox yet comfortably reach around and plug into the back.

Cons: Could come with some felt or plastic feet or plastic.

Overall Review: My first Startech product and I'm very pleased. It's well made and the most up to date on all current technologies. Case gets a bit warm on use - but not hotter than a drive runs at. So I think it's adequately conducting heat out. It does have front vents. It's on it's side next to the XBOX ONE. I added side edge bottom feet (not included) to raise/isolate it some. Secondarily I added bumpers to ensure a gap if the Xbox was pressed against it on the shelf. I researched a ALL of the NewEgg enclosures of this type. Most others had issues such as - plastic case; even if sturdy doesn't conduct heat out like an aluminum case - Real drive capacity limitations such as 512 or 1TB - Systemic reliability issues reported by reviewers - Pseudo "USB 3" port upgrades to what is/was a USB 2.0 product. So not reliabily matching speeds - SATA II support - or "SATA III Compatability" which can mean it won't choke on SATA III but will only run at SATA II speeds.

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Smoking fast drive7/6/2015 10:51:55 AM

Pros: This drive is smoking fast and generally meets or exceeds Samsung's published specs.

Cons: Samsung Magician is inconsistent and poor about settings and properly reporting performance. Generally requires reboot to change it's view of the world (esp partitions) even if it doesn't say so.

Overall Review: If you're replacing a HDD with a SSD then you MUST set windows directly or via Magician that you have SSD and to change the appropriate settings. The difference in GB from 1024 based and 1000 based sizing - will say you've got roughly 900 "gig" . All drives do this now - and most of them (including Samsung) use that difference for sparing, wear leveling, reliability. This is most important in SSDs so I don't complain so much. Samsung Magician also request that you "Over Provision" by letting it "use" up to 10% of the last partition on your drive. This "over provisioning" is used for "fast writes" that it later coalesces into your partitions "where it belongs". This helps as a flash write requires a read-insert-write cycle unless it's known a flash block is empty. So "over provisioning" uses free space (known empty) as skip-read-do-write blocks so is much faster. That said - I'm told 8.1 may do this already - and I haven't found anything concise. Then you can use that space on that last partition - so it's not lost . Folks mostly say don't let any partition get more than 75% full and there should be enough "free space" for these SSD write optimizations to work.. Samsung Magician's performance benchmark is inconsistent. After a few days it started saying my sequential was 1/10th of what it should be. Per the web :) I used ATTO benchmark and it showed the drive was running as recommended. Many people say you must "start from scratch" on a HDD->SSD but that's not true. You just need to make the system changes. Samsung Data Migration will purport to make all these - but it wouldn't let me migrate from an (mostly empty) 2TB hdd in a new laptop to the 1GB 850 EVO. Few tools will shrink partitions (not even Acronis) So you can do well just copying partitions over hdd->SSD but you need to tweak the settings. Magicians "optimize OS" will do that for you. Or from disk properties, advanced, Optimize : make sure all your partitions are set to optomize, and I'd say once per day. Enjoy these smoking fast drives!

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Shuts off after 15 minutes or so1/13/2015 12:57:29 PM

Pros: Compact and sleek.

Cons: Shuts off after 15 minutes - so you can't leave it unattended - even over lunch. Seems to do better until it loses 1 charge bink then it seems to shut off after 3-5 minutes. This is after a full charge. Specifications don't match received product. The device label says 5V 1 Amp and the above says 5V 1.5 A Device is not hot or anything. Just shuts off frequently esp after losing one charge bink. The other night (1st night after full charge) I let it charge my phone over night - a key application for me - camping and on trips. Woke up and phone was moved to home charging station. Why? Kids were kept away in the middle of the night by incessant beeping from the phone after this device and completely drained the phone. I'm guessing it shut off and then in that mode is happy to accept power from the phone. So it drained the phone. That's a super negative strike against unattended charging.

Overall Review: Using with a

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Nice drive but mix brands and watch capacity1/1/2015 9:25:58 AM

Pros: Nice cool running drive. I like that the firmware is optimized for NAS vs Windows optimized (try 99 times and die) so NAS users and OS can properly detect issues just like "the big boys" Nice compromise of drive rotational speed & on-disk cache well suited for NAS access as well as heat and power in NAS devices.

Cons: Capacity at the URE (statistical capacity for unrecoverable read) limit for reconstruction. See article search below. Nothing against Seagate (or WED et all) but it's a capacity Con unless you design your NAS for it.

Overall Review: I recommend mixing drive brands in any raid/nas disk group. Every manufacturer has their bad lots, such as Seagate Moose a few years back. If all you've got is one brand / model then if they start failing they'll usually all be failing and recovery is tough. I also recommend watching capacity and this drive is right at statistical limits without careful consideration of your raid groups. Search "Why RAID 5 Stopped Working in 2009" and read that. Succinctly statistical actual disk error levels nearly guarantee a URE every 3TB (even current drives). So with big (and bigger) drives you're almost guaranteed a URE which will trash your raid group unlesss you make careful choices about your raid groups. For a NAS drive NEWEGG should include the power requirements under specifications. For my R4 case and 8-10 drives how big of a power supply do I need? The Newegg product link also didn't go to the product page. Had to find it myself Seagate also made it difficult to find the detailed specs even with the model number The power is 4.8 watts which is the spec I was looking for.

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Old model has fuses; new model fixes that10/21/2014 6:09:47 AM

Pros: PowerIQ works great. I've had no problems charging anything at full rate. No need for "special labeled ports" chargers I LOVE their PowerIQ it's the best charging technology around.

Cons: "Old Model" which seems to be closing out in Oct / tail end of 2014 has fuses in each port. If your device or device surges and draws too much it will pop the fuse and that port will be permanently dead.

Overall Review: I personally haven't had any problems and the biggest pig I have is a Samsung S4 Phone. I'd bought mine in early summer and it charges everything. I did get a letter - proactively from ANKER - saying they had this problem (that's how I know), that they're fixing it, and that if I have any problem they'll replace it. I don't know how to tell if / when something is known to be shipping the newer model with polyfuses (self resetting). I'd like another one myself - but I'm personally waiting to buy another until I know it's the newer model. Esp as I use these for a long time and I probably will soon(ish) have some power pig that the older model may blow fuses with. Suggestion is to see if you device(s) draw anythings of the max 2.4 A per port and if not you should be good to go; if so you may not be. I otherwise LOVE their PowerIQ it's the best charging technology around.

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Great value for student laptop8/20/2013 10:48:08 AM

Pros: Large Capacity (my son stuffs all his Steam games on his laptop for travels). Reliable drives.

Cons: Speed is slow 5400 RPM won't win any zippy awards. Does save power though. Cache is small - 8MB - particularly for a slow (5400 RPM) drive

Overall Review: Good value - particularly when on sale. This obviously, for the non sale price point, was targeted on capacity upgrade rather than speed.

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Good Value for Student Gamer8/20/2013 10:44:25 AM

Pros: Good value point in fairly current chip, bus bandwidth (a plus for this) , and memory for PC gaming on a student budget. It's hard to harp hard enough on bus bandwidth over other factors in graphics. Often for 10-20% more one can get "into the next tier". I'd trade off 2GB RAM for 1GB Ram for bandwidth for example, or a next gen chip stuffed on a 64 bit bus probably won't run any faster than a previous gen chip on a 128 bit bus.

Cons: Fan. I just don't like fans. They make noise. They break. This one hasn't broken, but I haven't had a graphics card, from any maker, that I didn't eventually have to replace the fan.

Overall Review: I slam fans, and for "a bit more juice" buy fanless graphics cards. I haven't found a fanless card yet that didn't run way too hot for my liking when pushed with gaming graphics. This card replaced a fanless one my son had that started flaking out with gaming graphics - and that was after I'd spliced and glued in (JB Weld) a small laptop fan.

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Great home and small business switches8/20/2013 10:35:39 AM

Pros: High Bandwidth as well as packet rate particularly between different ports. Good amount of buffer memory per port

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is to be compared to the FS108 and is worth the extra money. Basically any pair of ports running at max tap out the FS108 across all ports whereas the GS108 can sustain transmissions across multiple ports concurrently.

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Sturdy but poor orientation of USB Ports3/27/2013 6:48:03 AM

Pros: Appears as sturdy as the others such as Instapark and Nomad. Seems to be EVA type overlaminate with aluminum backing.

Cons: 1) It stinks. (Same is said for the Instapark). They must be using the same ingredients they dumped in the drywall years ago. Leave it outside in the sun, opened, for a few days, and it'll cure and clear out. 2) The USB Port cover, and cable, shades the cell, greatly reducing performance. It is oriented towards and too close to the lower solar panel. Sure you can tuck it in every time - but that is a PITA. Then your cable will still be providing some shade - unless you bend it sharply - which will eventually wreck it.

Overall Review: NewEgg has two versions of this; identical except one comes with an Apple cable. Connection is 2 USB Ports only. Instapark is like this. The Nomad 7, big plus, has several types of outputs and comes with cables. USB only means if you're charging batteries you're going through conversion to the output port - and another conversion to the battery charger circuit. That's a lot and if those aren't highly efficient circuits a lot of power can be lost. Often a weak point on less expensive designs. For performance I'll be evaluating it over the next few days to week to see how it performs. That will be a bit more difficult with USB only output. That as if it had solar out like the Nomad then the panel could be tested separately from the USB ports (which are often the weak point). I'll update and edit this as I measure performance - and see if I can re-orient the USB ports.

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Amorphous is very old tech3/22/2013 7:36:09 AM

Pros: Generates solar power.

Cons: Amorphous cells have generally half the power density of Mono or polycryastaline cells. Amorphous cells, unless very new tech ones, then lose half their generating power in 4-5 years Mono and Polycrystalline cells have dropped sharply in cost in the past year or so - so there is absolutely no reason to buy amorphous cell based panels Price is far out of line for any tech.

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Didn't work with CISCO VOIP Phone2/26/2013 5:32:35 AM

Pros: Compact and inexpensive

Cons: Wouldn't work with my CISCO VOIP Phone at work. It Powered it up and showed ethernet activity - but the phone went into an update and reboot loop (trying to upgrade firmward, failing, rebooting). Back on corporate jack - phone is fine; back on this; reboot loop

Overall Review: The CISCO VOIP Phones at work are PoE and our cubicles have two 1Gb switch ports. The CISCO VOIP has integral 100bt switch. So for two machines (deskside, laptop docking station) one has to be plugged through the VOIP Phone. I bought this so that one Cube port-->Netgear 5 portswitch ->{POE/CISCO VOIP; one of the machines} Thus both computers running 1GB on their ports and phone can diddle at 100bt So there was some incompatability amongst the triplet of {Rosewill POE; Netgear 5 port ; Cisco VOIP} Could some of the responsibility be the Netgear 5 port? Maybe. Main point is that you will just have to try this to see if it works, try different switches (or whatever) and if it doesn't return it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Please contact the Rosewill support team at 800-575-9885 so that we can assist you with your issue. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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Decent inexpensive earbuds12/4/2012 4:33:08 AM

Pros: These are decent earbuds at the sale price; not sure about at list price. Much better than the more mass market Skull Candy et all at the big box stores I also really like the "pinch handle"shape on the back. You actually pinch-grab them rather than gripping the roundy back end of most. It makes it really easy to put them in as opposed to the rounded backs on others that get pushed about trying to insert and seat properly.

Cons: Bass a bit weak but that's usual at this price; at list price I like my Sony XBR's better. Didn't come with a case like the XBRs. Perhaps an issue or not. One of my pair live son my desk - but another travels and needs to be stowed.

Overall Review: Good value at sale price. Great Stocking Stuffers - esp for kids who are hard on earbuds and other corded e-accessories.

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Klipsch is sending a new amp module8/7/2012 5:40:11 PM

Pros: I'd marked this 2 starts under the review "Died after 6 months; great until then" which I couldn't edit/update. I contacted Klipsch and provided my NewEgg invoice. With absolutely no hassles - they are sending me a new amp module and in particular I don't have to send the whole subwoofer module in.

Cons: New Amp module is backordered - still waiting.

Overall Review: Need to self-install. Not a biggie for me - but may be for some. I was very happy I didn't need to send the subwoofer in. Who knows - maybe I can fix the errant plate amp and build some DIY with it? I'll post another update after I receive the amp module and get it installed.

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Great sound when paired with it's Icon-W companions8/7/2012 5:34:15 PM

Pros: These are my rear surround speakers in my 5.1 Klipsch Icon-W setup . In particular I like these for the diffuse sound as I have problems with rear speaker placement. Instead of being able to have two "regular speakers" spaced at the same distances / angles as the front surround - I have one only 3 feet behind the couch and the other is about 10 feet behind the couch. So I couldn't use speakers like the WB-14s - esp considering the one that was so close. These are great for that rear sound field and the stereo (STR-DH820 ) compensates for my distances. These are paired with Icon-W WC-24 center and WF-34 front surrounds and a RW-10D subwoofer I had WB-14's for front surrounds but got an 'Egg deal on the WF-34s and haven't looked back. Now I have a WB-14 set for stereo in the office listening - a great fit.

Cons: No comparison to classic large Klipsch products and I wouldn't pay anywhere near list for them - at that point better getting used classic Klipsch.

Overall Review: Great sounding and a great value (esp at NewEgg prices). I don't think I'd step below into the Synergy and/or Home Theater in a Box line. Cabinetry woodwork etc is really nice - much nicer than others in this price range (such as Polk)

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Noisy, quiet, doesn't stay bound well1/13/2012 5:50:41 AM

Pros: Almost free after rebate

Cons: The plastic ear clip pops off when you're trying to get it over your ear; doesn't flex. Doesn't do a good job excluding background road noise to the extent I'm about to junk this. People just can't understand me when I'm in a vehicle. Volume doesn't go high enough. Doesn't stay bound / rebind automatically well with my HTC Android. I almost always have to push the connect button on the phone. Battery life is poor. Perhaps because it's trying to do it's poor job of binding?

Overall Review: This replaced an older and significantly more expensive Plantronics. Since Samsung was touting this I'm not sure how to vette their other products. So I'll be looking for a sale on Plantronics.

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Clean Power, Good Manageability, Great Price1/13/2012 5:41:48 AM

Pros: While "compatible Pure Sine Wave" isn't "Pure Sine Wave" like my dead SmartUPS this works as advertised with all my newer Green computing devices. I really like the status display and the ability to view current load, power events, etc; something one generally had to buy separate software and cabling for with other brands. The price is good normally and great on sale.

Cons: The battery life is somewhat short on full load. This is to be expected for it's physical size as well as price. It's long enough for clean shutdowns of equipment as well as to just ride through any interesting power events.

Overall Review: For any feature set, but particularly when you get to the feature set that this one has (which I'd consider required - display manageability and compatability with current Green standards for Sine Wave) you're at this price level. Adding battery life often significantly raises the price, esp for external batteries. As such these are great fits for home individual placements. Such as a 1350 running the Bonus/Home Theater room and all it's DVRs, stereo, DVD, XBOX, Laptops, etc. Another in the home office, another for the downstairs entertainment center. I've lost enough equipment due to lightning and power surges that anything I care for is on UPS. For sizing I'd suggest about 60% for some headroom for additional electronics and also battery life.

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Newer Energy Start computers need sine wave1/13/2012 5:20:51 AM

Pros: Enough power for a mini-van's worth of two kids laptops and a Wii

Cons: Non pure sine wave or equivalent means newer Energy Star power supplies may not work well with it.

Overall Review: Newer Energy Star power supplies won't work well if the power provided isn't pure sine wave or equivalent (some technologies are good enough - and they'll specifically refer to this). For example, Newegg N82E16842102070 (search Cyberpower UPS 1350) discusses this. This is most likely why some people are and some people aren't having compatability problems.

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Great speakers for their size1/2/2012 11:43:17 AM

Pros: Great sound from such an absolutely tiny size. The build construction is also great. Heavy non plastic construction means wires won't pull them around and they stay put, tough push terminals that take 14 gauge wire. Gloss black. Much better than anything else in the price class.

Cons: Need a subwoofer for any real surround sound play other than classical type music or voice. This is to be expected for the size - though they do better than most in the compact range.

Overall Review: My wife hates speakers of any size - if she can see it she hates it. So the bonus room / man cave / home theater room gets the larger speakers (Klipsch Icon W series) and these go to the family room. These are the best value and performers for anything even close to their price tag for this size of speaker. Pairing these, esp on sale, with a good sub on sale, you can do much better than getting the Energy 5.1 Micro set. That's why I bought this Energy Micro 5.0 and added a Synergy 10 sub for less than the cost of the Energy Micro 5.1 on sale.

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Fabulous card10/17/2006 7:25:32 AM

Pros: Interrupt coalescing, jumbo frames, checksum offloading, and other advanced features put all inexpensive gigabit cards to shame.

Cons: Early XP loads might not have the driver pre-loaded. So pre-load the driver or install it alongside your old one before switching over.

Overall Review: You may think your CPU is fast but it takes a lot of bus and cache bandwidth to really take advantage of a gigabit card.

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