Asus VW266H2/24/2010 2:36:11 PM

Pros: No problems so far. No dead pix, no connection problems. It is - BIG. I do the kind of design work where accurate color is not an issue, but visual clarity and raw real estate are. It's so large that I'm actually having to get used to working with this much screen area. I really need screen height and rejected a number of larger (diagonal) monitors because they were 1080 rather than 1200. This monitor was the best combination I could find of size and connection options vs. cost.

Cons: Not so much a con as a quibble - the documentation, which comes in the form of a 100 page book, looks quite impressive until you open it and find it is really 3 pages in 33 languages. Latviski, anyone? (If so, give my regards to Milda.) The website and documentation provided there are unimpressive.

Overall Review: Some of the negative reviews made me hesitant to purchase the monitor. I've had it running for just about a week, which is not exactly a long trial period, but there have been absolutely no problems. Out of the box it is bright - painfully so. Several reviewers have provided settings, just read and plan to use them. No light leakage, no dead pix, no banding or striping. No problems waking from suspend (on DVI). One thing, before connecting you may want to play with the controls and change the input selection to the one you intend to use. I had expected the monitor to auto-select on the input, but you have to manually select through the on-screen. Unless something changes I'm giving this one 5 eggs, and kudos of course to NewEgg for prompt shipping.

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