Showed up dead on arrival2/23/2021 3:17:13 PM

Overall Review: Showed up dead on arrival. Would power on, RGB would light up, fans would spin, but would not go into the bios or boot into Windows 10. Had an error light on the Motherboard for boot issue. Looked that up in the owners manual and followed their instructions to try and fix it, which just involved making sure things were plugged in all the way and making sure boot drive was all the way installed, still nothing. My best guess is that the foam they used inside the PC broke some things as the foam was putting a lot of pressure on multiple parts inside the PC. I took the thumb screws off the side panel and the glass literally popped up and away from the case because of the pressure from the foam. Then I remove the foam to find the graphics card is also noticeably warped (picture included) from the foam pressure again. I think a better solution needs to be found for shipping. Waiting for an RMA update this review as far as everything else goes.

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