High Quality AIO1/30/2021 6:42:12 PM

Pros: The fans, radiator, hoses, mounting brackets, pump and basically everything feel and operate at a high level of quality. The fans are very quiet. The pump is completely silent and you have to have your ear pretty close to hear it. Contrary to others reviews, the pump header cover magnets are VERY strong. I don’t know if they’ve updated the design, but even with a little side pressure from the hoses, it stays secure.

Cons: The only cons that I have would be the fan mounting screws could be just a little bit longer. The cable management could be made a little easier as well, maybe by using a shorter daisy chain setup for the fan and RGB cables, then have another extension to route as needed. It’d also be nice if there were some recessed U clips to tuck the cables into along the sides on the fans. None of these cons make this any less of a great product though, time will tell on it’s durability of course.

Overall Review: Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I’m running this AIO in a Corsair iCue 220T and it’s cooling a Ryzen 7 3700x. Temps under heavy load stay around 50-55C and boost clocks are maintained just above 4.3GHz. The radiator is a pretty tight fit in my case as the fans are a bit low reaching, but it fits nonetheless. Oh, and it’s really pretty in the white.

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From FX to Ryzen, Wow!11/27/2020 9:54:45 PM

Pros: This thing doesn't even break a sweat when gaming, running 20+ tabs in browser, running excel, running system monitors, downloading files, and running game stores all at the same time. CPU usage on all 8 cores hover between 15%-40%. CPU temps are around 65C on the stock cooler.

Cons: Stock CPU cooler can be quite loud, but adjusting fan settings in bios means it's only loud for a few seconds every few minutes when the processor does get above 70C.

Overall Review: This Ryzen 7 3700x is a great processor and preliminary results make me think it might last as long as the 8 year old FX-8320 that it's replacing. System Specs. Old: FX-8320 OC 4.2GHz MSI 970 Gaming MB 16GB 1600 DDR3 Adata XPG V2 MSI GTX 980TI Gaming 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD New: Ryzen 7 3700x ROG Strix B550-F Gaming MB 32GB 3200 Crucial Ballistics MSI GTX 980TI Gaming 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD

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