Pros: Fair price, nice and small doesnt stick out too far and easy to use, great for laptops very small - just download the best driver from the Asus website they are newer than the windows driver.

Cons: None really, works as advertised and im very pleased

Overall Review: This is a great little item. I was probably the only person on the planet without a single blue tooth equipped item. I bought an unusual but decent Aneng bench multi-meter that of all things has a blue tooth speaker box with small sub inside lol But I had nothing to activate or test it with, I don't even have internet activated on my cell phone - so I bought the Asus BT400 & plugged it into my own home built pc rig. I loaded the driver from the Asus website, turned on bluetooth in settings and it took right off playing music from YT on the internet on my computer. Its nice and small doesnt stick out very far which I like. Range is only about 32 feet but I knew that and it was all I needed for my little "toy" just to hear it play. I can also use it on my laptop if desired, so for this price its a bit of a bargain if you dont need or want a full blown wifi / bluetooth PCI card for your PC. My computers are all hardwired so I dont really need wifi or blue tooth anyway wired is always faster anyway far as the internet etc. But for my purpose it works fine and I like this little gem..

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Pros: Great airflow, budget price especially on sale, fits a good size video card and comes with two fans rear is 80mm but can be swapped for 92mm, blue lighted power switch LED and blue lighted 120mm front fan

Cons: Thin metal and watch for sharp edges especially in the I/O area, this one bites-! Im still very pleased with these cases for what they cost,

Overall Review: Overall it suits my needs perfectly thats why I bought a second one on sale. Its the best budget micro ATX from Rosewill or most anyone in my opinion mainly because of its great air flow and reserved but good looking mesh front. Also like the blue lit power switch.

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GREAT LITTLE COOLER -12/18/2020 5:39:46 AM

Pros: I bought on of these to get the 92mm fan and its rubber isolation mounts so I would have a replacement fan or the rubber mounts for my 92mm Arctic7 CPU tower cooler in a microATX case, should I ever need one. Arctic7 tower cooler has no problems yet but this particular Arctic CPU fan and its rubber isolators by themselves arent always easy to find so was cheap enough to just buy this so I dont possibly have to buy another whole tower cooler down the road.

Cons: Cant speak for this included heat sink, though sure it will do what it claims. Ive had the Arctic7 92mm tower coolier with this fan running for a few years now and no problems, but the rubber isolators seem like they could dry out and fail given enough time so bought this for the fan and isolators thought no problems yet. Nothing against Arctic Cooler products mine works great but I know my luck so just buying this for spare parts just in case.

Overall Review: Arctic Cooling makes great products and I would buy again, their 92mm tower cooler I have runs very quiet and cools well after several years, but fans and such only last so long in long term use. I still highly recommend their products based only on my experience with a 92mm small case tower cooler that really fit my small case perfectly and cool my quad core just fine.

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Quality 120mm fan thats quiet and fits tight spaces9/27/2017 7:18:38 PM

Pros: Price, quality, slimmer 20mm profile, good airflow, nice soft blue color if that works for 'ya and even though its a slim 20mm frame design it seems to flow the same CFM as a regular 25mm - good quality fan with Hydro bearing that should improve service life and lower noise level, as well as nice little sliding/adjustable buckles on the cables to aid in keeping things tidy. Speed options are: PWM controlled four pin plug, 7v low 900 to 1000 RPM plug, or high 1,800 RPM molex plug (loud-! ) so be aware before buying. I used it as a side case fan blowing in on the video card and in this particular micro ATX case at the low 7volt 900 to1000 RPM speed it made a 2 to 3 degree difference in graphic card and CPU temps. The fan is virtually silent by itself, but when I used screws to fasten it directly to the panels factory punch out holes inside the case panel it sounded like a mini bee hive - its not the fans fault ive run into this before, the punch outs in the panels are the cause. In these cases where I desire silence I traced and neatly dremeled a 120mm hole and use a 120mm chrome wire fan grille to both improve air flow and quiet the fan. The grille made the fan almost silent, but it was still too close to the blades and wasn't quite silent so I spaced the fan away from the inside of the panel with some 1/8" washers and now its virtually inaudible unless you put your ear right to it. In my case the slim 20mm design made it possible to easily fit a 120mm fan on the side panel where a regular 25mm thick fan was just hitting the CPU's tower cooler. You cant go wrong for the $7.99 price I paid, I would certainly buy one again if I needed a slim fan or otherwise, its a good quality product and a great deal on sale.

Cons: None really, just be sure to be aware of the PWM/speed options before buying I thought It was a three pin but its a four pin, in my case it didn't really matter as I wanted the low RPM 7v option anyway.

Overall Review: One reason I would buy this fan even if I didn't need the slim design is the hydro bearing, it -should- make the fan last longer and run smooth for a longer period of time.

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Pros: Small size, easy install, low power requirement - runs cool & very quiet low noise fan only runs above 60*C, affordable upgrade in my situation and solved an unusually troublesome video issue I was having - very pleased with this card for my average needs, card runs great. This is my second Sapphire video card, first one is a four year old HD7770 that's still on the job, its already outlasted a previous brand X-- that went belly up when the caps ruptured. Its only been a few days since I installed this card but so far im very pleased overall.

Cons: A bit too expensive for what it is but Sapphire is reliable and many graphics cards are overpriced anyway.

Overall Review: I might have gotten a bit better performance value on another card but im not a big gamer and reliability is very important, the Sapphire brand has been reliable for me - I paid big $$ for another brand name and it died too early.

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Pros: Ive had several CM cases & this is one of the best so far in this price range. Ive been looking at the HAF912 for awhile and a recent sale price with $20 rebate nailed it with a final cost after RB of $35. There's many good mid towers out there, and this has to be one of the best in value, quality, looks & airflow. Ive only just looked it over after delivery today so not built yet, but packaging was excellent with no damage. Im very pleased with build quality, value and features offered at this price, even though its not an expensive model its by no means a cheap case with decently thick steel, good fit and finish and room for some cable management, a modular PS would be helpful as always but not necessary. All I/O cables are black except for led and on off so I sleeved them myself. Lots of fan options including 1-120mm rear and 1-120mm in front with red led's, 2-200mm fan & rad. options so with right build hardware no way this case should ever be a hot box. Front panel is very well made, easy to remove with filtration front and under bottom mount PS. Im in agreement with many other reviewers, this is a great case and a great value, CM makes great cases.

Cons: Black interior would've been nice, second optical drive lock could have been included, thumb screws only on left panel, but im nit picking they had to cut somewhere to keep cost in range - but they did not cut quality.

Overall Review: Highly recommended especially if on sale with rebate

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent 92mm case fan, just what I needed -3/31/2017 2:32:03 PM

Pros: Usual Arctic Cooling high quality with 6 year warranty, high precision fluid bearing and 3 pin motherboard control. Fan is virtually silent as stated, its in the back of my case so its completely inaudible. Even listening for it theres almost zero noise unless you get up close. This fan lives up to its claims, one of the best choices when you want a silent but cool PC.

Cons: None really, it looks nice and performs its basic function smoothly and quietly with no drama.

Overall Review: I would easily recommend this brand fan to anyone, and would buy again with no reservations.

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Rosewill ruined the layout4/10/2015 1:29:50 PM

Pros: I have the older "normal" layout version of these keyboards and I love it, wish I could get more. This newer key layout change makes no sense, there was no advantage to making the shift key smaller and adding a slash key where it does not belong. To further add insult to injury they have raised the price and made the product worse --- PLEASE ROSEWILL, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL NORMAL KEY LAYOUT -- one rule any successful manufacturer should know is when the customers find something they like and want to buy more of don't just make changes for the sake of change - IF IT WORKS AND SELLS DONT MESS WITH IT-!!

Cons: Same as above, its hard to find a pro for a product that was fine to begin with but the manufacturer intentionally makes useless and unpopular changes to. Manufacturers seem to do this constantly, they feel they must make changes just because its been the same for too long -- SOMETIMES THE SAME THING IS WHAT WE WANT-!

Overall Review: Why do manufacturers constantly do this ??? We consumers find a product we love and want to buy more of but even though sales are good they intentionally make stupid changes to a popular design with no call for it --- I think its because they don't want the cheaper keyboard to interfere with sales of pricier keyboards. Well it doesn't work in my case, there is a market for cheap keyboards, in my case they sometimes get wet and short out which is my fault - but I will still buy the same keyboard again because I like the way it types and because of its price and I know it may happen again and no big loss of it gets wet again. I wont buy an expensive keyboard for this application because I know its likely to get wet at some point. Again put the keys back the way they are supposed to be and I will buy more - but not this design. You will find similar comments of this type keyboard on I rest my case.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback. We will pass it along to our QA and Design teams for further investigation. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Update to last review12/2/2014 1:05:46 PM

Pros: Excellent warranty service from Kingston-- drive was good on arrival and later died per last review. But then I received an email and RMA# from Kingston and after sending the old one back a brand new drive is on the way no questions asked - Yay Kingston, you rock-!

Cons: First drive died -- but that can happen to any product produced in huge quantities and sometimes the odds are just not in your favor--- the important thing is Kingston stood behind their product and their warranty with no questions asked --- a smart company can turn a sows ear into a silk purse by serving its customers in this manner, good PR is always a positive thing in the eyes of the consumer

Overall Review: Even if I get a defective or damaged product I don't always fault the company if they back it up, its the real demonstration of a companys integrity when you have a return and they handle it in a timely manner with no hassle - Kingston passed with flying colors on all counts. Of course I would buy from them again in a heartbeat -

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Works great, handy11/18/2014 5:08:45 PM

Pros: This adapter is very well made, just connected it to my TV with a spare cable to check it out - its a nice quality molded piece with gold plated jacks that fit well and the picture/audio are perfect. A couple things I noticed - and they may both be normal for these type adapters as ive never seen or used one before and im somewhat new to HDMI hookups - the male cable ends lack about 1/8" or so fully inserting into the female adapter ends, but they fit snug and secure with perfect signal & no shielding issues or any drop in picture / sound quality. Also the adapters female insert ends are 180* opposite each other, meaning one cable insert is flipped upside down from the other side, this seemed odd to me initially but again it must be normal and does not affect function in any way. Im completely satisfied with this adapters build quality and performance, my TV picture is the same high quality as without the adapter. Also the price is (way) cheaper than cables at any of my local retail outlets, so all this being said I would buy another just like it if needed and would recommend to others as well. As I mentioned this is my first use of HDMI in my first flat screen TV so don't take my comments above as negatives since they appear to be normal for these connectors. Nice adapter to have on hand, gives more hookup options and allows making use of cables that might otherwise go unused, plus saving the cost of another longer cable and possibly saving a late nite return trip to hook up that new TV if you forgot to get longer cable. Newegg fast shipping.

Cons: None really, unless you count the two items mentioned about the male plugs not fully inserting by 1/8" or female ends being upside down from each other - but since it works perfectly and fits snugly im sure these both must be normal for how this adapter is made and in no way affects picture or sound far as I can tell.

Overall Review: - HDMI is one of the best A/V hookups to come along yet, and after locating and buying decent budget cables online I find if you shop wisely there are many fairly priced well made cables that perform just as good as expensive ones and you don't have to spend horrendous $$$ for the hyped up "boutique" priced cables. Just avoid the cheaper looking stuff and read reviews if possible as there may be low quality cables out there like anything else.

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Got a good one - in a retail box-!!8/3/2013 9:04:20 AM

Pros: So far this ones perfect, great sale price with code, came in a retail box with nero 12, firmware update went smooth and fast and immediately burned a disc to check it out as I made the mistake of mixing up which reviews went with which burner and wasn't going to order this one but ordered it anyway by mistake -- but so far I have no problems with the firmware update or the burner itself, firmware updated right off the bat and seems to play and burn perfectly - so far, haven't used nero 12 yet - Was surprised to see a retail box.

Cons: None yet, as stated some negative reviews about had me concerned but either I got a "good" one or-?? - Ive never gotten a bad Samsung drive, hoping I have the same luck with this one. Again, haven't used nero 12 so cant speak for that.

Overall Review: Samsung has always been a good burner for me.

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Sapphire value-!7/10/2013 4:33:26 PM

Pros: Had this about six months and couldn't ask for more in this price range, does all I ask and more - Sapphire gives great value and performance for the money spent

Cons: none here, unles you count having to pay for it-lol

Overall Review: Ill buy Sapphire again, this card was a sweet deal

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Followup Review7/10/2013 4:32:39 PM

Pros: Built this board back in January of '13 and its never missed a beat and has four ram slots that handle up to 32G - im no power user, just have this board with a Sapphire HD7770 video card and Phenom II 3.4G quad core CPU with 8G of ram and its run like a finely tuned watch since day one. But this has been my experience with 99% of the Gigabyte boards ive used, they offer good value for the money and are built well as or better than anything else coming out of china these days -- this has been one great little motherboard and has a decent feature set for a low end board - I look at other boards but ive had such good luck with Gigabyte I keep coming back.

Cons: micro board so video card covers pci slot, but knew this beforehand and didn't need it anyway so not a con for me -

Overall Review: What can I say, im a Gigabyte fan, they just work - at least for me.

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Samsung DVD burner1/10/2013 5:28:56 PM

Pros: This is my tenth one and all are still working well. Samsung is better than Lite-on to me, had a couple failures with lite-on drives.

Cons: none so far, works as it should.

Overall Review: would buy again.

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Kingston always comes through1/10/2013 5:25:03 PM

Pros: Works great, I chose low profile sticks for a small micro ATX case build with large CPU cooler, it fits easily and runs great. This low profile stuff isnt flashy but when youre short on room with a small case and a big CPU cooler this is the way to go. I only use Kingston or Crucial to avoid problems and like the results so far. Im happy once again.

Cons: None so far, sure look small for 8G, but modern chip design makes this possible.

Overall Review: I would buy again if needed.

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WD 500G hard drive1/10/2013 1:22:04 AM

Pros: This is the smoothest quietest hard drive I think ive ever had, and ive seen some smooth ones. I also have a caviar black thats very quiet as well, this one is comparably quiet. Decent price. Glad to see it was packed in its own box with molded isolation mounts and sealed in a bag, im guessing this goes a long way toward reducing defective hard drive epidemic that seems to be rampant these days.

Cons: None at all, I hope it lasts.

Overall Review: would buy again

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AMD quad core value1/10/2013 1:11:30 AM

Pros: This is my second one of these, im as pleased with this one as I was with the first one. AMD is nearly always the best bang for the buck in a budget build. Love this CPU.

Cons: None - AMD is the value leader and reliable as well.

Overall Review: would buy again

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Decent budget case1/10/2013 12:38:15 AM

Pros: Looks decent even for an office environment. Comes with two decent fans, front 120mm and rear 80mm - both fans have M.B. and molex plug options, rear fan can be changed from 80mm to 92mm(?) - case shipped in a heavy duty box so no case damage--yay-!. Good quality feel to power and reset buttons, USB jacks fit nice and tight with no play etc. - wiring was of good quality, sufficient length and well marked. Even came with an ok manual to show noobs how to get front panel off without breaking it. Fit my size and budget and now that its assembled & up and running im pretty happy with it for my purpose.

Cons: Typical to a small budget case, metals thin but not too thin, just dont overtighten standoffs. Its fine once assembled. Bottom feet were just stick on pads, there were holes so I swapped some decent feet off of a spare case. Biggest con as in any small case, room is tight and if you have a large cpu cooler it may interfere with the hard drive plugs, hard drive hangs out over the RAM side of my board so I had to use 90 degreee SATA plugs to make my arctic cooling/ freezer 64 pro CPU cooler fit--and it only JUST fits. If you use a dual slot video card (on my motherboard) it blocks the two lower PCI slots so take that into consideration if you need those slots. The 24 pin MB power plug was a VERY tight fit on my motherboard next to the drive cage. Due to its small size I STRONGLY suggest a MODULAR power supply or cable management can be a nightmare - I had a good quality 500 watt power supply I wanted to re-use and it took forever to place the extra cables. I would normally have used a mid tower but this one had to be small & inexpensive, and this one works well for my purpose.

Overall Review: If you need a budget micro case this is an ok option, but some others are easier to work in as they mount the hard drive differently for clearance.

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Sandisk 8GB high capacity flash card11/8/2012 1:39:31 PM

Pros: More room, much faster than old card. my old card was 2mbps, this is a great improvement in space and speed over my old 2Mbps card. Good value for the money-!

Cons: None really, for the price you cant complain for what you get.

Overall Review: Now wish Id have had the $$ to get the really fast ones-!

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Mighty mouse11/5/2012 6:00:47 AM

Pros: Price - 16G for $9.99, great deal far as space goes. I Like the one piece aluminum case its more sturdy and the small size makes it useable on a key ring. Also you can get the "urdrive" sofware data organization program download free from Kingston - again great value, 16G for ten bucks - !!

Cons: Its slower than more expensive drives, but thats to be expected at this price, ya want a faster chip ya gotta pay for it - so not really a con just a fact of what it is -- Its still well worth the price as its well made and small enough to go anywhere.

Overall Review: I loaded the urdrive software and it worked fine, but decided to format and get the most useable space, just personal choice. Amazing they can get 16G of storage in something this small - I like it.

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Toshiba Satellite9/18/2011 2:14:09 PM

Pros: Overall this is a great value laptop-- I bought the same one except for having a smaller 320G hard drive for $100.00 less at a local blue shirt store and consider it one of the best purchases ive made in the last five years. Pro's: great LED lit screen, web cam and mic, 4G RAM with 8G max expandable, nice keyboard, fast operation, three USB ports, it just plain runs great and I love it except for one and only true flaw ->

Cons: -> like many laptops in this and even higher price ranges, the speakers SUCK with a capital S. I didnt expect high fidelity but I did expect to be able to watch a video and understand the words being spoken. Had to purchase an over priced Logitec sound bar but now im very happy. But to be fair this is my first laptop and from what I hear most laptop speakers are abysmal so if thats not an issue or you dont mind using earbuds- it sounds great through earbuds with plenty of sound to be had.

Overall Review: I know im nitpicking on the speakers, and for what I paid its still a very nice laptop - but we went to the moon over 30 years ago, putting halfway decent speakers in shouldnt be expensive or akin to rocket science.

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Pros: The first pro is definitely price - got 8G on sale with coupon and free shipping for $41.98, thats only $5.25 per Gig-!! They were almost giving it away I had to buy it. Second pro is brand, Kingston is one of the most trusted in the business. I already had 4G in my new To***ba laptop, but at this price I was able to double it to 8G for a very good price. Took less than five minutes to double my RAM capacity, laptop reckognized it immediately and booted first time with no issues -- Im very pleased, windows 7 shows full 8G on board.

Cons: Not really a con, but even though I bought both sticks on the same order, one came with a green PC board and the other was blue, but the specs matched and they run with no issues & thats what counts. Just goes against a pet peeve of mine when matching ram sticks, I prefer them to match exactly in all ways --- but in reality the color of the PC board has no bearing on performance, but the numbers do - they should be exactly the same speed and type to avoid imcompatability issues.

Overall Review: Laptop ran great before, the difference comes when you try to multitask, the extra headroom then becomes noticeable - the more ram the better where this is concerned.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month

Pros: Well made, much better sound than my laptop speakers. Having just bought my first laptop, I was stunned at just how anemic most laptop speakers are - including mine. But it turns out this is true for most all laptop speakers except the most expensive ones. The side firing drivers are a unique design that adds to volume projection, volume is about as good as you could expect considering its only powered by the USB voltage, but much better than my existing junk laptop speakers. Clamp has rubber to protect laptop screen, and clamp is made so it doesnt cover the webcam and mic. - neat built in cord storage. Its an easily portable workable sound option.

Cons: Way too pricey for what it is-- its a good item but overpriced even though made well, for this kind of money there should be more volume, just my opinion.

Overall Review: Its a good item and I like it, but im glad I got it on sale-- retail price is approaching "boutique" territory for something so simple - you can buy a computer motherboard for this kind of money, either lower the price or raise the volume Logitec.

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CRUCIAL - IT WORKS AGAIN8/27/2011 7:28:32 PM

Pros: Works perfect like evey stick of crucial ive ever had-- works great in my slightly older Gigabyte mother board. Decided to add more ram as I intend to change this pc's operating system from xp to 7 in the future. This ram went in and booted right up as crucial always has for me.

Cons: No heat spreaders, should be cheaper, this is old ram now.

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SECOND PAIR 100%8/22/2011 11:25:36 AM

Pros: Price and performance are both great in my case-- I wasnt 100% sure about compatability with my AM3 socket, but I installed 1 pair of these modules in my newly built Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3 motherboard using an AMD PhenomII 965 quad core processor and it ran flawlessly so I ordered & installed a second pair and the system shows all 8G and runs fast and smooth, boots fast as the SATA hard drive will allow. To be fair I havent run a memtest or anything, but everthing seems to be running as good as I could hope for, im very pleased so far and glad I went with the additional 4G, especially at this price. Ive never had a bad stick of Gskill, but it can happen to anyone with any brand if the odds catch up to you. If youre in doubt as to compatability the safest approach is to verify your particular MB and CPU configuration with both the motherboard manufacturer and the memory manufacturer-- nothing worse than having a pile of new parts that cant be assembled due to incompatability.

Cons: None so far, very pleased - im just an average computer builder, but I rely on reviews and manufacturer info. The information is out there to guarantee compatability if you take time to do the research, it can save loads of time and aggravation in a new build by just using available resources. In my case the numbers said this RAM was compatabile in model, speed etc, but packaging says this RAM was designed for intel use, so there was some confusion that should be addressed on the packaging.

Overall Review: Great looking heat sinks, had to move the CPU cooling fan up just a smidge to clear them, but not an issue, glad I had the option.

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